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Eric W.

Sporre July 29, 2019

Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation
5525 West Gray Street
Tampa, FL 33609
VIA UPS No. 1Z64589FP297363886

Dear SAIG Spore:

Pursuant to Title 18 of the United States Code (U.S.C.), including but not limited to 18 U.S.C. §
371, I request you investigate the fraud or impairment of a legitimate government activity, a
federal Home Equity Conversion Mortgage by Danielle Nicole Parsons, Florida Bar ID 29364
(n.k.a. Danielle Nicole Waters), formerly of the law firm McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLC,
and Debbie Sims, Vice President, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.

FHA Case Number: 091-4405741

BofA/RMS acct/loan #68011002615899

On January 9, 2013 Ms. Parsons, counsel for Ms. Sims and Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
(RMS), violated federal and state laws with the filing of a Verified Complaint To Foreclose
Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, and a civil cover sheet. (“Verified Complaint”). Exhibit A.

The case is captioned Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. v. Neil J. Gillespie, et al.
Plaintiff: Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (RMS); Debbie Sims, Vice President.
Defendants: Neil J. Gillespie, et al.
Court: Marion County Circuit Civil, Case No. 2013-CA-000115

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, or HECM, is a Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

“reverse” mortgage program administered by the Secretary, United States Department of
Housing and Urban Development (Secretary or HUD) to enable home owners over 62 years old
access the subject home's equity. 12 U.S.C. § 1715z20 et seq. and 24 C.F.R. Part 206.


Ms. Parsons, and Ms. Sims for Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc., falsely verified, in the
following particulars, the Verified Complaint and civil cover sheet:

• Judge Shopping: Residential foreclosure wrongly filed as a commercial foreclosure to keep

the case off the Backlog Foreclosure Docket, so the case is heard by circuit court judges
compromised by The Florida Bar, instead of adjudication by independent retired judges.

• No Exhibits attached to the Verified Complaint that are identifiable with the pleadings; no
identifiable mortgage(s), no identifiable note(s) and no identifiable assignment of mortgage.

• Plaintiff demands a deficiency judgment, but none is allowed under the HECM rules.
Eric W. Sporre July 29, 2019
Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation


Some of the applicable Federal criminal statutes which may be charged in connection with
Mortgage Fraud include:

18 U.S.C. § 1001 - Statements or entries generally

18 U.S.C. § 1010 - HUD and Federal Housing Administration Transactions
18 U.S.C. § 1014 - Loan and credit applications generally
18 U.S.C. § 1028 - Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents
18 U.S.C. § 1341 - Frauds and swindles by Mail
18 U.S.C. § 1342 - Fictitious name or address
18 U.S.C. § 1343 - Fraud by wire
18 U.S.C. § 1344 - Bank Fraud
42 U.S.C. § 408(a) - False Social Security Number

Florida Supreme Court Verification Rule

The Florida Supreme Court [SC09-1460] amended Rule 1.110(b) to require verification of
mortgage foreclosure complaints involving residential real property. In re Amendments to the
Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, 44 So.3d 555, 556 (Fla. 2010).1

First, rule 1.110(b) is amended to require verification of mortgage foreclosure complaints

involving residential real property. The primary purposes of this amendment are (1) to
provide incentive for the plaintiff to appropriately investigate and verify its ownership of
the note or right to enforce the note and ensure that the allegations in the complaint are
accurate; (2) to conserve judicial resources that are currently being wasted on
inappropriately pleaded “lost note” counts and inconsistent allegations; (3) to prevent the
wasting of judicial resources and harm to defendants resulting from suits brought by
plaintiffs not entitled to enforce the note; and (4) to give trial courts greater authority to
sanction plaintiffs who make false allegations.

Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.110(b) and section 92.525, Florida Statutes (2011), govern
verification. Rule 1.110(b) provides, in pertinent part, as follows:

When filing an action for foreclosure of a mortgage on residential real property the
complaint shall be verified. When verification of a document is required, the document
filed shall include an oath, affirmation, or the following statement:

“Under penalty of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing, and the facts alleged
therein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

See also In re Amendments to the Fla. Rules of Civil Procedure–Form 1.996 (Final Judgment of
Foreclosure), 51 So.3d 1140, 1140–41 (Fla.2010) (“In light of recent reports of alleged document fraud
and forgery in mortgage foreclosure cases, this new requirement is particularly important.”).

Eric W. Sporre July 29, 2019
Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Section 92.525 Florida Statutes provides, in pertinent part, as follows:

(1) When it is authorized or required by law, by rule of an administrative agency, or by

rule or order of court that a document be verified by a person, the verification may be
accomplished in the following manner:

(a) Under oath or affirmation taken or administered before an officer authorized

under s. 92.50 to administer oaths; or
(b) By the signing of the written declaration prescribed in subsection (2).

(2) A written declaration means the following statement: “Under penalties of perjury, I
declare that I have read the foregoing [document] and that the facts stated in it are true,”
followed by the signature of the person making the declaration, except when a
verification on information or belief is permitted by law, in which case the words “to the
best of my knowledge and belief” may be added. The written declaration shall be printed
or typed at the end of or immediately below the document being verified and above the
signature of the person making the declaration.

Persons who falsely verified the Verified Complaint:

Plaintiff’s counsel, Danielle N. Parsons, Esq. Fla. Bar No.: 0029364

McCalla Raymer LLC, 225 E. Robinson St. Suite 660, Orlando, FL 32801

Debbie Sims, Vice President, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (RMS),

2727 Spring Creek Drive, Spring, TX 77373


False Verification of Civil Cover Sheet Form 1.997 attached to Verified Complaint

This Verified Complaint was wrongly filed as a “Commercial foreclosure $50,001 -$249,999”
shown on Form 1.997 CIVIL COVER SHEET, II. TYPE OF CASE, attached to the Verified
Complaint, and signed by Plaintiff’s counsel Danielle Parsons, who represented “I CERTIFY
that the information I have provided in this cover sheet is accurate to the best of my knowledge
and belief”. Counsel’s certification is false. This properly is the homestead of Neil Gillespie
under Section 4, Article X of the Florida Constitution. This action is a “Homestead residential
foreclosure $50,001 -$249,999”. Oak Run is a residential 55+ community. No commercial
activity is permitted. The HECM reverse mortgage was made on the residential property. It
appears counsel’s false declaration was intended to deceive the Clerk and the Court that this is a
commercial foreclosure, in violation of F.S. § 837.06, False official statements.


There are no Exhibits attached to the Verified Complaint that are identifiable with the pleadings.
The Verified Complaint alleges at paragraph 2, “Copies of the Note and Mortgage are attached

Eric W. Sporre July 29, 2019
Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation

as Exhibits "A" and "B," respectively.” This is false. There is nothing attached as “Exhibits "A"
and "B," respectively”.

Instead, defective copies of the HECM Note and Second Note taken from my HUD complaint of
August 8, 2012 appear as Exhibits 11 and 12, and are missing the Direct Endorsement Allonge
that became “a permanent part of said Note on May 29, 2008” which date occurred a week
before the HECM closing June 5, 2008, when the Note and Mortgage were executed and
delivered from the Borrowers to the Lender, Liberty Reverse Mortgage, Inc. Somehow Liberty
sold a nonexistent Note and Mortgage to Bank of America. This is a fatal defect to the chain of
custody of the HECM Note and Mortgage.

Likewise, defective copies of the HECM Mortgage and Second Mortgage taken from my HUD
complaint are attached as Exhibits 32 and 33, and show interlineation after execution, hand-
written alterations, not initialed and not dated, which vitiates the Mortgage. This defect only
became known to me in July 2012 when I found it filed with the Clerk.

Paragraph 3 of the Verified Complaint alleges, “Copies of the relevant Assignments of Mortgage
are attached as Composite Exhibit "C."” This is false. Nothing is attached as “Composite Exhibit
"C."” Instead, a single unmarked page, Assignment of Mortgage, March 27, 2012, from Bank of
America to the Plaintiff, appears at the end of the Verified Complaint. Any previous
assignments of mortgage are missing.

The Verified Complaint alleges at paragraph 4 entitlement to enforce the Note and Mortgage, but
the Plaintiff has not provided copies of the Note and Mortgage as pled.

The Plaintiff alleged in the Verified Complaint, paragraph 2, “Copies of the Note and Mortgage
are attached as Exhibits “A” and “B” respectively”. Plaintiff’s statement is false. There are no
Exhibits “A” and “B” attached to the Complaint. The only exhibits attached to the Complaint are
numbered, not lettered. Those exhibits are numbered 11, 12, 32 and 33 and therefore impossible
to relate to the Verified Complaint or the Plaintiff’s alleged claims therein.

The Verified Complaint, in paragraph 3, states “The described subject Mortgage was
subsequently assigned to Plaintiff. Copies of the relevant Assignments of Mortgage are attached
as Composite Exhibit "C."” Plaintiff’s statement is false. There is no Composite Exhibit “C”
attached to the Complaint. There is a single page attached purporting to be an Assignment of
Mortgage attached but it is not marked in any way as an Exhibit or Composite and therefore
impossible to relate to the Verified Complaint or the Plaintiff’s alleged claims therein.

The Verified Complaint is verified pursuant to Rule 1.110(b), Fla. R. Civ. P., by Debbie Sims,
Vice President, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc., on December 20, 2012, and includes the
following statement:

UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY, I declare that I have read the foregoing and that the
facts alleged therein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Eric W. Sporre July 29, 2019
Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Debbie Sims, under penalty of perjury, declared that she read the Verified Complaint and that
the facts alleged therein were true and correct. The Verified Complaint at paragraph 2 states a
fact: “Copies of the Note and Mortgage are attached as Exhibits “A” and “B” respectively”. This
fact is not true and correct. This statement is false. Exhibits “A” and “B” are not attached.

Debbie Sims, under penalty of perjury, declared that she read the Verified Complaint and that
the facts alleged therein were true and correct. The Verified Complaint at paragraph 3 states a
fact: “Copies of the relevant Assignments of Mortgage are attached as Composite Exhibit "C."”
This fact is not true and correct. This statement is false. Composite Exhibit “C” is not attached.

Debbie Sims, by alleging facts under penalty of perjury as true and correct, when those facts are
not true and correct, violated section 837.06, Florida Statutes, False official statements.

837.06 False official statements.—Whoever knowingly makes a false statement in

writing with the intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his or her official
duty shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s.
775.082 or s. 775.083.

Debbie Sims knowingly made a false statement in writing with the intent to mislead this Court to
benefit the Plaintiff in this HECM reverse mortgage residential home foreclosure.


Neil J. Gillespie
8092 SW 115th Loop
Ocala, Florida 34481



Mortgage Fraud is investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is

punishable by up to 30 years in federal prison or $1,000,000 fine, or both. It is
illegal for a person to make any false statement regarding income, assets, debt,
or matters of identification, or to willfully overvalue any land or property, in a
loan and credit application for the purpose of influencing in any way the
action of a financial institution.

Some of the applicable Federal criminal statutes which may be charged in connection with
Mortgage Fraud include:

18 U.S.C. § 1001 - Statements or entries generally

18 U.S.C. § 1010 - HUD and Federal Housing Administration Transactions
18 U.S.C. § 1014 - Loan and credit applications generally
18 U.S.C. § 1028 - Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents
18 U.S.C. § 1341 - Frauds and swindles by Mail
18 U.S.C. § 1342 - Fictitious name or address
18 U.S.C. § 1343 - Fraud by wire
18 U.S.C. § 1344 - Bank Fraud
42 U.S.C. § 408(a) - False Social Security Number

Unauthorized use of the FBI seal, name, and initials is subject to prosecution under Sections 701, 709, and 712 of Title 18 of the United
States Code. This advisement may not be changed or altered without the specific written consent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and
is not an endorsement of any product or service.
and alleges:

1. This is an in rem action to foreclose a REVERSE mortgage on real property in

Marion County, Florida, and pursuant to F.S. § 26.012, this Court has jurisdiction of the subject
matter herein.


delivered a Promissory Note to the Payee named thereon. On June 5, 2008, PENELOPE M.
MARK GILLESPIE, CO-TRUSTEES executed and delivered a Mortgage securing payment of
said Note. The Mortgage was recorded on June 25, 2008, in Official Records Book 5057, at
page 1670, of the public records of Marion County, Florida, and mortgaged the property
identified in the Mortgage, then owned by and in possession of the Mortgagor, more fully
described as:

Lot(s) 1, Block G, OAK RUN WOODSIDE TRACT, according to the Plat thereof
as recorded in Plat Book 2 at Page(s) 106 through 112, inclusive of the Public
Records of Marion County, Florida.

and commonly known as 8092 SW 115TH LOOP, OCALA, FL 34481. Copies of the Note and
Mortgage are attached as Exhibits "A" and "B," respectively.

3. The described subject Mortgage was subsequently assigned to Plaintiff. Copies of

the relevant Assignments of Mortgage ate attached as Composite Exhibit "C."

4. Plaintiffis entitled to enforce the Note and Mortgage, pursuant to F.S. § 673.3011,
as the owner and holder of an instrument.

5. On or about September 16, 2009, PENELOPE M. GILLESPIE died.

6. Pursuant to Paragraph 9(a) of the subject mortgage, lender may require immediate
payment in full if borrower dies and the property is not the principal residence of at least one
surviving borrower.

7. The property is now owned by Defendants, NEIL J. GILLESPIE and MARK

individually and as co-trustees of THE GILLESPIE FAMILY LIVING TRUST

752670 12-02121-2
8. Plaintiff declares the full amount payable under the Note and Mortgage to be due,
together with interest from September 16, 2009, late charges, advancements, and all costs of
collection including, but not limited to, title search expense for ascertaining necessary parties to
this action and reasonable attorney's fees. The principal balance due on the Note and Mortgage,
as of the date of default is $107,506.53.

9. Plaintiff is obligated to pay Plaintiff's attorneys a reasonable fee for their services.

10. All conditions precedent to the acceleration of the Note and to the foreclosure of
the Mortgage have been nlet, complied with, and fulfilled prior to bringing the present
foreclosure action.

11. Defendant, ELIZABETH BAUERLE, is joined by virtu~ of any right, title ·or
interest said Defendant may claim as an heir at law or as a beneficiary of PENELOPE
GILLESPIE, Deceased or any interest in the subject real property by or through said deceased

12. Defendant, NEIL J. GILLESPIE, is joined by virtue of any right, title Qr interest
said Defendant may claim .as an heir at law or as a beneficiary of PENELOPE GILLESPIE,
Deceased or any interest in the subject real property by or through said deceased person.

13. Defendant, MARK GILLESPIE, is joined by virtue of any right, title or interest
said Defendant may claim as an heir at law or as a beneficiary of PENELOPE GILLESPIE,
Deceased or any interest in the subject real property by or through said deceased person.


individually and as trustee, are joined by virtue of any right, title or interest of said Defendant
may claim in the event that the trust is nofvalid. Said interest is subject, subordinate, and inferior
to the lien of the Mortgage held by Plaintiff.

15. Defendant, UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF NEIL J. GILLESPIE, is joined by virtue of

any right, title or interest said Defendant may claim by virtue of marriage to Defendant, NEIL J.
GILLESPIE, and/or by virtue of joining in and executing the subject Mortgage. Said interest is
subject, subordinate, and inferior to the lien of the Mortgage held by Plaintiff.

16. Defendant, UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF ELIZABETH BAUERLE, is joined by

virtue of any right, title or interest said Defendant may claim by virtue of marriage to Defendant,
ELIZABETH BAUERLE, and/or by virtue of joining in and executing the subject Mortgage.
Said interest is subject, subordinate, and inferior to the lien of the Mortgage held by Plaintiff.

] 7. Defendant, UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF MARK GILLESPIE, is joined by virtue of

any right, title or interest said Defendant may claim by virtue of marriage to Defendant, MARK
GILLESPIE, and/or by virtue of joining in and executing the subject Mortgage. Said interest is
subject, subordinate, and inferior to the lien of the Mortgage held by Plaintiff.

752670 12-02121-2
TENANT IN POSSESSION 2, are joined by virtue of any right, title or interest said Defendants
may claim as tenants in the property pursuant to a lease agreement, either written or oral. Said
interest is subject, subordinate, and inferior to the lien,ofthe Mort,gage held by Plaintiff.

19. Defendant, OAK RUN HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC., is joined by

virtue of any right, title or interes~ said Defendant may claim under F.S. §§ 718.116 and/or
720.3085 or pursuant to the association's declaration or other covenants.


AMERICA, is joined by virtue of any right, title or interest said Defendant may claim under the
lien dated June 23, 2011, and recorded on June 23, 2011, in Official Records Book 5534, at page
772, of at Instrument No. 06/23/2011 in the public records of Marion County, Florida, in the
original amount of $2,587.06. Said interest is subject, subordinate, and inferior to the lien of the
Mortgage held by Plaintiff.


SECRETARY OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT, is joined by virtue of any right,
title or interest said Defendant may claim pursuant to the Mortgage dated June 5, 2008, and
recorded on June 25, 2008, in Official Records Book 5057, at page 1683, of the public records of
Marion County, Florida, in the original amount of $198,000.00. Said mortgage lien interest is
junior, subject, subordinate, and inferior to the lien of the Mortgage held by Plaintiff.

22. In addition to all named Defendants, THE UNKNOWN TRUSTEES, SETTLERS

AND BENEFICIARIES or other parties claiming an interest in the subject property by, through,
LIVING TRUST AGREEMENT DATED FEBRUARY 10, 1997, are joined as defendants
herein. The claims of any of said parties are subject, subordinate, and inferior to the interest of
Plaintiff s Mortgage.

23. The Mortgage of the Plaintiff is a lien superior in dignity to the right, title, claim
of lien or interest of all the Defendants, known or unknown, in this case, or any of them.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff requests this Honorable Court grant judgment in its favor as

a. Take jurisdiction of the parties hereto and of the subject matter hereof;
b. Order that the lien of Plaintiffs Mortgage is a valid first lien on the Property described
and is superior to any lien of record; .
c. Order foreclosure of the Mortgage, and that all Defendants, named herein, their estates,
and all persons claiming under or against them since the filing of the Notice of Lis
Pendens, be foreclosed;
d. Detennine the amount due Plaintiff under the Note and Mortgage sued upon herein;
e. Order that if said sum due Pl~intiff is not paid in full within the time set by this Court, the
Property be sold by Order of this Court to satisfy Plaintiffs claims;

752670 12-02121-2
f. Order delivery and possession of the real property to the Purchaser, who shall be
responsible for condominium arid/or homeowner association assessments and other
charges in accordance with Florida Statutes §§ 718.116 and 720.3085, respectively and
upon proof of the demand or refusal of any Defendant to vacate and surrender such
possession, and the clerk be directed to issue a writ of possession without further order of
this Court;
g. Retain jurisdiction of this cause and the parties hereto to detennine Plaintiff s entitlement
to a deficiency judgment and the amount thereof; unless any Defendant personally liable
shall have been discharged from liability under the subject Note pursuant to the
provisions of the Bankruptcy Code 11. U.S.C. § 101, et. seq,.; and
h. 'Grant such other and further relief as appears just and equitable under the circumstances.

DATED this ~ day ofc:-.-.,k6oI~~~~"""

Danielle N. Parsons, Esq.

McCalla Raymer, LLC
Attorney for Plaintiff
225 E. Robinson S1. Suite 660
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 674-1850
Fax: (321) 248-0420
Fla. Bar No.: 0029364


UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY, I declare that I have read the foregoing and that the
facts alleged therein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Print Name:
Debbie Sims
Title: Vice President
Company: Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Date: December 20,2012

752670 12-02121-2

Juae DS. loa8

PROPERTY ADDRESS FIlA Can Numb.r: O'J~4a'7411PSI.Z55

LDID Numbu: 39100
I09~ SW ) 15th L90p
Ocala, PL 34481

-Borrower" irian. c=ac:b penOD lfIaiPa Ie lhe end of QliI Nola. "Lead." lQIlaDI L1bwty aeven. Murilq•• In&:. anel its
S\ltGeiSOrt and Ulip.1. "~tal)'" mUDS c1lo SocrNly of HOUitna &nd Urban OGvDJopmeut or lUI or htl authorized
rl;prc.s cnt.ativCl.


In rc.rut'a for 1lIDOW1t1 to be advlOCCCl by Lendu up 10 a ma.imum priAcipal amowt o( 0 •• HUlldred NIDd1-rJabt Tbouaad
and 00/100 D1I1lan ($l'-.oOO.O~). 10 or Cor tba ~ of Boaoww Wid. th. IIUDI' at a HOlDa SquUy COUYa'lton Lo&n
AiR~ltIcat dated Jwa, 05, 1001 rLoaD Agrecmmlj, Bonvwv prom_ '0 prJ 10 &h. 0 . 01 LaJdcr • ~paJ UDOWIl aquaJ
10 the .sum of all Loan Advu~ Dllldc uDder the Loaa Ap:aaenl wilb iAteral AU IDIOUDtI tdnm:ed by Leador, phM in\creat, if
no' cartier, ue du~ lAd peYllbJc on October 2'1 1080. mtamt --m be dw'Icd on QDpIid principal at Ihe rata of Three 'ad
6611QO pe~t (3.660%) pet)'ell ~J abe fWI amDanl of priaQprU hal b~a pGd. ThD Ullolut ~ InIJ chana. m.;cotdi~
wHb P"Ip-aph S o(tJUs Notl. At me =d oteub moDth, lcauocllatmsl dW1 b. added to &lid made part of the prlDcjpaJ balance
u • Loan Advlnc( and ~baU Ilknrb, lbc.roa1lcr boat iDrorar.


Borrowcn promlse 10 pay II ,cClftd by I mOrt;lap, doed of UWt or ,imU., scwrfl)' inltturo.u thalli daced elle same date at Shi.

NOli and called the ·'ScCYriIy £n.stn.menL" Tht\ S«Wity lnItrumur proLDctl the Lender !'om loNe. wbjch mips mult if

Borrow~ dc(.. uJ~ lIadcr dWI Noco.


(A) TIme
BOm)w~r mllll pi), .11 outstaodil1a prilKip.r IQd ICCllIod lattfe't Co Lender upon reccjpl of aDOUCO by Lender ~uirinl ilZUDcdi.te
plymcDt in N.H, as provided in Pu.pph 7 of dlil Note.

(D) Place

PlymcnllhaJi bClmade 11109'1 Wblt. Rock Road, Sl.IU,·200. Rand»o Cordova, c.A '~70 Of lOy ludl other place.., ["cndc7

may duiCDak in writine by DOtiCO tD .sOrTOwor.

(C) LJruU.l1on oC LllbUHy

Bort'OwCf' ,hall MYO no pusocal HIbUfty for plymeuf of thl debt. Lender ,baD ~ tile debt ocJy through ,1Je or tho Propetfy

covered try Ihe Scc'Uriry In.stn1ment \prapert)"'). U ebb Note II u.ft1D1d 10 the Secn:Wy. &be Bo~ thai! oot be liable for any

ditYumce bCCW'ClCG Lho moltpl~ ll\ofWW1C.O beuefjtl paid to lAador end Ibe outltandln& mdeb&cdness, iAcJUdiai ICCnIed intlfQf,

ow~d by BOm:lwel 11 ttl. 1imD of u, .


(A) Ch.JJC' nac.

The iQler~( 1"110 m.)' chaose an abo ftrJ& day o( Sepcember J, ZOOill1d 0'1_ th.t ~)' of caoh lU~iDl 1"1', or -.A. lhc Ont

thy o{ each l\JcceedloC month. Charlro Dare I"a.UDJ c:ac.h daCo cn1 whic;b I1Ic iD~c nCo couJd dlml~

(8) Tbe lndu

BeSiMinl widt the IUlt Chanle Dlct, (he mlCl'e$t rite wllJ be b4scd on m Incb. "Iodu.- mcana rho WllCkI)' 1\'0g0 yiald on
Uoited ScaLa Tn:asury Sccwides IdJtII&Cd \Q • CQ'DItant tnlMty or oat ~, • lDI'do an!lablo by tho l'tdenJ Raone Board..
oICunu'll Ind~· means Ibe mo~ recent JnclQ fiP"' lvaUlbLo 30 dI)'I bo1or6 1bo C\Iaa. 0... !l ~ 1nd~~ (u deftnd _boy,,) II
no faRBer l'YaillbJc, Lender will use u • lSew Index I1JY iacfcx pracnbod by lbo Secretary. Loader '1m p¥c Barrowa' notice or
lbe new lndu.

(C) CGI(ul:ltion of InteresrRat. CbllllU

Before each OJ• • Dele. Lender will calcul.k: a aew 'olUOat r1It.e by adding • DIII1in or 1.500 porun.,. poinbl 10 lhc Cu~c
'nde~. SUbject ta the IlmitJ ltated In Puagnph S(D> o( Ih.iI Note. UW unCNnI wlU b. the IMW lnt~( rate uaul !be nat Clt...,&O

f? ?JJ..}J,
171r t,
CD) LJmJlJ·al1 lateral Rate CUA,tt
• •
~QUI.I: Tho jDlGrcll ralo will DelVer ~o or ~ by me.,. diM rwo pcmIQta,D pointl ('2.0%) OQ any
lingk Ollllae D~I" The UJLelut rato will ntv« bet more thaa fi,v. pt~enta£. poin1l (S.O%) hi'- 01 IOWOl
lbaa Ihe lAidal JalcmlnlG rc.r.t in Pll'lanpb 2 oCIhi, Nole­

-L. Mootbl)': TIl, lnlcru1 ,.~ wiD %MrV~r IcQ'OUo . V I 13.660%.

(E) Nodn 01 CII.nla .

L.eMor \\IifJ Kivu Dod 'I 10 HoITOWel' or lay c:haDac in UI~ inlezat llIttI. Tho nodca IIIU8C be &iv= II jcut 2.,5 dtyt bvforc Iho flaW
interest nn,.ua eft'tce. and RUall let tDI1b (0 Uat disc of tho 1IOli~ (ii) Ihe a-p n.... (liJl1bo Did Iacenst Nee. Oy) die tJr;W
Inc.eral "te. (Y) thG C\umJllDdu IUd th~ dale It W'U pubUlhed, (vt) the awthod ofca1cuJ&dna Ib, adjUlttd Jnlera1 rae... mid (vii)
any other ~form.Uon wbn:b IDlY bo rcquind byl.w tto~ timo 40 timCil.

(F) ErrccU" 0."01 ewe"

A new iDtuul ,..Ia calouJa&ed Ja .ccordauGa with Pmpphl j(C) IIId "CO) or IbJI NOli wW become otrecdY'O on the Chlnlo
Dale; UGI= ~. Ow\io DUI ocoun 1011 ~ 2.5 clay. &tor lAadar h,a, siY'CllIlal ~ aodoe. It Cha (aJcuLited in
IQCOnUnce wi"' Pltlppht 5(C) IIJd '(D) of tJail Nore cJ.:nased, ~t 1.Qdcr failed to 1"'- t&nely aodOi tbe dI'O,.. led
~pplicd • hillLa' me than Cht III. wbidllbouJd have _ Iblld In a rJmety oolioo. lbeu Leader JhaIJ ncaJcull" tho priacipll
b.lIa~ owed UDder tJU. HOle 10 ie doeI 001 ~OCct CIT ac:c:saj"o iz2tere1L


A BOmJwu roniYinI mcmdUy p.ymanes undu lb. 1-0-0 AIRiemout b&.s Ihe ript ra pi)' tho ~ 8¥ldaacW by IhlI Note. iD wbolo
or in pml\ wflhoul durp or pCDaJty. My IDU1WIl of ckbl prep. id "ViII an.
be appliod to reduce the priDtipal baJlnoe ~ or
SOCOr\d Noro duc:ribed InPInPP~ 1J ollbll Not' and thDII ro ndu" liIo pringipal bUaoce orahl,'Nolo.

AU prcpaymcnta of tht P'iD~ipaJ baJ anc:.J $blll be Ippltcct by LeDdor II (0110-':.

[iaJ. 10 :has portiOD 01\1\0 priQcrp.1 baJlII" rtpl'CltQlJq .l&fOplC paymCALt for 1nOIC&IID irllWVlOO pr=J1u.mI;

Swat lO this portion otUlo pnDCIpa) b~ repraenUDs.greplC ptymeGai (Qr IaI'ViciaI rea;
.Il1mI, 10 that pol1ll1l1 of tht ,rio<lipaJ baJuce Rp~OD\iu.a IIOOMd 1D~' duo 1mdu tho Hoc.; IDd

u.wm. 10 lbc fCrn-.iniDI polUoa oCthe princripli belauce, A BonowarlJ1a' apa:ity wbdbtr. prepayt1Kmt il10 be created 10 that
porlioa orlbc pri.Glpal b.J.De. rc:prac1IUnlllood11y "ynambl Of tho lLao otoredit. UBonoww d~ PO' dca.ipaw .. bJob potUOI'I
0/ lhe Pfiucipal bal~ .. Co be prepald. Leader IhAU Ipply aay ~ pI'q'.ymeatI 10 an MuUDa Un. or cndi\ or
liue of ercdit.
erN" •


(A' De-th or SaJ. .

L.ender may NqUin ImmcdJalo plymanC In rnJl o( aU oulatl4dJa, priD'lpallnd.~ 1Dtc1'Ul f~

(Ii) AU or I Bortovm', tiUo in Ibo Propony (or hLI or bcr bcnoOojaI kallanllt ill i tNA O\1mtug aJl or pll'C of' the
PropenyJ Is sold or othawllo rnnsfRTCd and DO olbcJ BorlVW'lt AltIW aJlJe to 1110 Property jll 'oe limpte (b)
lleaechold under • IaR for 1_ lhm 99 ~ wlUdl II ~Ie or .1.... ta-vlna • 1CD'JaJ.nIUI p.nod 01 not
leu than 30 yan beyond Cho b of tb I~ birtbday ot IbI )'OWlsa' B<znvww (or taCllUUq. bcuo",I~
1111""1 i~ • lMl wkIl ~ an ia~ ,(0 &he ~)! or (0) a lite 0IIII0 la Uw PNptrty.

lBJ Orllrt Groun.

LAnder may nqulro iauncdiele paymml In &11 of aU outlillnd1l1. p~pal DOd &~ m~t, \lPQI11pplVV11 by .... lulhorizcd
"pracnudvc of the ~ary, if: :

(i) The Property ca.m to be tba priDclplJ ~ of. BoJ'tOWCl" for TeaIUQI o&hct than dcalb mc1lba Property i.I
ROl tho ptbseipaJ rai4onco of.l-..t cmo atber BonvWtW;

(ii) Por. pcdocl of JoIIICl' than ~ (J 2) couCClUive moDb, • Barroww falta !D ph)tBic:aJJy oowpy tbo ~
~ orphyr~QI 91' aQraJ ilJDcu wi tM PnJpCll1y II ooc 1110 piIIolplal rwidcla of ,t lNIl gne 9th.
BQrNwW; or .


(C) r.'Jnt~. of COICI alld E.xpusa

lr~ hal ~Rd '0'UZ1Cldia.tI paymonl in ftill."
daaibod .boY~, the debl ClafDrocd Ihruuab .... oIche PtopOl1)" IDlY include and eJtpeD$Cl, iududloa ~Ie and a:stoaary luoraeyrl (CrI. &Mooial8d with BDlOl"OOmCGC 01 cbiI Nolo CO Lbc IXCcftI moe
prohibited by ~plLC&blc law, Sacb fOCllILd ~ ,ball beat \atal1llt !tom thI cl8t1 ofc1bbunemeat II UJo AIDe ..&I II \he ~ip't
or tbiS No IC!,
.' .. ~ ~:':: _:.. -.~ ~- .:._--:=.• t';'~_ ~_:'::.JI-;-~;:~'O'"" I
. :• • -I':·'::-~_ -.-~ '"':"" _'. _.

(0) Trilir.

Conveytnet or I Bonowcr'. tn~ JD lb. PMpolt)' to IlIUIt whldl _ abo ~tI of thcI Scomary, Ol COIIW)'B1ICG of.

CNICI tnlcrqt !n Rbe Property co • ~l1VWcr••haJJ lIot b, ooRlidorod • eoaveylDOe for puIpOIa oflhil ' ...pph. A tna••hall no.

be CODS1dcrcd III occupent or be CCft.lclond u bvJna I prlcol~ ....ldedco lor porpoI~ or iht.,uaanph.

Borromf ~vea the rilbll or prcunb'naC aJd Elodea of dJdlonor. -Ptacnlnlcat- motA1 the riahL CD rcqulR Leader 10 cJcm.nd
paymonl'ofamalmll du•. "Nolka ordithcmo(' '101111 tbo nlbc to rcqufrG Loadet &0 eivg lIOiioo to othwpcnon. thac Imouatl due
MYI Dol beClll paJd. .

9. GJ VlNG or Noner.s
U~lw .ppUcablo raw Rquh•• durornl meUIod, ..y DOrice tblt IlIQIt bet pva 10 Borrower.1t rbJI Nac. wiU be .Iwn by
~1ivcrin. it or by nUtal Il br flnt c1Ja mall 10 B~II' at 1M pJOpeltJ addna abOft or Ila cWfarenl Iddn::u If Borrower hal
lIven Leadar • OOtJOCI orBomn~et. dU!'ereru addRsI.

Any ftOtlc::a lut muat be liven to Lender undot Chit Nm8 .id be liw:a by ftM claa ...., to Landor IL tba addnssl .r.aod In
rlrapph lJ(B) or ••• diacronladdrullfBonowerI. ,ivlIla aodee oflbat difflrOllC addraa.


Irmora thag ODa pmon .JIIli ,lI1i. Nola, DI&:b pcnca Lr fW1y obllptcd 10 bep aU ot lbe promIIa OIIda 10 lbJ. Noll. tcDd. JJIIl
cr\{ar,. ill rilhb under tid. Noe•.aldy chrvup llJe o(the Property.


(A) Suo"d NGte

BcClUIG Borrower Mil be ~qub't:d to I'CpIY lmov.all which &!Io Scaabll}' IDS)' IIIIko 10 GI' on bebalt of Bunvww pun'IIQI IQ
SeedOD 2'SCQ(I){A) or aha ?UlloA.J Iknulq Ace Md dla Lou A........ tho Secntary hu rcqWJecl iomwer to Innt I Second
NoaC to tho SOCRtll)'.

(8) ~dadoDSJl.Ip.' Sccnlal'1 P.,....... thlr N,18

rI1fll~DL:I mdG by CIao SGGrGtaQ'.baI nol h larJudcd fa cho 4eb& dllO UDder dUa Nolo UIIlwI~

(J) Tbil Hoc. II ..dpod co &be S~cary; or

(il) The SctRllty ICccp&I ndJDbunamllS1II tIy the Leadu (or aU pI)'IDa'tllDIdl by Cbo ~.

rrthe ~~ d~ In (I) 01 (iI) occur, U. aJI plYmDIIII mAdo ~ die BccMIty, lDcJudIna lafERSL 00 cho paymcnll,

shan be InGludcd in the ~ol.

(e) EfTtcl,D Borro".r

Where &h.-o 11 no ...ipnienl or rwimbuncmcnf u etacnbcd In (B)(I) at (Ii). ud Ihe S'CI"OIIr)' II2Ikos paynaeqc. to Bonvwu. lhon

Domwor lull 1101:

(i) Be re:qulred 10 p'y amounrt owed W'ldtr lhll NolD UDdI thD ~ hal racpirad ~ ill ftdl or.1I
oulltandlaa pnl1CiJpal and lCC~d inc.... hder &!Ie SOCCJDd Hoc. hl~d by die Secncary. nGlWlthlrlacUna
m)'1Js1q to ~I ooalrNy hi 'anI"lP~. -!. of tIsii ~~!; or

8. QWlplid CO pay lacer.t or ~ .pprecladOA


(U) rhU NOCIa.utt Ifmo. w...... 1OdrDd blfan or Iftir

; .

tho paJlllan&t 1.y Ihl S--.y,1IUi WbothR or DOt accruod iDwut ..... baa iIIcludDCI • tho priDGipai bwc. o(
ibis NctG, notwllh~ aII)1JItq 10 til. ooCdrlJ)' In 'arapphl 2 or , of tJUl No" or uy AnDna- 10 lbit

BY SIONINO BBLOW. BotTO...or IOCIpt.I and IPCI 10 the lann, Ind covenant! QOhWnod (Alb•• Hole.

Dlted: 3;1AIL:!' ff' ..LAzY'


, '.,

(D) Trult.
• .

Convc)'1RCO or. BOlNwcr'a Ul'CTQ& in Ihe Propct1>' to • ~I whlch meets the rcquifemcoa. or the Scac:1ary, or COI1y,y~e 0(.

Inial', inCcrallJ\ the Property '0. Borrower. th.1I nat be COIUidcred • coavc)'lftCc tor pUlpOlca 01 tbi. PlncrJph. A InIIt .b,ll nOI

be COtLILdcrcd 111 o( or be cOR.idered u havill, • princip" mfdc.ncc for PurpcJlCl orthb hAl"'IPh.


BorTDwcr w.ivea tho rip'-ot prc3CAcmcnt and nollco ofdishonor. -l'I.acnCmenl" mean. lhe rip, to require Lender 10 demand

p.ymanr ofamoun1a dUl, "NotlGC ordllhono~ mearu the rilbl to RlquiJe lIJK1er 10 Itve DOI'ca 10 other perl on. \h'l lJDOUaU duo

hive Ilol been pajd.


Unlen Ipplicable law rcquiru I ",rrcnnC mahod. Ill)' l1OCi" thl. mu.& be Ilvan 10 Borrower under Uti. Noto will be IIYGn by
d~iverini il
or by rnailinlll by nrs' cl&n mail 10 Borrower II tho property addna Ibovo or I' • dUTCRnl addteu if Borro~er hal
8iv~n Lender lAOIKe otBorrowu', different .ddreJ,.

Any notice lha1 n\UlI bo &inn to Lender utlder &hi. Hole will b' livon by fin( clAa maillo LendCl II 'be eddruJ stated in
PII'Qgtaph 4(8) or If. dilfmliladclRU ifBOfA)wcr is IIYCD I notite of thai difTcRaI.ddmJ.


l( more thin one pnon .llns ,this Note, exh pelion Is lbll)' obIilltcd 10 keep III or Lhe promlsa made In !hI! Nole. ~det"'-'1
enrolee i.. nlhe. under thi. Nola onJ)' chroup sala DC th. Propony.


(A) Second Note

Be~U$O or
Bonowcr will be rcqwred 10 repl)' .mounll which ChI: Sce:rctary may 81at. 10 0(01 bdulr Bonower pwlIIal\1 to
Set-don 255(i)(1)(A) otlhe Nltlonal Hou"ns Ac;llnd clio Loan Alreemcnt, the SeCreClf)' bl, raqund Borrower 1o ,,,ntl Sacond
NQlc to lho Secretary.

(B) Rcla410Dlhip or Senttlry Paym.llu to n. Nltt

PlIymcnu made by the Srcrellry shAll not bo illCluded in 'he dt;bl due uDder mil No~ uDlclI:

(ii) The SmetaJy ItccpU rcuabulcrntatl by the Lender 11K aU paymDnq IIlado by che SccnQry.

If the cin;umstanca described in (I) or (li) occur. rhea In p_ymeolJ made by 1110 SeonlWy, ineJudln. intm:.l& Oft the Pl)'mau.
'hili be induded iQ lhe debt

(C) grr.ct 00 Borrower

Whero Lhcro i, no ulilnmcnt or raimbuncmCllC .1 c1cKribcd in (B)(f) or (li), and lhe Sccroluy mates peymcnlJ 10 Borro~r. Lhcn
Borrower 'hall E\Of~

(i) Be required to pay amount. owtd under &hi, Note. until the SccrcWy h.. required pI,-meDt in full or.1I
ouLs&andtna princip.1 and a~elVCd .n~cRn under, th~ SIClCKld Not. held by tho SClClJ'CWy. natwil1utandia,
.n)'lbinl to \h. Gontruy iD Paral~~ 7 of thi' ~~te; or
.1. .
(ii) Be obUptGd to PlY inleral Dr .hared tpprae;lldon widCl lhil NOIe at 10)' time, whether accYUCd batoro or Iftrr
,he ptymtatl brlhe SWCllly, end whether 01 Dol.eaued ina,..- Jaes been iAGhadcd In the pllDcipal.JIIICC of
Chi. NOI', notWtrh'tandjns anythiDs 10 the contrary In Parapphs 2 or , or this Not. Of an)' Allonae Ie thlJ

BY SIONINO 8J!LOW, BOmJwcr accepLi .nd 'I1'CClIO the temu and ClQvenants wnllined iIIlhU Note.

Oll.d: ~..-nJ\,.. 200~

Prpclopc M. ClUeJple

PenoJepc M. CW•• ple, TrUll"

• •



June OS, :Z008

FHA C&nNambe~ 09J-4405741119n.25~
8092 SW USCJa Loop
Oula, FL 3448J

1. DIFlNlllONS
-DOr1OWer" mCID. eacb pelion ,ipS Ie tho ecd of thb Note. ·Sccratlr)''' or "Lender" moan. the ~ of
HOWling and Urban Dcvc!opmenr or biJ or her luthorUe4 ~latiy".


In return for unounll to be Idvlllted by l.cndcr up to. mWonam priAcjpal 1m000l of One HliDdrecl Nlad)'-Elchl
ThouJlnd InCS moo Don," (S191.000.00), (0 01 for the bau:6' of Bonowcr WIder ilia Imns gf. Home Equity
Coo't'cr1iQn Loan "lRtlI1cul dI\cd Juae O~, ZOOI ("LaIn, 'Borrower promLsu to pay (0 the ordcl or
Lcmkr I princ:;pIJ amount cqUlI \0 tho f\Im ofaU Lola AdVIPCCI rDIde Qndcr lobo Loan Apoczna\I wilh m~ All
amouoLJ "'''anced by t.and=. plUl iD~lt it not paid Glf1ifr. ~ duG ud payable on Octobu It,101tl. lntercll wiU
be ctlarlcd on unpaid pri()Cipal at lhe Iftl.e ~f Three .Ad 6&IQO pe~E (3.660%0) per yeU UDul the 1\IU .mount of
pri~pll hu heea paid. Th~ inlr:n::St me PlIy d1.E\8c in accordance whh P8lIppb 5 of tbD Notc.. At lho end of UGh
monlh, acCNcd inttr'C:5t &hIU be added to aad mad~ put o(tbo priDcipal bllan" II. Loan Adv'laGC an<$.balI HkewiH
th~reaRcr bear intucst.


DorNWCt'. pmmisc to 911)' II ~ by. mDrtaalo. deed oIln11l or 'imJ.lU .rcwity iNlnamml that i. dated the
date IS Ibis Nate ana ca1lfd tho ·Security lrIItrumcDC" or Ol' -Seooad SClcwity J~". lbe Security 1DsanJmtnr
p~ects the Lander tom loua which mfgbt result if Borrower dofauJ1I uBdcr LhiI Note. . BOnowCT .lao execulod a
Fir~1 Sccurit)' ID.strUm~Dllftd Fint No to when the Second SKurity lnltnzmODt and thiI Nolo \ftR exocutod.

(A) Time.

BOnoWCT lbaU pay aJl UUbtand1nS principiI and KCIlIeG iAtor"1 '0 LeDdor upon rwlipC of. AGUe. by Lender ~irins

peyment in fuU, u provided io PanlTlph 7 of ctW Note.

(B) flDcc . •
Paymenl JhtU be made II the OUlet or the Housfng"fHA CainplrOl!ei, DJJector of, Mortp,. InI\.IlUCC A.ccountina
Bod Servicing. 451 7th Street. S.W.• Washm,loII, DC 2~10, or any ftlch other p~.c.o u t.ondu may ciesilJlllll in
wrilina by notice to 8o~WCI'.

(C) UmUaUoft of LfabWly

Borrower £h,U hJyC DO perJonaJ liability fOl payment 01 the deb<. Lencla W11 ml'orcc \hI debt oaty tbroush ~Io or
lhe p[QpctIy covered by the Soc;wity Iruln.llnCln prope:ty').
. "
.' ..

(A) ChlJlCt Date

Tho InICl"CSl nno may chang.: on tho f,", day 0 r September 1, 1008 and an _ that day of ca~ suc:ccodin& year, or
2L the fanl cia1 of..ob IUClCcc:diD, EDOotA. Cblasc D.~ mema c~ date oa whkb lb' mleRll ~o could ~bugt.

(D) The Indu

Begioniol wldl1hc fint OlDnle Da.., the jQte~'t rate wilJ be bued 00 an lDdax. "1ndcx lll mcaUI tho weekly ,n;rli~

yield on UAited S&alel TraniI)' SeMtie3 -adju1\cd to • cautu~ maturity of ono}'Cll'... mado availablo by the Federal
Rescrve Board.. "Cumnc ladex" mcms thG mQSI rccenl1ndQ tiSUR available 30 days bcfOft the Chaage Date. tt the
Index (u dcftncd above) is no lonler Ivaillble, Lend.. wm L1I8 u. naw Jnd.x any lnd~ plambed ~ \he SccttIaIy.
Lender will &ive DOllVwwr notlto of the ,now fpet~

eC) C.acul.tion D( In••rut R,la CUQlfI

Befan; each Chanp Olto. Lcmch:r 'Will e8Jcu1aw a DOW iDW'eJ1 J1te by addina • nwlin or 1.500 pacenQP poipu to
the 0Jsm111ndox. SUbjcc:& CO tho limibl nmd jp PIII'IFlpb .5(D) ofchJ. Nolcy lJ1i.t &mown will belhc new U1\ClUC ratt
Wlril Lhc nexl Ot'n.&c Dale.
• •
(D) [Jrnlb onlfttereat Kale ChUIU
Aaaual: The kltaul ~le will n~Yar tncnsua or ~o by :non LIwt twv pat;enCq, pgiaCi
(2.0%) on &01 ,inll' Cbanlc D.Ce. ThD DllNcIt ra,. willllll'Ya '" more lha fin pct'GCRCIII. poin~
(J.O%) hiaAar Ol~Dwcr lba Cb, inidal bllorur nl. ,tac.d ill Panpaph Z ot'tbi, Noto~

..!.. Malhi)': Tho intlrut rala will UYa' UlcnJISt above U."D.~.

(E) Notice orOup'

L~da WUJ livG DOCicc to BornnrtOl of Illy dllDBe In the IAk:n=It rate. Tho DOd" m\IIt be pftn I( 1u.al2$ day. beforo
the n~ ~ ntell.tcl effect, IIJd IWIllc& forth (I) the dati ot the IOdec, (iij Ib, Chanp Da&e, Ou) thI old Intcrul
tJ1_, (IV) lba DOW in. . . . . . (y) tho CuI'ftDt Idda IDd lht dace It wtI ptablisbod, (Yi) IJMt I'IICIdIod of calwla.dD1 Ibo
Idj~tcd !ncere.t r.te, lId (yil) lID)' other lIlfonuUol'I which may be NqOired II)' a.", !10m \imt to time.

(F) Ea.cU" DIUI .r OUleI

A new inIuaJ Rtz! caJwlalecl in IICCOnIaoce wldl PUllJJPhs 5(C) IUd S(D) of Ihi. NoID will 1Jec;oQ1e efrced" on &he
QaDII Da~ ualcu lb' C1IanF DIM ~ hal lhan 2'daY' r.fler Leader hal aiwn ChI rcquiRd nOCio.. 11 the
U1tc~ rata ealculaccd In Icr.ordm:e with Pllaplphl '(C) lad S(D) o(dail NOlI d--cct. WI Leader r.ilDd Co Ii'"
litncly nodca or \b. ~ IUd ':'P~td. hi&hcr tale Ibn !be rICe wllicJ& IILoWcI haw beea .&&Ied fD I lima!) dO(jco.
thep Le4der IhaJI reellcullCe tIIo pr1llClpil btJaaco owed undIr au Note 10 h cloaI DOl nQlCt 1ft)' P~YII intlllWlt.


A Boouwcr NCCMaI moD1bly psymGQU under the Loaq ~ has Ibo rilbt Ia pI7 the debt evidenced by dJi.

Nole, in whole or III pan. wilhcNl obarao or pcNky. IuJy IIDOWII of «I. prcpUd will om be. awn! tv ~ tb.

prin~pal balance o(lIIi. Nota cd tbc:D to recluco dlo priDcipal baw.oe ofcbe f1n&NoIG.

AU prepaymaatl aft!Je prlccIp.l bl1aDcc shill be IppJiccl by Lender u fuil,"":

lim. Co lhlC fortlo.u otthc priuc;ipll beJuce reprcaeGIJaa ~pte PIIymeDtI for monall' ~ prcmiumsi
~ to Ullt ponion oCUIe priAclpalltttae:e lqnJCDtiq IIIRPCO pJIDCIIlIIDl' ,cnidac raj

ll1iaL to that Jlonioa of tho priDdpel baJme. ~. ~ed iuteIWt dUe UDder dle NO&e; lISel
lsIYDb, ID tho ~hI portioa ot the priDc.ipal baJaaco. A BODOW'Ct 1IJJq tpegity wbtlbar. pnpI)'IMU111 co b.

guled to Ihaf portfod 01 .... pdDoipal blJaGco ~ ftIODChIy , . . . . . ar tao 1m. ot CNdtt ltBclnoww docs

not duilDl~ wbJcb pon:ioa or the prlDaipal bellace lila " pnpld, Lcndc:r a1WI .,ply My partial prtpayntCllll to at

wsrina Jina or Gl'tdil or GlUte i new liu, 91 c:rccS1t.


(A) Dutb or S.I, .

Lender may require immcdJaCo paymClllt la AlII ofall ovlltandLaa prindPl1- aCCMd lnt.... alt.

(I) ABomnrcr di. _ chc Propcrt)' b ~ Iha priacipal ra1doDc:c or &1 I. . ~ MViviq BOnvwer; or

(U) An of I B~ dde 1u tIul.Propc:rly (or ~ or ber bac&liaS mlamlla & bwC oWlliDa all or gMt of tho
Propaty) Ie 501d or olhanvi. IraDlfcmd ad 'flo other Bonvwtr rwlainl (.) tkIe 10 Ch. Pmpa1y ia 1M
dq1I, (bJ • IcuchoJd UDdar II I"" ,rot ,1_ diap 9g ,.,. whic!a !a ...-nbl. or • lcue bavtn. I
rem&lDilll period of DO' leu dwI SO yad beyond'dIe clam or dI' lOOlh WI1hday of the YOUOlat
Barrvwer (or l'ICIiDiD& • tI=cficW JQ~t to , Iiust wldllUGh III IdCcnIt ill cho PIvpany), or (0) • nro
Utlhlla 1he Propcny.

(B) OUaer Gnlillcll •

~tkr rNy ~ i.rmDediale pqmeallD fWl of all ~ pdlacfpaJ .ad IGCnItJd iDWmC, upon IpPIOVIJ by la
'albomcd rqnuonlltlvt ofthc StCftllry, ie

(j) The Property ~ to bo tbc principal IaidAICI of a Donvw. for I'CNOI1I oIbc-' then death 1IIId· ~
Propony I. noc \he pria~ ~idcnca or at Mat on- 04« Bonowcr;

(if) For I plttocS or Ioq. dMm twdv' (lZ) caDICCUUVI nlDathI. & Bonvww &II Iu phpk.aJly ocwPY tho
Propert)' boca&u. orp!l)'l.l~ CD" I1:IA1tN PlDca UId Ihe PrGJMItl.y II DOC dIG principii . .1d1lXlO of It 'cue
ono oclair Bosrowltj or .

(q r.yattlu "rcom and E~p'..CI

(( C"cndcr hu rcq\dRd fmmodj,~ paym= in fbU, u deactibed lbow, the debt ealblced lhnNaJ1 Ple of &he Prvpttty
may Include COIb and ~, Ududtnl I'UISOn&ble wi QUStGmary ~ rea. ...acilled .with onlotcelhedl of
this Noc.. Such fees aDd eoIti lhatl bear iI1ten=st &om 111. dat8 of distruncma:nt 11 .... ume nd8 AI the prmc;lpaI of thll

-_ __ .~ " "•• _'~_"~_··4·1........,.- ~-_·~·: .'.:_.:-.:... __. .. __ __ . .• _ _ _ _ ,# • • • • • • _.1_ .•• ~ . . . . . . . • ·.1 __ h__ ._ .• _ - •. _ ,: ~ I .. 4'.'~ _ _. _' •

(D) Ttwu.

CooVI}'Il'CO or.
Bono• • inSCnJosC 10 lbc PnJporty 10 • CNIt wbleb IIJeote tbI req"ultemeftll of lAc SecnCIz'y, or
C'Dn'V~nca ar,
trurtI inUnItr In the Property 10 & BorTOW"lt'. IhaII ~ be coasfdered. aMIYey11a b ~ or
(hi, PNBpapb. A CNIC W1I not 1M coasicWtd an ~t Or be ~ " bsYtAS I priDolpal rmdcnc.a (or
pYlpOSN of dQ Jlt.rqnpb.


BonOWCl waive.e rta. rip" ofprclOClmenl lind nonct otdlaboDar, ~CZltmaarr maln.r1bo nihl to requlro Lendor to
damll'd payment of IlI10unCI due. ~ot:jce of dJJhonor" ~ 1J&1t ript 10 requn Umdcr CO live notIce to other
pcr10Dllhal fmOwU. ~I MYe DOr been pahl.


Unfess eppUcabla IIW rcquirola dl.ffcren\ method. My Ilodc» thal mUll Do sNCI1 ro Borrower UDder Ihb Noco will be
AI.,. by del",~1 it or by maiJlq 1& b, am ella inaiI to Borrower II lb. ~ IddtM abo" or ., I dUftRld
addral if Borrower has alven Iha ~Iary • nodQ or Borrower. ditlinrd addRa.

Any nod~ (hie D'IUIt b'lif"" CO th~ ~ undof

wtLh jurisdledaa OYIt tho Property at"'1 othar adc:trw deslpced by the Secnscuy.
Noce "iU be atwn ~y Om ~J&U malJ to lila MUD Pield Offic.


Ie mora than one pertOd .Ip thJs Note, each psnon la 'blly obUpl8d IU keep .U of tho promitellMda In 'hi. Norc.
L~dor may anCor;e 111 rt,hU undIr Ihb Noco aaly throup ale olC!ae Propcny.


(A) Setoad Nole

DeC6ille Borrower will be reqund 10 "Ply ImO\II\II wbleb dI, ~ IDlY mab fb or on behalf BolTOwet or
put1utrlllO ~OD 2.'~l)(lXA) orUie NadonaJ HOuMr A« NJd the Lou ApIIftWll. cbo Seem_I)" hili requ'Rd
Borrower 10 pW thll Note to the $ocrolll)'.

(8) ReJ.Uan.tblp of Sccncal"J '.)'Inatl to P\nf Not.

'lymcntJ mldo by die s.mcary .haJi bo included in the dobc due undar Chi. Noto UD~;

(i) l1ltl F~I Not. ~ UlilJlCd kt tho Socntary; D'r

(ii) Tho Sacreouy ICCq)tI reJmbUnemcrnti by tJo.e Lender rOT.U paynMlntJ. nlIdo by the Sacrwwy.

rr tho dr=rNt.~ dacrib~d In (I) Dr (II) occur, "*'

an paymentl made by I1Je socra-y. Includina IntClaI oa tho
paytbtGtI•• hlU be ;nlJ~ded In lh. dtbl \Inder 1110 Phwt Note.

(C) 01 JhCeter•. RAt. AdJuShn",b

BorTowu.,,-ee.I Lhal u .IOGI II the tlalMr me Pirlt N~re coorlnuat to .nato Loan AdVlnCOl, Illy nonce or lnCIfU1
n.t~ adjumnont ¥iYaI 10 Bonvwcr unct.r Panp ph $(B) .0( thC PiNt HoeD IhaJl -110 k oorwtdared 10 be DOt1C11 UJ
Banvwer under PJrappb S(2) on.. NOI" 10 1hIJ..1b9 ~~tittorott rata lbaD.lpply Cor tho FlAt Haec Itid IhLt Narc.

B'( SrONfNO BBLOW. Borrvwer .cupts md qreC$ 10 \M lams IIld ~vounQ concalncd in 1IUI Nole..

Olted: --=J:=-ia;.,'M~'4'_5_;». . . . . .AN/.~---.....f

. _

(0) Tru.lIJ.
ConyoYllnee of • BollOw"", in\mu in the Propcr1)' to • lNII which med.I the rcqwremcnll or Ihc Seaetaty, Of
conveyance of 11 trutt'. i~tuests in tho Property to I Borrowcr, sb&J1 flo( be coo.idcRd • c:onvcyILn(:O ror pwposa or
this P8r11STaph. A trus1 ahalt not be ccn.lid~rtd In occupant OJ be conJidered II blviaa I princ;ipil residence for
P'Jr,>oses orthi. PlRlRph.


Borrow" waives cbIC "Shu of prennh"en1 and notice of cltshonor. "PmtntmenC" melnl 1tte riih' to ttqUirc Lender 10
dcmlnd payment of amounlJ due. "Notiee 01 dishonor" means ~e nih. k) ~I~ Lender to live nolic:c 10 other
pCll0ns lbac ImoUDCI duo have not he~


Unless eppUubtcs taw mJUircs I ditraenl method, any notice lhIl mual bG Biven 10 Bonowu under lhi. NOCc will be
Civcn b)' dclivcriPI " or by meilina Ii by tir1t elm rtuait 10 DonuwCf II the property I~~ above Of ., a dUret~1
,ddrc.n il Bonowu ha civen (ho S",ccary • ootice or BorroWO(1 dilTennllddreli.

AllY nodtc Ina. musl bo liven la '~a Sccrollry under Ihis NotlC wiIJ b~ aj-en by .h,t ctaas mail to'ho HUD P,.ld Office
wilh Jurisdiction I)vcr the Propc;c1y or any «her addross dosill\llod by the Sacrewoy.


If more ~hln one person sip. !bi, NOI~, a-c:b penon i. nail)' obli.a.ed to keep .11 of the prorrU1eI nwde in this Note.
tender rnty enforco ill rt,hcl under Ihl$ Note only thrD\lS" JoII, arllte Property.


(A) Sc~"d Norc

Ekca\Uc Borrower will be requilcd to replY lmouall which lhc SacreClly rnI)' mike \0 or on bch.lf or Bc,"ow~

JJ\lfSuanl to ~ion 2)S(iXI)(A) 9( 1ht Nationll Houalna Act .nd 1M LOIn Agreement. lhe SeeregIY hit required

Borrower to griM Ihi. Not. 10 che S"rc&.ry.

(8) RcJat(on.hlp cal Secrct.,y P.ym'"11 10 P1nl Nole .

r.ymcnll m.dc: by lb, S,c:rctMy Ih,11 be In~luded in the debt due unduchil Note unlcSl:

(Ii) The S~R'aty ACcepts Rfmbunc:mGlllJ b11h~ Londar for 1111 paymenu made by Ibc S~rel.ry.

If lhc cltcUmlla.Dca descn"becl in (i) or (ii) o«ur, lhen .U paymcnb mlde by tho Sec:muy, ineludina inlerelt on Ihe
pilytnenta, Ib.1I Miucluctcd in \be debl under Ihe Finl NOle.

(C) Notice of In IerCoi I A.le Adpltmeat. .

Bo«oww I.reec IMI II lonl • 1M hold~r of me flrJt Note conUnues 10 make Lou Advances, any nellce of Inlerest

nle IdjuJlmCn1li~m 10 Bonower under Pll'lJ'lp~ '(B) of tho Fini NOCD lhall allo be coftlldenKt 10 be OO(lcc to

Bo~wer under P&rJ&r8Ph ~(E) of lhi.I NOl., JO ~l tht .lUd,.-.!~cemt rUe .shan Ipply for the Fint Nota ,nd ihls Nole.

BY SlGNING BELOW, BOTTOwct lCUp'" and agrees to the le:tms il1d covenant. contained in thi.! Nal'.

O.t~ ~~ :2.a:J8

renelope M. GUinple

PtDclopc M. Glne.ple.. Tnu.rc

....... " ...

----- - - ---­
. - .....

Reco,-Qing Requested by &

DATE: 06/25/2008 12:55:34 PM
· When Recorded Return ·To; ~.oIIl'O
US ReCOrdings, Inc. ta:'~ FILE 'I: 2008065289 OR BK 05057 PGS 1670-1682
2926 Country Drive 5te 201
St. Peul, UN 55117 2.~3 ,J RECOIUING FEES 112.00

Lt'SfJ1.f 20~ ~ot 8

MORT DOC lAX 693.00

~fUvt:4 ~~:

Liberty Kevcae Mortgage. !DC.

I09S1 White Rock Road, Sui to 200

Rancho Cordova, C!l 95670

FHA Cue Number~ 0!J1~405741~5%-255


StateorFlorfda ADJUSTABLE RATE arl

. \~~~
nus MORTGAGB ("Security JnstrwO~t') II Jivea on June 05, Z008. the mortgagor is Paelop_ H. QUeap~ Nil 1. .
Gillespie and Mark Gillespie, as Co-Trastees orne Gillespie Family Llring Trust Agree_eat elated Webnu1r7 II, 1"7.
whose address is 8092 SW 115th Loop, OeaJa, IlL 34481 ("BorrDWa"'). This SecurIty IDstrumcat it PYCIl to LIberty ReYen.
Mortgage., IRt., which is oqaaized and axistiDg under Ihe raws of 1he ItaIe of Calif'onda. ad Wb088 address is lot5l White
Rock Road, Suite 200, RaDcho ConJ~Ya, CA '5610 ("Lender"). Bonowt:r bas agRed to npy to Lender IIIlOUIlU which
Lender is obligated to advance. includmg fUturo advaneee, under tho termI ofa Homo Equity CoDvcraion Loa. Agreement dalod
tM same date u Ibis Sccudty 1nstnImeDt rLoaD AgMCIJleDt").. Tho ~ to repay is evldm10cd by Bonvwon Noto dated
the same date as this Seourity lnstIument ("Note'. 1biI Security InstnameDI secures to Lender: (a) the repayment of the debe
evideuced by tho N~ with interest at a rate subject to adjustment. and an ~ oxteosioaa and modificatioDS of the Note.
up 10 a maximum prlDcipal amount aile Hwadred Nluety-lCIPt no......d ad 00II00 DoUan ($198,000.01); (b) the payment
of all odler sums, With inten:st, advanced UDder Paragriph , ro protect the security oftbis Security Instrument ot otharNil8 due
UDder the tenDs of this Sccwity lastrumcDt; IDd (c) Iho perfonnmco ofBonower's covenants and agreements under this Security
Instrume:Dt and lIle Note. The fUll debt. including .U·amoWdB described in (8). (b)1I IIIld (e) above. if DOt paid earlier. is due aud
payable OD October 1ft 2080. For d1is pwpoae, Bonowor dOfli hcnby monpp, p1UIt and "coIlvOy to Leadrz, the following
described property located jQ Marlon County. PIorida: .

Tho real property localed at the ~ 8092 SW 1~5t11 ~;". Ocala, FL 34481, ia the County of Marla, Sbde of FL,
described mCR fWly on Bxbibit.A attached to Cb1I Mortgago. ' .'.~

TOGBnIBR. WITH all the improvcmeti.. DOW or hctea6cr erected OD dlo pn»pDrt)'. aad aU easements. ripca. IppllltnlDcea, aad
fixtures DOW or heRafter a part ofthe p~pcny. All rcplacemouts ad additiaas abaIl also be covered by thb Security Inatnmeat.
AU at the fcnaciDI is referred to in ~ Seeurity lDslIUJDcDt u the "Property.•

BORROWER COVENANTS that Boaower is lawfully IOiacd ollbe ~ bcreby cooveyed and bas tI» right to mortgagos grant
and Convey. the Property aDd that the· Property is uaCDCU1Dbcre4 Borrower wammtB aDd will ~ pmcnJIy the dtle to the
I'Iopetty l8ainst all claims and demands. subject to my cmeumbraDool of recoftL
" ;

THIS SP.CUlUTY INSTRUMBNT comblDes \DIiform covw:nantl for natioaal use and non-uaitbrm coveaanll with IimiCed
variations by jurisdidioD to constiMe a uaiform security instnImtmt covariog real property.

UNIFORM COVBNANTS.. BOlT'OWCr aiul.Lender oovcmaot aDd ape I I follows:

FL ~ MM'tpBI

'f!/1J' jJ

Book5057/Page1670 CFN#2008065289 Page 1 of 13

1. Payment of PrindpaJ aDd Interar. Bon'ower aball pa1 when doe the pdncipaI o( and interest 01It the debt evidenced by
the Note.

z. raymeut.r Property c..llea. BqnowCl.shall pay an property cbarps CCIDIisdoS of taxes, grouad nmll. flood aad hazanl
insuranco pftmiuml) lad .spec,,1 Ule8l1T1eat1 ia • timely maner, and .hall provide ovideDCO of pa)'llMmt CO Lender.
unless Lcmder pays proparty charges ~ withholding ftmds tiom moothly payments due to the Bonuwer or by ~hargins IUCb
paymanm to a lina of credit II provicled Cor in die LoIn ~
J. FIre, Flood ad Other Hazard In8Ul'1Ula. Bonowcr 8hal1 iDIum aU improvemaats on tho Pmperty., whether DOW ID
existence or subsequeotly erected. against any ~ casualtie&, IUd comiDpnc1es. iDc1udiDg fire. ThiS insurance shall be
maiDtained lD rile ammmtsl to the ~ and fbt die periods required by Lcuder or the Secmary of Housing and 'Urban
Development ("Scerctary"). Borrower sball also iDsIJm aU impt"CJvemeatt on the Property. whether DOW in tndstenee or
subsequently erected. against loa by floods to the aIa1t requinKt by Ib8 SecRIaIy. All iDlUnllloe lbaD bo carried with
comp.mCI approved by Lender. Tho insurance poUcier and any RI1fAYafI abalI be beld by Lander and ahall iDdud., lou payable
clauses in favor of; and iD I tol1D ICCOPtablo tot lAnder..

In the event ofloss, Boaower shall live Lender immediate noti~ by maiL Leadar may mate proof of 1081 ifDOt JIlIdo plOmpdy
by Borrower. Bach iDIUrance company caDCmJed 1s hereby aud10rized end dimoted to mab payment for IUCb. loa to Lendor.
iostead otto Boaowcr and Leader jointly. I.asuraaco proceeds 8halI be applied to reatarlliOJl or ~ of the damaged Property.
If the restoradon or IqJair f8 economically feasible and Lenda'I lecurity is DOt leaeDed. If tho restoration or n:pair is not
oconcmica1ly feas.ible or Lendet. security would be ~esscmed, tho iDaurmco pIOCOOda ahaU be appled fiAt to the reduction of auy
indebtedness UDder a SeCODd Note .aDd Second Security In8tmIDeDt held by tho S~ on Ihe Proparty add then 10 the
reduction of Iho indebtednDII uDder tho Note IIId Ibia' security lDstrumeDt. InsuraDce prooeeda OWl an amount
required to pay alI 0UI8I8Udi0g iDdebtf4nes1 under Ibe Note and Ibi' Security laltnaneat shaD be paid 10 the eudcy IepUy
eutided thereto.

In the event offoreclosure oCthii Seeurity lDstnmtenc or other transfer of titlo to tho Property that axtinaui1bc8 tho inciebted.DcssJ
all right. title and idtenst ofBoaowcr in and to iaswuce poUdes forco Iba1I pass to die purohaser. .
4. OccupaQC1, Preservation, Malntellaaee aod ProteetiDa or the Pnpa1)'; Borrower-, LoaD AppJicatloaj Leasehold&
Borrower shin ocoupy, establisbJ and un tho Property u BOIIWOJ" principal raideace afta- the execudou or this Security
Instrumd and Bcnrowor (or at )eat one Borrower. if initially nun than 0118 pcrtIOD are Borrowers) and sbalI coatinuo to occupy
tho Property u Bonowor'a priDcipal residenco for tho tarm of the Security lDSlnDDcDt -Prinoipal midcmoe-Iball havo the same
DleaDJDS as in tho Loan Aaroemenl

Borrower sbaII DOt commit waste or ~Y. damap or IUbstaatia1Iy cbanp the PIOpCrty or allow the Property 10 deterioIlte,
zasonablc wear aDd car exceptecL Borrower shall al80 be in defanlt it Borrower. duriog the loaD application proeea. pve
materially false or tnaccurate JutbmJation or Ita~ to Leii_ (or &i1ed to provide Leuder widl aDy material information) in
connection witb the Loan avidenccd by tho Norc. fncludtas, ~ lio)'Umited ~ repteIOIlIationa conceming BomrweO occupancy
oftha Property u • priDcipal ruideace. Ifthll Security JDltrumeD~·is on a leuebold. Borrower aha1l comply wJIb the provi,ioos
of tho lease. lfBozroWCI acquircll feo ti!J.e to tho Properly, the leasehold aad fee title shill DOt be merpd unloa Leader AgIUS to
merger in writing.
S. Charg_ to Borrower and ProtectiOJl of Leader's Rllfla In die rrojleny. BonvwCll' ahaU ptay .n govcmraenlal or
municipal charges, finel and impOllI~ODI thallll Dot IDcbadcd in Parapaph.2. Boaower shaD pay these obUptioas on time
directly to the entity whJdJ ~ owed the paymcaL 1ftaiJun, 10 pay wuuld IIdvCtSClr a&ot Lollden iateR8t ill tile Property, upon
;'. Lender's request Banower shall promptly fimlilh to Leder ICQripts oYideDcioa cbcH paymeot& Borroww shall proIIlpIJy

;i discharge any lieD which has priority O~ tbiJ Security InsCrumeat in 1bo II18mJCr pro'lidcd in PlII8gr9b 12(C'}.

If Borrower faill to make these paymantl or die pmperty cIuuies~ by Paragrapb 2. or fai1I to perfom1 lOy ethel
~YaJ8IltB and agreements COI1laiucd in thill Security IDacnsmcnt,. or there is • IepI prOeeecfjDg tlW may sipificantly affect
Ladet. dgblS hi lho Property (such AI • pro~ In bea1auptcy, for ccmdenmatlon or te--eoron:e 1awI or ~JUladous). thea
Lender may do and pay wbaICYcr is nece8SU7 Co protect the value oftbe Property and Lendcn riahts in 1110 PJqJGIty, including
payment of taxes, hazard fusunmce and olhor items mentioned in Parapapb 2.

h&O~ ?1J .)'.


Book5057/Page1671 CFN#200'S065289 Page 2 of 13

To protect Lcndets seourity in tbo Pro,ertyf La1dcr sbaI1 adva11ce aad cbargc to BoD'OWer aJllD1OUJ1t8 duo to Che Sccmary for
the Mortgage Insurance Premium C1fdlp1l) as defined in tbo LoaD Asreement 81 well B8 aU 8IIDJI due 10 the loaD aervicer for
SClVicinl acli'YitiC3 r'Servicing Fee' u (!el1ned in the LoaJl~' Auy amouatI diSbursed by Lender uncIor tbil Paragraph
are obJiptoIY aocl shaD bccomo an ad\!itloDal debr otBctrower as provided for in tbc Lean ~ and shaD be secured by
thiJ Security InstNDlent. . '
6, lupeellon. Leuder or itJ agent may enter on. iDapect or JJlIIb apptaisaIs of tho Property In • Ja.8OD8bIe maaner and et
reasonable times provided that Leadel 5hall give the Borrower noti.cie prior to any iD8pection or appral.lapecifyinl • pwpose
for the inspection or appmisal which ~ be related to Lender's fnrerest in the Property. It Rho Ploped)' ta vacant or abaDdoned
or the lOaD .. in de&ult, Lender may CAko J'CUODabla acdOil to protect aad preserve aueb V8C8Ilt or abandooed Property without
DOtice to tho Borrower.

: 7. Condemll8tiou. The proceeds 'cf any award or dam1 for damag~ direct or coascquentiaf. in COJmCCdon with any
. coodemoatiou, or other taking of aPy ,part of the Property, or ibr CODVeyIDCe In place of'coodemnatiOll .ball be paid to Leddcr.
Tho proceeds shail ~ IP9Hed first to ~o· mluetiOD of 8Dy fDdeb1eCfD. . 1D1der • Seeaad Note 8Dd SecoDd Securiay 1nsIrumeDt
.held by 1he Sem7Iary On the Property1 WId ch~ to the reduction or tho Indebtedness under the Note and this Security lnsb'11ment
Any exceas proceeds over aD amount required 'to pay an oulStlmdfDs iDdebtedlless uadar the Note end this Security Jnstrumeat
shall be paid to tho endty legally entitled -dtcrcto•.

8. Feel. Lender mayconect fees ani cll~1Ja authorUed by dle~.

9. Grounds for Acceleration of DeJJ,t,.

(a) Du. and Payable. Leader may 'require immediaae payaumt in faU of aUlUDJI aecuted by tbia SecaJrity IDItnuncnt if:
(J) ABonower diea and the 'flPPOlty is aat the principal rcaideaco ol.t least ODe 8UlViving BallOW«; or
I • ~ f •

(h) AU of a Bonowet. t1~i'm the PropBrty (or his or her baleticJal JD. .i ia a 1nJIt owniDg III or part or the
Property) is sold or o~ise traDIferrcd an 110 other Bouvwer ntain& Ca) a10 to the Property ill fee .implc. (b) a
leasehold UDder a leue rot not Joss dian 99 yeanI wblch is Ja1owabJo or • l~ having a rcmaiaiog period of Dot
less thm SO 'yean bo~,j the date of die lOOd1 birthday of the)'01lDleSt Borrower, or (0) a life es1ato in the
PnJperty (or a benlficial ~;~ in a trust with such III lDtezat ill the Propeny).

(It) Dill .ad :Payable wid! Sea-etaty ApprovaL Leader may rcquiro immediate payraent in full ofalllWDS ~ by ibis
Security Insbument, upon .pprt'~:ll by aD aathorized repre8c:Dtadve of tho SCcretary, If
(i) Tho Property ~ to .\;-~ the priDcipal resldeuce of a Boaower for l'eISCJD:J other thao deatb and tbe Property is
Dot dlo priDcjpaJ resick;,~' 01 alleut 0Il0 odler BOI'I'OWa"j or

(Ii) For a period of longer thar3 twelvo (12) ~o monthl. a BoJn)wer &ill to pbysjcaJJy occupy the Property
because of phyaica1 or m~tal UlaCII eod· die Pro~ is, not tho principal nslidcnco of at least ODO other Borrower;
or .

(iii) An obligation of thO B~;1)~m ~det tb.ta Security IDItnlmem is DO~ pcrfOlD1ecL

'. .. ,(e) Notice to Lender. Bo1TOWfJt1.~ttl1~olify Leader'whenever any of tho events tis~ in IUbpaiagrepha (8) and (b) ofmis
PBrBpph 9{aXij) or (b) 0C0Uf.. . .
(d) Nodee to Sec:retary ••d BO~ta:'. ~ shall notify Ibc SocroImY aDd Borrower. wht;nOWZ the loan bceomea due
'.', ,,:: aDd payable under dlia Paragraph, 9(:J)(iilmd (b)i LcDdcr sbaII not have die rigfJt to <:ODDI1GOCO fondoaure until Bouow~
baa had thirty (30) days after nod~e tg":oitber:
(J) Correct the wtter wblch ~ted ba tho Seeurity In&tnuncnt comiDa due and ~blc; or

Pay the baIaaco ira full;' OJ" ~.

(iit) SoU the Property for the I~~er of tho balance or 9j% of1hc appmiled YI1ae aod apply dlo DCI proceeds aCthe we
PL r Mo,.".,
hpJ •

to- •

f!1J}. Jj. ( ','


~ : I J:'

', ... ,
Book5057/Page16-7'2. CFN#2008065289 Page 3 of 13
',I ".
~ "- .........•... ,'
~.- ..


(iv) a
Provido thD Lender with deed in Ucu of 1breclosure.
(e) Tra.fI. CoDWyllllCe of a ~. interest iD the Pn1pertyto • trait which mceta the requirements oltbc Secretary, or
convoyanco of a cmst'I iIdeJacI ,In: ~ Property Co • Borrower, ehaII DOt be coasidend a oonveyarwo for purposes of this
Paragraph. A tnJ8t shaD not be ~dered an occupant or be comidcred 18 haviq • priDcipal Jaideuce for J'UIPOSe' of this

(I) Mortgage Not Insured. Boao'wer agrees that should this Security lDstnm1ent IDd die Note not bo eligible for iusurance
under cbe National Housing Act ~ithia cigbl (8) momb 1iom tile date .hareo~ Leader may, at its optioD, require im1nediate
payment ill NIl of aD sums secured by tbis Seeurity IDmumeDL A wriJteIl SCl1emene ofany 8Uthorl7Jed alent OfthD Sccretas:Y
dated subsequent to oiIht (8) months from tho dale hereof; dec1iDing to kJsgn, this Securit;y IDstrumeot IIId 1he Note. sball be
deamed couclusivo proof of such iIleligibili1y. NOCWirhslaDdiDa die qoins. thJs option DJBY DOt be exaoiced by Lender
when the unavailabilit)' ofmSUl8llCC is ao1dy due to 1.AIldat1 failure to nanit • mortaap msurance premium to thD Secmtry.

10. No D~ey ludpteJICl. Booower sball have DO petIODIl UablUty for payment of tho debt secured by Ibis Secarity
lnstrumenL Lender may enforce tho debt only through we oCtile Propcny. Leader I'haD not be pennilted to obtain a doficicncy
judgment against BOITOWer if the Security IDstrumml ja foreclosed. If this Security Iatnanent is uaillled to the secretary upon
demand by the Secretary. BolIOWCl',rhaJl not be liablo Cor any diffoteDeo betwecD rho mortp,e inmranco benofits paid to Lender
aDd the OIU»faJIdiDg iDdebCedneas. incl~iag ICClUed intereat, owed by Borrower at tho time of the usignmcmt.

11. Reiutatement. Borrower bas • right to be railJlCated itLoader' hal ~ iaunecUate payment in fbJl TlUs riabt applies
eveu after foreclosure proeeediap are institutDd. To reiDsrate this Security 1DsIrumeot, Bonower ahaU correct the coadition
which resuJtcd in the requirement for jmmodiatc payment iD M. Poreclosure 00ISI8Dd nsasonablo and customIl)' attameya' tea
end expenses properly aaociated with a' foreoIDS1O proccecUag shaD be added CD the priDcipaJ. balance. Upon reiDstIdemeDt by
Borrower, dWI Sec:urity IDItrumeat and tbe oblfptiom that it ICOU.lW lha1l romaiD ill effect _ if l.Amder hid Qot NqUind
immediate payment in tun. However, 1.ender Is DOt mqufml to peanit rcinstaleJJ1eilt if(i) lADder has accepted reiDStattment
aftot tbe commcmcomcat of forcclOlUl'e pmccedinp within two (2) years Immedia~ly precectins the commencement of I ~.
foreclosure pIOCeediDg. (11) ~ wtl1 pn:clude fcnc1oaun, 011 diffenmI grouacIs in the fialUn, or (it) roiastatemeat will
idvc:l3C1y aWect tho priority ofthe security IDstnuneDt.
12. llInt Llea Status
(a) ModincatJo& Boaowe: aar- to extend Ibfa Secudly lDatnmumt In accordaaoe with this Puagraph 12(1}- If Lader
determinll Chat tho original Hen 8CatU8 oftho Sccudly IastnmIaIt "joopmIized UDder IIato Jaw (fndudiDg bat not limited 10
situadODl whtn the unOUDt secured by the Secar11¥ Iaattument equats or exceeds dlo'maximum prinaipalamount stalDd or
the maximwn period under which loan advaDces main ~, lime tien'priority Initially pmted to laau adnnces haa expired)
and state Jaw permits the originaIlico atatal to be mamtaiDell~ tuture Joan 8CIvIDces through tho execution IUd reoordation
of oae or more documea1S, tben ~ shaU obtaiD··title evi~ at Bon'owa'a expense. If the tido cvIderace indicates tbat
the Property is not encumbered by any Hens (OK. this S-ntY '1allrUmeat, 1bo Seooad Security IDItrumeat described in
Paragraph 13(8) and any IlJbordinate Uens tbat the Lender dertnniaa will I Iso be IUbordiDato to IIIJY future lOlD advances).
Leader shall request the Bonower to execuIe such docurucofB. If ltale law docs DOC permit tho orlaiDal Uea ItBtus to be
extended to fbture loan adV811Cel. Borrower win be deemed to have &iJed. co havo perfonned au obUgatkm undoi ddt
security IDstrumenL

(b) Tax Deferral Pro....... Borrower'aball aot puticipato In a real estate tax dofoItI1 pIOgr&m. if' aaY lions aeeted by the tax
defaral are DOt subordinate to IhIs Security IDIlNmeot.

(c) Prior LIens. BOl1'OWeI'shalI promptly dischllJl8lUY lien which bas priority over this Security Instrument UDlass Borrower:
Ca> agrees in writing to tho payment otthe obligation aecan:d by the lien In a 11I8DDCI' acceptable to ~ (b) CODfeItB in
good faith the lieu by. or defends against cnforcemeot of the lien In, legal proceedinp which in the Leaden opinion operate
to pnmmt tho eoforcement of rba. lieD or fOrte.tture of aay part of the Property; or (0) IecuteI ~ the holdtz of abe lien an
agJUmeDt nlisfactoly to Lender BUbonIiDating the lion to all amouuta socarcd by this Sccarity IDstnameot. lr Lender


Book5057/Page1673 CFN#200B065289 Page 4 of 13

• I

determines Chat any pm of the Property ialUbject to a lieD which may aftain priority aver au. Security 1Dstrument, Lender
may give Bonowet' a notice idcnlitying the lien. Borrower Iha1l sadafY the lieu or cako ODe or IIJOM of tho actions . . tbrth
above within ten (10) days of the gMug ofnotlce.
13. RelatioDSblp to Secoad Security lD.tnuDaat. .

Ca> Secoud Sccurlty IDJtraal-.t. .In order to secure paymeaCI wbicb the Secretary may make to or on behalf of Borrower

pursuant to section 255{i)(l)(A) of the NatiOll81 HouaiDg Act 8Dd the Loau A~ unless otherwise :Provided by the
Scerellryt the Secntary lias rCquired Borrower to execute a Secolld Note and Second Security IDslnlment on the Property.
(b) BeJatfolllhlp or PInt and Second Secu.ritJ IutrumeDta. Pa)'Dleldl made by die SecrctaJy IhaJJ DOt be included in Ihe
debt UDder the Noto uolClS:
(i) ThiI Security lDtImment is usipcd to tho SccretaJy; or

(ii) The Secrdary Icceptl ~imbuncmemby the Le4dcr for all pa~ made by tho Secretary.

If abe circumstances described in (i) or (ii) oCQJr, thea 111 pqmcmtl by tho SecreEityI mcludiDs iDttast CD die paymenfl but
excludingl. Gharps paid by the Secretary,lhall be iDcluded ia the debt UDder tho Nole.

(c) Effect on Borrower. Wha'e there is no 88I1pmeDt orrahDbmsement If describod .ill (b)(J) or (ii) and 1be Secretary mates
paymentJ to Borrower, then Bonower .hall DOt

0) Bo required to pay amounCl owed under the Note, 01 pay atJY ta1ts end mvameJ of tho Property UDder Pmagraph
19 to Leader or I receiver of the Pmperty. ua1il dla Secretary hIS reqWred payment in fUR or aU oatmDdlng
prillcJpal and accrued ioterat under tho Second Note; or

(ii) Bo obligated to pay lateral or abared appreciation UDder the Note at any time, whether accNed bofore or after die
P'YMeuta by the ~, 8Ild whedJer or not lCGnIed iaIerest has bt= Jacmded in the 'priDcipal balaDco UDder
the Nore.

(d) No Duty of the Secretary. The Secn:&aly baa no duty to Leader to cabcc oovCQlllta of the Second Socurily lnsb'Umellt or
to ta1ce actions to praeIW tho value
or the Property) eveo though LeJJder may be uaable to colleoa IIDDUDtI owed UDder tho
Note because ofreslriCfioDs ill this Paragraph 13.

14. Forbeanaee b7 Leader NDt a Waiver. Any forbe8daco by Lc:odcf OXCRiaios any riJbt or remedy aba11 Dot bel • waiver
ofor preclude fho exorcise of any ri&ht or remedy.

15. Sueeesson and AaJpI Bound; Jolat aad Several Liability. The coveuntl and agreements of this Security Instrument
shall bind and benefit the ~ and wips of Len~. Borrower may DOt aseip any. rigb18 or ObUptfOD' UDder this
Security lDItrumeat or UDder the Note, except to • trut tlJat mt.ctI the RqUire.meDCI ofthe ~. BOD'tJWeI'a covenaoCl 8Ild
agreemcats shall be joint and several.. -', · '~"'"
...,: .
16. No~ Any notice to Bonower ~vided for iD tb&,Securit)' IDItn.uneDt aball be giveD by dcliveriDg it or by maDfDg it by
flnt class mall unless IppUcabJe law nqWn:a use oflDother mctbod. Tho DOCiGo sba11 bo ~ to Ihe Property AddJ'ea or aay
other address all Borrowen jointly designate. A1rI notice to Leoda" IbaD be &M:a by &It clasa mail to Lcndan addR:sa It*d
hmin or any address Lender desipates by DOtico to Bonower. Ally notice pmvfded for in this Security lnstrwnent shall be
deemed to have been gival to Borro~m:.~i Lender when giYCIl u prcmded In this Parapph 16.

J7. GoYerrdna LaW; SeverabDlty. niiI Security InatnlmeDtUall be govemcd by Podcral Jaw ad the law of tho jurildictiOl1I.n
which the Property 18 10CIded. In tbe eYCJlt tbat lID)' pruvflioo or clauae of 1bia Security IDstlument or tho Note oDDflicts with
applicable Jaw. such QODflict &haIloot afftd otbet provialons of this Seduri!1iustrumcut or the Nore ,which CID bo given etrocc
without the conflicting provision. To this end lhe plDYilions of this Security raatnlment and tho Note lie decJared CO be

18. Bon-ower'1 Copy. BOIIOwer shan be giveD ODO confmmcd t;OP1 oftho Nole ad 1his Security 1Dstromcnt.
hpS II

Book5057/Page1614 CFN#2Q08065289 Page 5 of 13
... ..- _- .

NON·UNIFORM COVENANTS. Boaowao and Lender ftu1IJer COVen&DI and aara u follows:
19. AssipmeDt of Rents. Bonower UDcooditionaUy asslglll and traufcrs10 Lender a1l1he reutllDd xwenues of the Property.
Borrower awDorlzes Lalder or Lender'a asatl to coUect die rents aDd revenues and ben:by directs cadi tenant ofcbe Property to
pay tho rents to Lender or Leftder'1 aicli. Howevar, prior 10 LeDdetI Notice to Bouowel' ofBonowel'. breadJ of auy covenan&
). or agrmbel2t in the ~ Instrumm~ Bonower shall colJe<:t and RCeil'e aU reats and ftMUICI of the Property as trustee for
the benefit of Lender aDd Bonvwer. This ISSigom.cnt ofrents consdtmel an absolute -8lUDeD1 and DOt an aaipmeot for
.dditiod.ll aecurity only.

IfLeoder gives notice ofbreaeh to Bon-ower: (8) 811 rents.received by Borrower shall be :held by Borrower 88 trusceo for beoofit
of Leader only, to be applied to the sums secured by thia Security Jnstnaueoi; (b) Lender Iha1l be entitled to coUect and receive
'aU ofthe rents otthe Properf1~ and (c) each cmant of the PIOperty ahaI1 pay an rents due 8Dd unpaid CO Lender or Lenders agent
OD Louden written deDlJl1cl'to tho tenant_

~er bas Dot executed any prior a&BiPmaDt altha I1JIJtI .d hu Dot IIIId will bot perform any act that would prevent Lender
'from exerc~8 irtriPts UDder thiJParliraPb 19. .

Lcndt:t shaD Dot be ~quired to eater "'fl, take co.Dlrol ofor JD8iIUain Che Property before or after gi'ViDg notice of bn=ach to
Borrowor. Howover', Londer or a judiciNly appointed ruceiver may do so .1 any time there ja • bfeach. Any appHcatiOD oCnmts
shall not cun: or waive any default or ~vaDdate any other right or raiody of Lender. Ibis aasianmont ofrenls of tho Property
.haJJ cmniDalo when the debe secured· by tbiJ Socurity IDBtrumOIl. is paid in fhD.

10. Foredonre Procedure. If Leader requlra immediate paymeat iD fuU UDder F.rapoapll " Lender may foreclose tfUI
Security InafruJDent by Judicial proceedlDg. Lender .an he eJdftled to eaDect.U upedIeIllI&:Dmd ID punulng the
remedies provided to tills 'angraph 20, "eluding, but Dot lladted to. naDRabie "naeyel feel and eostI 01 tine

21. Lieu PrlorIt)'. The fUll amOUDt aecmed by tbi. Security 1Dstrumeat shall have tho saDio priority over BDy other IieaB on the
Property as If tho fUU amount had been d;b~ on the date the initial disbursemePt wu made, reprdlea of the acraal ~ of
my disbunemcat Tho amount secumI by thJI Socurity Instnamaat IbaI1 include aU direct r-ymeDtl by Leader to Borrower and
all other 101D advancos permitled by this. S=uity Instrument (or my pwpose. 1bla lien priority ,haJJ apply JJotwiths!andina 8fty
8mto constitution, law or.alion. ~t that this lien priority UaU not affect Ibe priority of my tioaa for lUlpald State or local
IOV~ UDit special 8S&eIIIDeI11S O(tUOi.

21. AdJustable Rate Patore. Under tl:e Note, the JDitiaI &tUod Interest rate Df~ aad 66/100 percept (3.'60%) which
accrues on tho lDlpaid principal balance ("InJtiallDterest Rate"} Js subject to chnac. u cfelcribed bdow, Wlleu the interest nate
changes. the new adjusted iD~ rate 'will be applied to Ihe ~..~ prinoipal balaace. Bach adj1J8tmt:Dt to th" iDlerat
rare wiD be hued upon the weekly am:agt:Yfald on Unitod.S~1I:I 'heaaury Sccuridel adjusted to • CODSIIDt maturity of ono year
(''Inda',pIus a margin. The Index Is VJ~!iihcd In the Fedcm1 ~e Bulletin ud made available by the United S1a1el Treuury
Department in SlatiltiC4l kIcaso H.lS(~J9). If tho IndGX is DO IoDF ava&ble, Lcmdar will be requintd to use lIlY index
prescribed by tho Departmtat of H9uSiils and Urban Development. Tho DCW index will have a historical movement
.ulmutfaUyaimUar to the original indu, 8IId tb DOW indeJt and IIIItIiD wiU result in an IIUIWl1 percemap rata lbat is
substantially.imilar to the rate fD etreet a~ the time die origiDal index beeomea unavailable.

Leader will pedorm the calcuJatioDS ~ below to determine tbe DIW adjosled intcrat J8te. The fDlclat rato may dump
on Septanber 1. 2008. and on the fiti( clsy of _ and oa that day of each succeediDg jar, or ....L the firBI day ot eacb
succocdlng month (Cbaoge Dare) UDti1 th~ loaD is repaid iD fWl.

Tho value af the Index will be detmmineoJ,· using tho most ft!CaJt Index figure avaUBble thirty (30) dI)'I before tho Change Date
reumnt Indax"). Betbm each Chaa., Date, Ibe ~ lDhnIt m1C wid be calculated by addiDg a IllZUJin to the Cum:ot Index.
The IUID of the JDIIJIin plus 1be Curmll Indox. will be oaUed the lt~uIated 1Dten:at Rate... tor each Qaago Date. The
Calculated Interest Rate wiD be compared to tho IntcrasC race to "eft"ec;t 1mmediately prior to tho current Chance ))ale (the

PalG6 )J
ft17J' ,

Book5057/Page1675 CFN#2008065289 Page 6 of 13

' • • • • _ . ·••••• ~., •• I· • • • • • • • _ • • • _ _ . _ - _ • • • • • • -----:.....:..:..;':..--.-:: • ..:1._ ." •• ~ .•. _ :.-,,..-:........;..:, __-_ _.: .. -...._..c,:~'J••••-.:..: ••. ~_• _
. _ •••. _ .•••• _ •.• _ . • • • __ •• _ :....-.., •• __ • •••• _ _.• _ •••• ,_ •• _ _ _ •

. I

~i,tinl Interest Rate).

--..;., Amtually AdJusting Variable Rate leatun ·1bt interest rate wiJl nner incnmse or decrease by more
than two pen:enlJ&c pomtl (2.0'») on any lingle CbaflP Dace. The interest rare will never be more than
rIVe percenmge points (5.0'i) higher or lower thin tbe inltIaJ kuerat rare Italed in ParlJr*ph 2 of !hit

MonIhIy A<UusthaI vBri8we Rate iestare - 'DIe CalcuIaU:d Ja=:at Rare wOJ never increaso above

The Calcu1atcd Jatcx=t Rate will be adjustal if necessary to comply with the limiCadon(s) described abava and wW bcin '*
ctrect una1 the nat Cbanp DaIB. At any c:baap dar£. if Iba CaJculared 1nIIeIest Rate equals Ihe ExIsting InIereII _ Ihe
Intere&t ratr: will not ehange.
23. Release. Upon payment of all sums secured by dUa 8ecoriEy Insmlmea1. Lender shaIJ release Ibis Securfty In.tII'WnenC
wilboot cIWge to Borrower. Bono9Jer.baIl f1IlY any ~ cosa.. ,
24. Att.onu:ys' Pees. As used in this ~ btnunent IDd tbc Ncce. -l£IOtnC)'I. ~.. abaU lDcludc any attDmcyI' rea
awanled by an appelJale court. i
2S. :RIders to this Securltr InstnDD.tDL If one or more ridea Ite executed by Borrower and tecorded ropther wiCb Ibis
Security btrumcnt. the COYeIIaats I11d aax-unu of ach such deter Uall be Incarporaced into and _11 amead and auppJemem
Ib coveaancs and agreemeDti or dlls Security IastmmUlt 18 If Iho rida(s) were • part of lids Security lnsuument. [Chedt In
riden that are appliE:8bIeJ. ·

COP~ [n thiI Security Instrument and In

Wi~~~~~~~~~~~#~. w~ r:;(;j#/~~'

~~~+ .... te~~

~HI_.~~ ~
BOca. SW \\'5~LoOf
Ocol.o. t f L.. 3 '-tf1 ~ (

Book5057/Page1676 CFN#200B065289 Page 7 of 13

-acIIdJw 1nIaatJQte).
AaumaBr AdJuICfnI Rata ,..... • 'DxI . . . . !lie will PCVer Iaaw;e w decrase by IdOIe
. . CWO pawmrae paIats (2.011) 011 . , aiaP a-ae
0. n.- - lItO wfll.-ver 1» . . thaD
Jive Jiac'" , . . (1OSi) _ _ or lower .... die iDItfaJ . . . ., . ..... iD . . . . . . 2 01 tbiI

-X.. u.tbI7 ~ Vahle . . . reMan . TJw: CIIcuJated ID1DIa\ R81II wm ... ~.. \

1be CaJauIated IDIr.m&C -wiD 1a ~ It '"'-~ fa ~ wtIb die Ie Hmk8dcJn(a) cIeIcrtbed Ibove lOCI will be III
iDItrest. . wm.-..
dlcllIIdl b ~
23. Bdeae. Upmj'a'" AI.'/ . . . . . 111111 Ca1cDIIcIII*ia& . . . . . . ,.. . . . . . . . . . die

or IJf . . . . . by ddI SecIIIity IaIInaedt, LaxIer Iba.O ftlaIe ... &Ioudt1 JaIIIuaat
witbaut chirp co Bonower. Bcmrwa'.-..u,.,., secanJatfaa c:a&IIL
24. ~,... Iu lIIed lD tall Secudlr Jasrrumtu ... 1111; Noel. "IIJrJmqt . . .·1baI1DdIde . , ~ lea
2S. . . . . Ie .... s-tv ........ 11 ODe or .............. b1 Bauowu lid teeaIdId ........ -ab1bfl
Securty ~ll GO\W)IIltalDd IJI'IfJIIIIIII cI ea ncb rfder IbaU belucca,.lt8f1Dto IIIC1 alIaD ..eaclMdIUppleuleat
Ibo COVecantl ad or dill Sean1lJ JnIIn1maIt • }f the ric1er(1) 1Nre • pel of dill ~ bcrUiWUL (OaU aD
ddIrI dMt. . IpJtIcaI»Jt].

BY SICIGNO IBLOW. Banower ~ 1Bd. . . " the . . . IDdCIMDIIII COIIIaiDed III ddI s.adIr ~ IDd ..
. , tIdII(a) . . . . .. , ~ted. . . .".IL




~ ~.


COUNTY OF 1I'/,f,(/~1I

The foregoing insUument W88 ao1cnow1edged before me this day of

· SUA!& A'/J1(/, • by rea~pe M. Gillespie and PcmeJope M. GlDcsp'e, Trustee. iK\vll 811"'e,
Trustee, NeD J, GlUllpfe, Trustee, who is pezscmally known to me; who Juts produced

:J¥1(~"e A/a-dlSe

0" • • , •• ~. :
Notary Public
- - - - - - - ­

. ,.J

'~" .\

Book5057/Page1678 CFN#200B065289 Page 9 of 13

",-' --.' _-_.
!-?J »<}
The f~going inSlnJJJlent was acknowledged before me this S- day /J ~ or:::Jl:i
..'En,..,.; a~~~lapb3,
. by.»••,••, At: Cl'li!i111! ikd PuaeI.,••• QIIIapII; .jd'~GIJI~
T. c.......who is personally mown to me; who bas produced ­

r;})o'vee ':s L,. o..e.n :s-e as identificati and who did "d not) tB1ce UI oath.

' ,.
~. .. :"",,1.

Book5057/Page1679 CFN#2008065289 Page 10 of 13

; - ••• _ - • ......-.. ,,~_ •• - _ . _ - • .: ... :.-_~---.:..."_;._-

.... - . - . . . . . . . . . . ••.• -- - ••• ~ ........ '._"- •.•..•••• ----. ,-~ ....- . - _ . _ ..... - ........ _ _• • • _r •• _ •• _ _ • __ .------L.-_ ... _ _


r-- ' FHA. Case Nmnber; 091-44057411951..155 LGan Number: 39100

THIS PLANNED UNrr DBVBLOPMENT RlDml Is madO oa June OS. 2008, aDd is incorpOl8ted Into and aball be
deemed to amcmd BDd IUPPlcment the Mortgag~ Deed of Tmst or Seeruily Deed (the "Security lastrumeut*) of the
SIDle da1e- given by tbc UDdA:raiped ~ It) SCCln Barrowar's Note to Liberty Revene Morlpp. Inc., •
Calffonda COl1'oradon, ("Laufer") o~ tho aame da~ aad ~ the P!q)erty descrfbod irJ the Secmty Jastrument
and 10catGd at

8092 SW ll!th Loop. Oeala, PI. 34481

Tho PMperty is a part of I planed unit development (PUD) known as:


POO COVENANTS. IIlaclcfJfioJl to thee COVIIUIDts aild .eemeau made IB tile SecuritT Jnstnoaeai. Borrower
IQd lader further COVCIWI' aad aaree .. foUnn:
A. So Jong as tho 0\VI1eB' AssoclatiOl1 (or equf¥aIcut aatity lJaldiDl titlG to COUUJJOD area aDd facilidea. actiq IS
tnutee for rhe homeowners. mainlllal. with • pacn1ly accepted iDnrancc pm'ior, • ~ or WJ)laJ2bt"
policy famriag tho property Joc:ated In die POD. including aJllmpJovemeati DOW exfsduS -or heRafter aected
on tho mortaaged premises. and sudJ policy is ..timG1ory to Leader aDd pfovidf8 msunmca coverap In the
.amounm. for the J"dods, aDd against the haarcIa Lcudcr and tho Secrctaty n:qqil"o. 1DcIudins ftte ami olber
hazards fDc1uded widIiD the term uomnded coverage.- aad loa by flOOd. to tho GDI1t required by the
Secremry. thea: (I) Lcmder waJws the pIOYiIiaa fD Pmpaph 2 otthis 8eGIIIity 1DstnJmcnt for the payment of
the premium tor bazud hmuranco 011 the ~. ancl (iJ) BoITOW8l'. ohJfptioq UDder PmaraPh 3 or this
·Seasrity rnstrumcat to maintain baard iDsunnce on the Property Is deemed SBtiJfied to the crxtent that the
rctiubcd coyealt ;8 provided by the 0WDaI' AssociadoD policy. Bonower JbaIl si'Ye Leader prompt aodcc
of Illy Iap,a fJ1 IeqUired ha2lU'd iaBuJuce co~ ad oflIlY lois oceunina fi'om • humd. III !be evont of.
distribudoll oflIazard iDIUI'aDce proceedIln Heu otRltoratloD or tepair tbUowiDga Joss to the Pmperty or to
comQ1OQ areI8 aDd adUties of tbe PUD. my pmcecda psyablc to BODO'MI' Ire horeby assipcd aDd iliaD bo
paid to lADder 1br appIicatiolllO Ill. IU1DI secured by ddI Sccari&y,..Iasa1a:mmt,' with any om:ts8 paid to the
artity lopUy eu.titfcd thc.rcto.

B. Borrower promises to pay aU dw1U IUd llBelauenti Imposed pontJ8Dt fa the legal inaUumaI1I c:reatina BncI
IOvemfnl tho POD.

c. rf Boa'ower docs not pay PlID duel and lSIeI.entI wbea duo. Ibon Leader may pay them. Ally amaunrs
dlsbuned by Leacfcr under ~iI parqraph C shaD becoD1B additioaal debt ofBarrower secured by tbo Security­
IustrumCDt UaJess Bouower and Lender agree to _ temII ofpayuicmt, thcso ~ shaD bear laterad
fi'am tho date of ~ 8£' tho Note Jate .ad shall be payable. with interat. uponnodco 60m Lender fA)
BoJrower requestias payment. . . ;, ' .'~

BELOW. Borroweraccepca and asreea to the tcrmIlDd provisionl contained h1 t1ds PUn lUcIer.

tltu. QHl....Ci ,.. aa.


B~ok5057/Page1680 CFN#2008065289 Page 11 of 13



FHA Cue Number: 091-4405141/951-255 Loan Number: 39100

THIS PLANNED UNIT DBVELOPMENT RIDER is madC on June OS, 2008:1 and is incorporated into and shall be
deemed 10 lJDend and supplCmcnt 'the Mongage,' Deed of Trust or Secmity Deed (the "Security Instnm1elJt'l) of the
same daat given by the UDdenign('<f C'BoD"ow~) to secure Borrowers Nate to Liberty Reverse Morteage, 'IDe., •
CalifornIa CorporlUoa, ("Lcudet') olthe same date and covering the Property described in the Security Instrument
and located at:

8092 SW 115th Loop, OcaJa, FL 34481

The Property is a part ofa planned unit development (PUD) knoWD u:


POO COVENANTS. III addltfGD tq .thee CGv.aJlt.! ud agreemeatl made III the Securily lasuumeat. Borrower
aDd Leader farther COYIUDt aad s3IU .. faDows:
A. So lang u the Owners- A!!.o·:iation (or equivalent eDlity bc~g title to common areas and facilitics, acting u
trustee for the bomeowners. maintains, with I pneraUy accepted Insurance camer, a "master" or t'bJaoket"
policy insuring the pmp=rtJ located in the POO, including all improY~nts DOW exiatiD' or hereafter erected
au the tnortpged preznls~, .and such policy is satisficroty to Leader and providea iu~ coverage in the
amounts, for the periods, ~d against the Iumu'ds Lender and tho Secretary require. including fire and other
hazards included wiChin tte term "cx=ded coverage," and loa by flood, to the extant ""IUired ~y the
Secretary, thea: (i) LeDder ".mves the provision in Puagraph 2 of this Security InstNmel1t for the payment of
the premium for bazard i~e CD the Propeny, and (ii) Borrower's obligation under Paragrapb 3 oftbfs
SecUrity IDItnJmeDt to ~tain hazard iosunmce 011 the Property is deemed satisfied to tho exteDt that the
required covCftle is pro\i~.d by the Owuors' A.aociadon policy. Borrower shall giva LeDder prompt notice
of any lapse io required'tunard inIID'IDCe coverage II1d or my loss occurrinS from a hazard. 1n the event of a
distribution of bamd imutlace proceeds in lieu of restondiou or rqJair following I lou to the Property or to
common BRIS aad fAcilities ot the POD. auy proceeds payable to Borrower are hereby ulisned aud lbatl be
paid to Leader for application to the sums secured by this Security IDstrunlent, with any oxceu paid to tbe
entity Jegally eadtled thcre~.

B. BOI1'Ower promises to pay all dues and assessments imposed pursuant CO the legal instruments creating and

governing the PUD.

c. If Borrower does not pay POD dues and usessmentl when due, then Lender. may pay thent. Any amounts
diJbursed by lAmdel' under ~it paragraph C, ~haJJ b~e additional debt of Borrower lCCured by the Security­
Instrument. llaJeu Bono~ and Lender iltee to o~~ tams of paymeu~ these amounts Iba1I bear iIJtcml
6:cm the date of disburs~~tat the Note rate and shaD be payable, with in~ upon notice from laida' to
Bcmower requesdDg paym~t.

. .:
BELOW, Borrower aCcepts
. and agrees to the terms and provisions COI1taiDcd in this PUC Rider.

.... '
bRcfope AI. -Eiillupie, =r.t .Iter, -
MaJlkfuaple, TnJte.

l'C'leJOpe "I, 8Blaple .bIIHt::J. QJJ ' Pi8g, "fR'IM'fH

Pap lorl

Book5057/Page1681 CFN#2008065289 Page 12 of 13

.. - -- .. . -------_
' , ' .

'\ :
Bxhibit A to tho Martzale made 011 May.29. 2008. by Pellelope M. Gillespie, Nell J. Gmap1e aad Mark G1Uesp1e. u CD­
Traet- of Tba GJDesple PaadlJ. 1J9IUC Trust ~t clI1Id JlcbrlUlrF 10. 1"., ("BonoWeI") tD Uba1Y Rl\'enc
MDrtgage, be. ("Lenda"). Tho Property fllClC:lRd In the caunty ofMarton.ltltIl ofJ'l... descrlbcd .. foUOWlI:

Description ofProperty

Legal Dw:ripllon attached 'hereto IS 'BXhlblt A' and by 1his refermce made • part hereof.


.. ----------. -..."....... .- - ...
.­ - ---

. U45842B63-18KF13

US R.cardlngs

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i' .....
---_. --_. .. -_ _. __
-~ --- .. -.~ ..

.--~-- ..... .. _.......

Re~rdl"g AeqUe'sted by & DATE: 0612512008 12:55~34 PM
When Recorded Return To:

U·S Recordings. Ino.

FILE': 2008065290 OR BK 05057 PGS 1683-1693
2925 Country Drive Ste 2
St. Peul, MN 55111 .... ~ RECORDING FEES 85.00

..,~t.12.~!-O~ ~

~~eJ.-~~ 4

LibertY Rev\Ue Mortga8e~ Inc.

J0951 Whice Rock Road, Suire 200

Rancbo ConIova. CA 95670

FHA Cue NUlllber: 091-440574lJ9S20-2S5

Secretary of Housing and U~4n Development is exempt from paying

jntangible taxes.



\~~ a.r\t:l~

THIS MORTGAGE ('I "(y' Jua~1 or ·Sacood Socurlty IDtrumeut" is given OD lune 05, 2008. The mortgagor is

Penelope M. GJUesple, en 1. Gl1IeIpfe and Mark GUlaple, • Co-Trulteea of The GWesple F_Oy LIving Trust

AgRement dICed February 10, 19'7, whose addma is 8092 SW 115tb IMp, Ocala, FL 34481 ("Borrower'? This Security

Instrumeotl given to the 8ecretaJy of Housing IDd UJbaIl Development. and whose address is 451 Seventh Shot.. S. w.,

WashiDgton. DC 20410 rLeadet1 or rSecretary'?- Bo[JoWCl' bu qrood to ~ CD Lender amOUldl whlch Lend. is ob6pted

to advance, Including tbbR IIdvances. uDder the tcrmI of. Home Equity Conversion Loea A&remaeat dated the same date II

this Security 1Dstn1meDt ("Loan Apemeat"). The agn:em.eDt to ~ is evidoDced by BoJrower's Note dated rho same dale IS

this Security IDstrwneot ("Second Note"). This Security IDatnuDeDc RGUIeI to Lendm': (a) the repa)'lDent of tho debt evideaced

by the Second No~ with ioterest, at a rate IUbjeot to a4jlJlbnea(, and aJI renewals. emnaions IIId modJ.fioItioos oftho Note. up

to a muimum principal amount otOae Ruadred Nmecy-lClPt TJaaannd ad 001100 Dollan (1198.000.00); (b) tbG paymt4lt

of all ather sums, with imerest, advnced 1B1der Paragrapb 5 to prorecl cbo security or Chia Security lnatJutnem or othawiao due

QIldcr tho teDD8 of this Security InIcrument; and (c) the pcrfonD8llCl of BomJWa". COveD8llfs aDd agreemcaCl under this Security

Instrumc:l1t ad dle Note. The Ibll debe. iDcludins ell ammmts described m(a). (b). aDd (e) above. .fnot paid earlier. is duG and

payable OIJ October 1', 208t. For ~ pwpo~ Bouower doeI bereby mortgage, graat mel oonvoy to Lender, die foUowing

descn1)ed property located in Marlon County, 'lorida;·

The real property located at the addrcs' 8092 SW 1151~ lA)oP7 0uJa. FL 34481, in ~e County of MarlOIl, state of FL.

described more funy on Bxhibit A atrach:ed to thil Mortpgo.

... ,
. ,"',...

TOOETHER Wl1H alllhe UnproVemcL'.1s JIOW or hereafter ercgted:on the ptopcrty, 8Dd all easomatU, righ1lt appurtenancea, aud

fixtum now or hcrea&r a part olthc property" AU replaceDHDts and additiODl aha1l also be co~d by this Security lnItrumeDt.

AD ofthe r()~goJng is morrod to in this. Security IostnnDeut IS the '7roperty.II

. BORROWER COVENANTS that Boaower is Jawfiilly lCised of &he estate hereby conveyed and has the right to grant and
convey the Property aDd that the Property Is only encwnbetod by. Pbst Security Iaslnuneat given by Borrower and dated Cbe
same date .. this Socurity Iastnunent ("FiJlt Secmity 1DsfrumeDt'). BoIrower WBDaIdS and will defend genem1ly the title to the
Property against all claims and demands. iubject to any CtIIcwnbrances of rocord.

THIS SBCURITY INSTRUMBNT eombmea uniform covenants for nadonal uao md oon-UDi1bmt covenanta with Umited

variatiODS by juriadj~tion to CODItitute a unifollD eecarity inItrumeat coveriDgJal proporty.

UNIFORM COVENANTS. Borrower and Lender oovewmt and agrw .. followl;


Book5057/Page1683 CFN#2008065290 Page 1 of 11

· ..• ' ••: . ,~ : •..••.~ .. _...=..-.!.=-,.: ,..•' _ _ - .•.•.- •••..• "-'" ­

1. Pay~eat or PrJndpaJ and lriteri~t. '. Borrower 8ha1l pay when due the priacipal of; and inaeJat on. tho debt evidenced by
the Second Note. .

2. P."mat or Property Charges. Bonower s&all pay aU property dJarBes consisting of blxes, JI'OUIId rcuts 1Iood lind hazard
insuraace ~:and special ~~~~ in a timely ~•.. aDd IJIaIl provide evidence of paymcDC ~ Leodcrt ui1Iess
Leoder pays pro~ chargea by ~~~ding fimds _ montbJ.y p&ymeJltl duo to thB ~r or by charJinc sucb paymcatl
to • 1h1e of credit as provided for in' ~ Loan Agreemc:ut. Leuder may require BomJwer to pay tpeOified property gbmps
directly to tJ1e patty owed payment ~·though Leodu pay. oCher property cbaraca u provided in dIis Parapaph.

i·· 3. Fire, Flood Bnd, OtIaer,1IazanI laiuraace. Borrower' ahall Juuq aU improvemcnll on the Property, whether now in
I existence or,sublcquendy;erec~ ai9~~ any ~ casualties, and ~ ~cludiDa fire. This ioaurance aball be
maintained in the amoUDts. to the cx~t and Cor 1he periods NqUired by Lender. BoD'Owel'shall also.iDsure aU improvomeDts on
the ProPerl¥. whether now in exiateDce· or 8UbIequently eredl:d, apioIt loa by floods to the ~Ialt ~ by Louder. The
insurance,policies and any reoewala·1haU be held by Leader and sbaIl taelude loss pa~.blo clauses in filvor of; and in a tbnn
aCGCptable to. Lender.

In rho ,,,eaC ofl~ 'Borrower shall gi\le LeAder immediate noli~c by maiL LeDdct may make proof of 1011 if IlOI made promptly
by Bonower. Bach iDsu.ruca company coaccmed Js hcm:by authorized sad dirtc:tcd to makD paymeat for suob lOB8 to Louder.
instead of CD Boaowcr and Lender joirJiy. IDaurlnce proceeds shaD be applied to restoration or repair of the damaged Property,
if the mtoratiOD or repair is teaslb1e IDd Leuder'1 ~ is nol lessened. )f tho n=storatiOD or repair Is not
economically feaaible or Lender's ~~ty would be lessened, the IaauraDce prvceeda Iba1l be applied first to dlo reduction of lDy
indeb&edDess under the Second Note (lid this Security IosINmtrll ATI1 excca iDsuraDce proooeda over 80 amount ,requftd to
pay an OUI8t8adiag iDdebtednesI undet Scccmd Note BOd thiI Securily talll'umentlhall be paid ro the endty legally emitled

In the ~t offoreclosure of this SeeJiity Instrument or other traDlfer of titlo to the Prop~ thai ClXtJuauishea tho iadobtedneas.
all right, title 8Ild inteRst ofBorrowCt ~,ad to 1aIUIIDCe polklOi in tome ahall pUI to tbe"pun:ba8cr.

BotrOwer Ihl1l occuPY. establilb, IIld It.

4. OexaplUC" Pmenado... MIIln(~n8Dce ad ProteetiOD of the Pro,eIiJi Born"'.... Loaa AppllcatloD; LealeJlold..
the PIvpeIt.y as Bonuwcn priuoipal resicbmcc after 1110 oxecaticn of this security
Instrument and Borrower (or at leat dilo :Bouower. if iDitfally IDOJe thlD OliO penon are BOrrowcm) and shall continue to occupy
tho Propcny as Bonuwer's prinCiPal ~deDco, for Iho teml oftho Securi1¥ iulnnnent. apfmciPa! rafdeDeet' ahaU bave the same
meaniDg u in the Loan ~t ~~~.

BOmJwer' shall Dot commit waste or dUcIoy, dama8e or I\lbatmdally cbanp the Propedy or aROYl die Pmperl)' to deteriorate.
reasouable wear and tear excepted. Bomnver MaJJ also be. in ~ if BonOwer, duriDg the Ioeo application procass. gavc
.materially &Jse or inaccurate Informa~n or statmn~, ~·Lender,.(or fiilcd to pmvfdo Louder with any material fnformadon) in
CODDOCtion with th' Loan evideaced bY the Note, tncludliig. but ~ limited to. npreseoladoDS couceraiua Bonower'1 occupaacy
of the Propcny as a pli.ncipal ~ .If thb SOeurity ImtnuncDt iI on a 1eaachoJd, BonowCl abaJJ comply with dJo provisioDs
ofthc lcaso. If Borrower acqufrc& fee tide' to ~ Property. the leuebold aod teo tide shall not be merged unJeas Lender agn:es to
mq~m~q .
S. ChaJ'la to BoJT01ftr and Pn~1l 01 Le.der'. IUglatt In tile Pro~. Bcmower ahaU pay au govemmeDJal or
municipal charges, fiDes and irnpoIit1oni"that 11'0 DOt inotuded In PaJ1l8l8Ph·2. Bonower .ball pay theIo obtigadons on time
dUecdy to the eatity which is awed the paymeu.t. Iffililure to pay wouId advcneJy atrec:t Laader's iImeIt in tho Property, upon
Lender's request Bonower shall promptly lUmish to LeDdet teeeipCI evidenciog Chese p8ymeat& Barmwer maD promptly
discharge aDy lien which bas priority oVer Ibis Security InlbUmcut ba the IDIDIIet prcMdecI,1D Patapapb 12(c}.

If Borrower fki1s 10 make meso

paymentl ~ 1he property cbarpI Jequh1:d by Paragraph' 2. or fails to· porfbrm 10)' otbc;r
COven8nu and IgRemeDIs conIaioed iDa fbfJ Seeurity 1Dstmmalt, or then • a lepl proceediDS that may aigaifioandy affec:t
Lerufeta rights in Che Property (sueb lIS 4 proceeding iD bankruPtcy, for coademnation or to enforce laws or nsguladona). then
Lender may do and pay whatever is,~~ to protect the vaJae oftbo PJvperty IUd Leader. rl&h1B III the Property, iDoludJbg


,.. ~f 71},,JI.


Book5057/Page1684 CFN#2008065290 Page 2 of 11

. .•.:-- ..
~ _
.. '- .. ~- .' .

pa~ent of taxcs, hamrd insUrance and other ileDU mentioned in Paragraph 2.

To protect Lendar's" ~ty in tho ProPerty, Lender sball advamce aad chqe to BOlTOWer all amoun18 due to the Secretary for
the Mortgage Iastnnco Premium ~., • defined ia the LoaD Agreement .. well as all 8UD1I due CO' the loan servicer for
servicing adivities ("Servicillg Foe1l) u dermed in the Loaa AgreemeaI. kay amoUlltJ disbursed by Leader under IbiI Paragraph
are obligafoty and sball become 811 additional debt ofBonowar u provided for to the Loan Asrcement and shall be secured by
IhU SOC1aity lasbumGl1L

6. lapeCUOD. Leader or itB agent may eater em, iDspect or make epprafsaJa of the Property in • reelGlJ8blo manner and at
reuoDable ~ pmridod dust Leader .ball give die Bonower DOtic:u prior to any inspection or appraisal specit)ring a purpose
for the inspection or appraisal which must be JUDd to Lender- fnterat in 1110 Property. Utllo Ptopen, is vacant or ablrJdoncd
or the loan is in default, Lendot may take ftJI.ICm8b1o dOD to protect aDd preserve such vacant or abandoned Properly without
DOUce to the Bonvwer.

7. CondemD~tiolL '!be procoecls of any aWan! or daim for cIaDIap, dlreot or cemsequaltial. ia amnccI10D with any
coademoatiOD or other taIdDg or my part of the PJOperty. or for COIMIY8IICO ill plac:e of condenma1ioD, .ball be paid to Lender.
The proccoda sIJaIl bo applied tim to tho reduction of my iDdobtedaca UDder a Second NoID and Second ~ fnstrucnent
held by the secncary to tho Property, and tIleD to tho Jeduction of the iadebtedoeslllDder the Note and Ibis ~ tDssnuucnl
AJJy GcesI PJ'*Cds owr an uaouat rcciuirccl to pay alI outatIDdJDI iDdebr.allleas UDder tho N9te aad this Securily Instrument
shall be paid 10 tho entity legally aititled thereto.

a. Fea. Lender may collect fees and ;haq0l authorized by tho Secretaly.

,. Grounds for Aceeleradaa ofDebt.

<a> Due aad Payable. LeDder may IeCJUin' hmm:dia~ payment in fW1 of aJllUDLS scoured by this Security Instrumcat If:
(i) A Borrower cHca 8llc11bo Propc:rty 1I1lO1 the PrindpaJ le8idmec ofat [oat one 8UtVMDg Boaower; or

(ii) AU of I Bo.aoweta title in dlo Property (or his or her b8DOficfa1 iDteIUt in a tru8t 0WDIna all or part 1110 or
lwehold UDder I for Dot less dum 99 )'eatS whicb is ftIleWIlble or a leesebe.
Property) is sold or odtetWile trIII1IG:Md ID. no odI« Domnwr mains (a) dtlo 10 abe Property in fee simplo. (b) a
lease alllDliJiag period ofnot
less dum SO yell'l beYond tho data of the 100th birtbday of the youqest Borrower, or (0) a life es1aIe In Ibc
Property Cor a beneficial inIerut in • tIU8t with such Ib in_ in dao Proporty).

(iii) no Property ceases to be tbc prkJofpai residcace of. Boimwer for RtISOJ1S ok dJan death IDd tbe Propa1y is
DOt die pnncipall'Clidence of•• least one other Borrower; or

(iv) Por a period of longer tbaa twelve (12) consecutive moatIIJ. a Bortowor faDs to ph)Cally occupy the PropClJlY
becaulo ofphyaical or mental lf1Deu aDd the ~ it not tho pIiDcipal residence of at lcaat ODe other Borrower;
or . .I t
. \:'w

(v) An obligation of Ihe Borrower uncler this Security 1IIIirument fa Dot per,formed.

(b) Nodce to Leader. Boaowcr aha11 DO~ die LeDdc:c whr.aever my of the oYeDts lilted in Puapaph 9Ca)(d)-(v) 0CCUt.

(c) Notice te Borrower. Lender sban DO~ lJonowat whenever the 10m beeomes duo and payable uoder Puqrapb 9(a)(U)­
(v). Leader.balI not have the ript to comm=ee foreclose until Boaower 1lIII had thirty (30) da)'l after DOUce Eo eitber:
(i) Correct the matter which resulted ill the Security Iastrumeat comio.a due aDd payable; or

Cu) Pay the balance in full; or

(iii) sell the Property for the lesser orthe ba!BDce or 9S% of the appraised value and apply Ibe oet proceeds oCtile sale
toward tho balancc; or

(tv) Provide the Lender with a deed iD. lieu offoreclosuro"

fcd f/,?J; · jJ.

Book5057/Page1685 CFN#2008065290 Page 3 of 11
.......-.. ::..•.... ",. -' : ..:.

(4) Trusts. COJIVeyan~ ore Bonv,vetS interest in the Property to a trust which meets the requJn:mema aftho Secmmy, or
~ey8Dce. of a b'uBt'1 inte~ ita tho Pmperty to a Borrower, shall not be CODSidered a CODveyaDce tor purposes of this
Paragraph 9. Atrust shall not be consfd~ aD occupant or bo consldaed II baviag a principal resideaco for purposes of this

10. No Dd1eleney Judgmentl. Borrower shalf have DO paraoualliabiU17 for p.yment of tile debt IDCUrCd by tbis Security
Instrumenl Lender may enfbfIe the debt OIIIy tbrougb ale ofdie Propaty. Lader sba1l. DOt be peanitted to obtain a dcticJ.ency
judgment apinst Borrower Iftbe SCQUity IDstmmant is fbrecloaed.

11. Reinstatement. BOl1'Ower bas a .right to be rehutalecl ifLenda' hI! required immediato payment in fUlL This right applies
even after forecl08um proceedings are instituted. To "'iDItaIe dJiI Security lDstmmeat, Bouower sbal1 correct the conditioD
which reawn,d in the requirement for ilnmtdiate payment in:fWL Foredolure COIt8 and lCISonable aDd customary attomeya' fees
and CXJ2enses properly associatM witb a fcnclosare procoediDg aba1l be lidded to the principal balauce. Upon reiDslatement by
Borrower, this Security IDatnament and th~ obUptioas that it secures sbaII Rm&i1 in effect as if Lcuder lIad DOt mquired
inunediate paymool ill fWL HOweYtr. Lender is not zequinx1 to permit ~ant If (i) Lender baa accepted reiDatalement
after the commencemcot of foreelO8UfC. proetedinp witbiD two (2) )'WI Jmmediately proceediDg the COIIDD8uccment or a
cutreDt fo=1osuro proceeding, (ill rebtCemmr wilf precblc inc108um on di1rcreDt JIUUIldi in the ~ or (di)
mostatement will adveDely affi:ce the priority ofthe Security InsEn1mellt.

1%.. Second Lien Status

(I) ModiftcatloJl- Bonowar ~·Io oxtend Ibis SOGUrity IDstrumsIt In accordaDce with tbia Paragraph 12(&). IfLeDdec
determines tbac tho original1ien .tus of the Security IDBUument is jeopardized \Q1dcr sta~ law (mcludiag but not limited to
situatiODS ·where the IIIIOUIIt secured by Che Security 1nICnJmad equals or exceeds the maximum prillGipai amounlltatod or
the maximum pariod under whim 10m advauces retaiD the lime lim priority iajtiaDy granted 1o·1oaD advances has expired)
and state law pettDits the oriJinallieD 8CBtUI to be mainlained 1br fbluJe loan advances Ibrougti tile execution and reconladon
of ono or mole documents, men Leoder sbaIl obtain title evidence at BoIrowefs..,1I1I8. ltd» tid6 evfdeace indicates that
the Property is DOt encumbered by any DeDI (eKCept the Pint Security 1JastnImeat deIoribcd iq Puagraph 13(8), this Seccad
Security Iastmment and 10)' subordinate Rca that the LeDder deCmmfDes wiD also be subordiDatD 1Q any tu1UrD loan
advaDCCS). Leader shall request the BOtrOWcr to execule such doeuaumtl. If atIte taw do. not permit the onPW 11. status
to be ateu.dcd to 1bIuJe loan advances, Borrower wiD be deemed to haw failed to have perfonned an obDptiou under thil
Security Insll1lmeut. .

(b) Tu Deferral PnenDlS. 80rJvwer shall DOt padlcipate in 8 real CICde tax defeIral program, if any 1imIa crcaIed by Ihe
tax deferral aro not subotdinate to Ibis Scwri1y IDsIIUmeIIt.

(c) PrIor Lte.n.. Bcmower sba11 promptly dilcharp any Dca whidl bu¥ over this SecUrity IDatrumtDC uuloss
Bozrower: (8) apes in writing to lhc payDlCIIIt of the obliptioa seemed by the Iica in a JJJ8IIIIeC acceptablo to Lenclor; (b)
COllle$tl ill load faidJ the lien by, or defcuds"-t ~ of tho IieIl fa. Iepl proooediap wbJcb fa Ihe 1.eDdcn
opiniol1 operue to prevent tho of tII'ltm or'rorf~tun, of Iny part oftho Property; or (c) IeoureI &om the hoidar'
of the lien aD apeement ntisfaetory to LcDk:r 1UbcmJiDaling. tho Bca 10 aU amo1ZDII secund by Ibis Security JDIdnUnalt. If
Lender clete:rmiDes that any pan or Ifle Property is subject to alien which may aaam priority over Ibis Security InatnJmenC,
Lender may pvc Bonowe.r a DOti~ ~g die lien. Bouower abaII aatiafy the lien or take OM 01' mo~ ottbe actions act
forth above within ten (10) days of-lac sfviDI·ofDOtice.
13. RelaUoalhlp. to I1nt security iutruaae& .
C.> Secoad SecaI'Ity Iastrumeut. In 0RI0t to .ewte paymontB whfah the Secrctmy may make to or on behalf ofBorrowcr
purs~t 10 Sectioll2S5(i)(1)(A) ottbe Natioaal HousiDg Agt IUd the Loen Agrccimeat. the Secretary ba required BoDOwer
to execute a Seoond Note BDd Chis SCcoDd Security 1DI~ Bonower has aJso executed a Pint Note and Fi.llt Sccuri1y
(b) aelaCloDShlp 01 J1nt mad secftd~ty laltnulleatl. PaymanII-lhado by abe SccreI8IY iban Dot be iao1uded in the
debt under tho Fint Note ualess:
(i) no Fhat Security Instrument fa usipcd to the Secretary; or
(iil The S~ accepts re'.mbuacment by tho holder ofth:e FhltNom Cor aU payments made by the Secretary.


Book5057/Page1686' CFN#2008065290· Page 4 of 11

...:::.;.._.._ _ ._ _ •_ _ ••. :....~_ ••. :_=-:._ ..:: __.... , '" : .. _•...• :._ ... __ "...."'\ __ ._ ._\' •.••._ ......
a . . . .• • ":.:.:._-=~;
..' :.' ,'_.' ;';' .. _-_._".': -".:;' / .

If tho ~ircwnBtances d~jbed in (i) or (u) occur, the2l all payments by the Socrebuy, mcWdiDg interest OD the payJDenls but
excluding latu c&araea pald by the S~J than be included in the dClbt und« tho Firat Note. '

(e) Effect OD Borrower, Where 1hero i',rio assJgDmeDt or reimbunement 88 clesafbcd in (b)(i) or (U) and the Secretluy makes
paymeurs to Borrower, then BOIrOwer fha1lllOt: .

(i) Bo required to pay amOums owed UDder the F"1l1Jt Note, or pay any nmtIlDd reveuues of the Property 11IIder
Pmgraph 19 ro tho holder or the FJIIt NolO or a receiver of Ihe Property. until the Secretary .... requked payment
in fillJ of aU oulJlaDdiD,principal ad acemed mterest UDder Ibe 8econd Note; at

(li) Bo obligated to pay Interest or shared appreciation UDd« the Pint Note at any tUne. whether accrued beCore or
after tho payments by the Secrotuy. md wh01her or not accnzed interest lw been inoluded in the pri.Dcipal bafanco
under the Y'U'St Note.

(d) No Duty 01 the Secretal7- Tho S~ has DO duty to the holder oftbc altho First NOlO 10 eoforce covenants oltbe
Seeoud SecuriCy InstnuDalt or ~ ta.1ce·aetioos JD pzeserve the valuo ol1be Property, even though 1be holder of tho Fait Noto
may be unable to a»llect amounts ~'ed under the Fiht Note baoause ofrestric:tiODS in this P8I8p'8Pb 13.

(e) ReltrletloaJOR Earorcaueat Notwithstanding my1hJng else in chis Security Instnuneot, abe Borrower shall not be
obJigacm to comply wich tbe covenaall hereof; and Pampph 19 IhaJl havo DO throe ud effect. wbeDever there iI no
oUlBfandiag ba~8DCC wulet tho Second No~

14. Forbeannce b)' Lender Nol a Waiver. Any CorbearaDce by Lender in ClerciJiaa any ript or muedy abaJ1 DOt be. waiver
ofor precJudo the exercise of any dght or ~y.

15. Successor. ad Aalgal BouDd; JolDt and SmraI LlabiDty. Borrower may not assign any rigbD or obl1gatjoos under
this Seourity IDstrumeot or UDder tho Sccoad No.. cacept 10 • tnut that meats Ibo reqairemonta of the SecrctBry. Boncwetl
C()VID8Ids and 8J[CCl111eDIB 8baU bo joint ud acwraJ.

16. Notices. AJJy nolice to ~orrower provided for in tbiI Sewrity IastrumenlIhaD bo givCD by doIm:riD& it or by maiJiDs it by
first class mail unless appUcablo law Rquita use at uother motbo<L The notice abaU be directed to .tho Property Address or auy
odler addresl 111 Borroweil jointly deaiinate. AIry Dotice co th" SecreIaiy Iba1l be giwu by thsr class mail to lbo BUD fiold
Office with jwisdicdcn Ova' the Property or my other addreaa designated by the Secreta1y. Any nodco provided for in Ibis
Secwity IasbUmem sball be deemed to have becm p,.
Eo Borrower or Lf.Ddcs"whGD giva;laa provided in thi! PaJasmpb J6.

J1. GoverofD, Law; SeverabIlity, ~'Sccurily laBbUme.nllhaU be govaned by Focferallaw and the Jaw ofthejurildictfOll ill

which the Property ia localld. ID Ibe cV~t that aay proris_ .~ clause ofthis Security IDsirmnenI or tho Sceond Nate coDftJctl

with appUcable law, such CODfllct .hall not affect a1bet provlslOJiI.. of this S~ IastrumeDt or the Scooacl Hole wbicIJ CIUI be

given effect without the conflicting pnMsion. To this .ij die proVisiCJIII of d1ls Security lDstIumeDt and the Second Note are

declared 10 be ,everable. .

18. Borrower', Copy- Borrower ahalJ bo given ODD coDfonned copy of the 5ec:oAd Note and dUB Seeurity IIUUIUlDODt

NON-UNIFORM COVENANTS. Bottowcr IDdlel1der t\u1bet covesant wi apee u follows:

19. AsligIllDIIlt of RenI8. Borrower 1UlC01IdidoaaUy aseipa and 1raDJ{8l'8 to Lender aU the _ .d nweaues ollhe Property.
Bonowcr authorizes LcDdcr ~ Lendcr'8 aputs to collect the rcata and rovenues aad baeby dlroetI each tcruot ottbo Property to
pay tho ICDts ~o Lender or Lender's asemi. Ho'WCYeI', plior to Lendcr'. Notico to Bonowor or BOJI'Owa'a bNacb ot 8 ' covcnaDt
or agreement in the Security Inatrmneftt. Boaower abaJl collect aDd Reom, a1Il'11ds 8Dd NVCOUOS of the Propa1¥ II trusteO for
the benefit of Leader and Borrowor. This aaigmncnt rents constilUla aD absolute uaiglimea.r and DOt an asBigomcot for
additional ,eewity only.

Book5057/Page1687 CFN#2008065290 Page 5 of 11

.. : ~ .: .:._.: . '.~ .­

4 If 4nder gives notice of breiu:h to Bonower: (8) an R:Ilta rcceiwd by Borrower shall be held by Bonuwer as trustoe for benefit
ofLcnder ontr. to be applied to tile 8DIDS secured by this 8eourity InstIumem; (b) Leoda' IhalI be entitled to colloet and l'OCeivo
aU of the renlJ oftbe Property; and (e) f1Bch tenant ollbo Proparty thall pay all ta1I8 due and tmpaid to Lender' or Leader's agent
on Le.ndcta wrinon domaDd to tho tDDant

Borrower has Dol executed any prior easlgnmcnt of the lalla IUd has Dot and wiU not pcrfoJm any act Ihat would pJeYeDt Lender
tiom ~crcising it! righes UDder this Paragraph 19, Clccpt II provided ill 1he First Security IuCnuncDl

Lender sbaU DOt be required CO entar upo~ tab control of or maiDtaJn the P:ropcJty bef'ore or after givml DOdce of breach to
Bonower. HOWDVCfI Lender or • jud1~y appointed I1CCivcir'may do 80 at Ill)' tiDm there ia I broach. /uJy application ofrentl
shaD not cure or waive any default or invalidate any other rfaht or remedy of Lender. This aaIpmeat ofRJltS of the Property
shall tenninato when the debt sccnuod by thl& Sceurily lusCnmleDt is pald in 1bI1.

20. Foredosure Proeedure. IfLendel" requlra immediate pqmeat III fall under .aralraph " Leader,lDa, foreclose thia
Security IOltrGlBent by JudJdaJ proceeding_ Leader IJuID be edOed to coiled aD upenlel JaetoTed III Punutnl tile
remedies provided Ia dais Pangrapb 20, bldudln., lJ.t DOl UJDlted to, raaoaable aItoml1.1 fees IDd colts or tltl.

2J. IJtn Priority. Tho fiaUamouut sewred by this Security lDstrumeat .bIll haw a Den priority aubonJiaaee oaly to the ftdl
amount secun:d by the PiDt Security lutIumeol

n. Adjustable Rate Jleature. Under.the Note. the fDitfaI 'blted iDteR:st rate ofTJaree ad '''100 pacem (3.660%) 'Which
~es on tho uopaid principII balance {uTDitiai InCDmt Rate-? is subject to ch80geJ 81 deacn"ed below. When the interest tate
changes, the new actIusted intaat rate Will be appUed to the fQtal ouestaadiDg priacipaI beIaoce. Bach Idj1l8bDellt to 1he inea.t

("Indcx")plus a Ill"
rate will be bued upon tho weekly average yield em lJDited States "Inasmy Securid. adjulted to 8 CODSbUIllJl8QJrity ofone year
TIle lDda Js published In the Pcdaa1 Reaervo Bulletin IUd made awilable by tile UDiIecl scacaa Treasury
Department io Statistical Release H.IS(~l9}c If tho Iaax 11 DO longer avaifable. Leader wiD be ~ CD use .y to.
prescribed by the DeparbneDt of Housing and Urban Developtnellt 'Ibo IUJW IDdex will have • bistDriclJ DlDvement
substantiaUy similar to the origiual iDdt«, and tho new iDda and margi!l will RIIUIt in III annual pen:eDtap me that is
substantially similar to che rate iD effect at dle time tho index becom. unavailable.

Lender will per1bnn the calculations dosenoed bolow to decenuiDe the 11ft' adjusted intel'elt rate. Tho interest rate may change

on SepteadJer 1, 2008, and on the first day of _ aDd on dill day of eadt u:ceeding year, or --X.... the tint day of each

succeecUq month (CbIllP Date) unlil tho loan is repaid ia iuD.

Tho value of tho Ind«c will be derennined, using die DJOItrecent1Ddcct figuro available thirty (30) daya bo1bro the Camp Date
("Cuneo! Index R). Before each Change Date, Ibe'new interest.rato will be caJ~ 'by addina a margin to the Cumat Index.
The BUIll of the margin plus tbe Cumnt lade. wID be called tho. uCalculaCed Intarat RateR for each Clange Dale. The
Calculated IDterest Rate wU1 be compared to the in~ rate m . .cffecl immediately prior to the cuneat Change Dare (the
-misting In.erest Rate). .,. ..

Alana'" AdJUltiDl V.,.Jable RaR J'utllr.· The iDtercat nte will DOVer inorease or decrease by more
than two pen:cDtase pplnta (2.0%) em aay lingle Change nat8. The mtl!:rest rate wfU never· be more thaD
five percentage points (S.G-h) hJaber or lower thim the fDfdII iaterast rate stated in Paograph 2 of this

~ MOiltJaly Adjusting Variable Baja feature • The CaJcuIated Inteteat Rate will Dever 1acr80 abovo

The ~d81cd Interest Rate wiD ba acti.usted ifaeceasary 10 oompJy with the rete limitation(s) dcscdbed above IUd wID be in
effect until lIle next CbaDge Dete. At any ch.... _ if the Calculated Interest Rate eq~ .the BxfstiDg Interest Rata. Cbo
intorest rate will Dot chanp.


Book5057/Page1688 CFN#2008065290 Page 6 of 11

"-', - .....

23: JleJ- Upon PaYment of all sums secured by tlris Security Instrument, Lender shaD release this Security Instnunent
• With~ charge to BOlTOWer. Borrower shaD pay any recordation costs.

24. AttorDt)'I' Fees. As used in thfs Security Instrument and the ~~ "attorneytf fees" shall include any attomcyJ' fi:cs
awarded by an appellate court.

25. RIder. to this Security JnatrDmeut. If one « more ridal are executed by Bonower and teCORfod together with this
Security lnstnm1cnt, the covenants and .~eots of each such rider .ball be inCOl'p(X1lcad into uxI shaJ1 .memtand supplement
the covenants and agreements ot this Security Ins1nlment as if tile rlder(a) were • part of this Security Instrumatt. [Check aU
riders that are applicable].





a~ before me IbiI F?1I clay 01

The 1bregoin. inslrumeDtwu

::r"Je dtl'4 .by Petldope M. GU1eIple lid Peaelope M. GlDespie. Trustee, 'Mark GIllespie. Trus~
NeD J. Gmcsplt. Trustee. who is peaona!ly known to me; whO ~ produced
• ":'-> ..

d:n~~:z4'J~I&I:!!.~~W~~~/~~~~~K;.I::~=--_:----·"·-~·' _u·.identification and who did (did not) take an oeth.

~ Notary Publlc


P~1 ~.

Book5057/Page1689 CFN#2008065290 Page 7 of 11

~ .­

~ If 4nder gives notice of ~ to Borrower: (a) iU rents receiYCd by .Borrower Bha1I bo held by Bonower as txuatoe Cor benefit
ofLender only, to be appUed to the sams secured by this Security IDstrumeaI; (b) Leada' shall be catiUed to collcct and 1"CC'eivo
aU oftbe rents of the Property; and ee) each tenant alibI' Propany IhaU pay .11 rcnI8 due and uupajd to ~ or Lwlor'8 agent
on Lendatl written demand to tho tmumt

Bonower has nol oxe~ my prior as1gmncat of1hc reula and has Jlot IDd win not pcrfonn Ill)' act that would prevent Lender
from exercising ita rlghta UDder thia Paragraph 19, Clccpt II provided ill 1he Pint Security IulnJmeDl

Lender shaD DOt be required CO GdI:t ~ take control of or mabl1liD tho Property before or afier givlag aotice of blaCh to
Bonowct, Howovcr. Lender or. judicially appoiDted receiver may do 10 at any tbne there iI • breach. Arry appliQtion of renrs
.hall not cure or waive any default or invalidate IDy other riaht or remedy ofLeador. This aaalBJ]D18nt of nmll ot the Property
shaJ1 terminate wham the debt sooured by thi8 Security Instrummd is paid in llill.

20. Poredosort Procedure. U Lender reqlIIra immediate paJIDeDt ~ full under Paragrapll " Leader ,may foreclose thia
Security Instrument by judlcl1l1 pruceedhll. bader aIudI be eatltled to coloct all Gpuaa lneurred In panlllng tile
remecUes pnnrlded la dais Paragrapll 20. IndUdiDg, bat nOC limited to, l'eIIOaable attorneys' fees lad colts of title

2J. !Jen Priority. The faD amouot seand by Ibis Security IDatrumcot ahaI1 avo a Hen pdority subodoate only to tho ftdJ
amount secured by the PiJJC Security IDItrumenL

12. Adjustable Rate Peatare. Undei .the Note. the iDicia1 stated interesC rate of TJaree ad G6I100 percent (3.6W,4) which
8CCnJe8 OD tho unpaid principal baJaDce ("TJUtiaI JDtarest Rate") Is IUbject to c~ u desclibed below, WheD 1110 iDtcrelt rate
Ghang8s. the Dew adjusted interest mre ~ be applied to the totaloutalladiaa principal baJance. Each adjuatmeDt to the' interest
tate wiD be based upon d1c weeki)' ."erap yield on United StItes Tteasury SocuridOll Mijultcd to a CODSbUIt maturity ofone year
l'Indcx")pJus a margin. The Iadex is published ill the Federal Reserve Bulletin and made available by ~ U.aited Staces TRIIUI'y
Depattmeot ill Slatistical Rcleaso H.JS(Sl9). If the Iadex is DO loDger available, Leader win be n=quinMI to UIe IJIY iada.
pracribed by the Department of Housiq aDd Urban Developm_ The 1l8W index will have a bistorio81 movement
substandal1y similar to the origiDal index, and the new Index and margin will MIU1t In an 8DDU8l percentage rate that is
substantially limJI8I' to the rate fa efrect at the time tho originallDdex becotDel unavailablo.

Lender will perform the ~ dcsen'bed below to doIetmiDa the DOW adjusted iDta'est ate.. The laterest rate may cbanp
on September 1, 2088, IUd on the tint day of _ and aD Ibat day of each aucecedJng year, or --X..- tho first day ofeach
succeediD. month (Chmgo Date) until the loan is repaid In tulle

The value ofthe Indel will be detenniaed, using the D1DIt rcceut 1Ddax figuR= available thirty (30) days before 1bo Olan. Date
C'CuaenllDdexl ?- Before each Cbange Date, tho'DOW iDterell rate wiD be ~ -by adding a mmgIn to the CumDt Index.
The sum of the margin plus tho CUmat IDdex wiD be caUed the. "Calculated Interest Rate" tor each Chaop Date. The
CalcuJated Interest Rate wUl be compamd 10 the in~t rat8 ·In,~efrect immediatoly prior to tho cunont Chaop Date (the
IfExistiDg Interest Rate). ..

AnnuaDr AdJatilil Variable Rate Feature -Tho inten:It. rate wm Dever inorease or decrease by more
than two pen:eDIRBe ~lnta (2.0%) ou any aJnale Change Dale. The iDteftIt rate will never be more dum
five perceDtap l'Oiatl (S.O%) higher or lower IbiD abe inftiaI iaterat lite lilted in Pangraph 2 of this

Montl1ly AdJusdag Variable Rate Feature • 1be CI1co1ated 1Dtere8t Rate will Dever iDcaase abovo

The CalcuWed Interest Rate will bo a4f~ ifoece&UJ)' to comply with the rate Ibnltadon(8) dcscrlbcd above and will bo ill
effect until1he next ChaDg8 Date. At any ohaago dale. if the Calculated Interest Rate equals .tho Bxistin& Inlerat Rata. tIla
intorest rate will DOt cbange.

Book5057/Page1688 CFN#200B065290 Page 6 of 11

.. ';'" - ~, .. .:... .. ---_.~ . . ' : ­ ~._"." _0 ' •• _._ , • ./ _.. _ _ ••• '_._ _ _

'li.;Rolease. Upon paYment of all sums aecured by t'his Seourlty Instnuneot; Lender ahall Rlease this Security Instnlmcnl
, With~t charge to Barrower. tJorrowc:r shall pay any recordation costs.

24. Attorneys' Fees. As used jn IhiI Security !nstnwent and 1M ~o~ -attorneysl fees" .hall mcJudc any attomeys' lees
aW8tded by an appellate court

2S. Riders to Chis Security Instrumel!t. If one or ~ ridtn IJ'e executed by liJomiWa' and teCOIded· together with this
Security Instrument. the covenants and qreemeota of eadJ BUd1 rider aball be incorporaced into end shall.mend and supplement
the covenants and agreements ot thiI Security InItntment as if the rider(s) wme a part oftbts Security 1n1tTUlnant. [Check all
riders that are applicable).

----f-,fn. .h--.:~7-·pprec!..;....;ium---~--·~-er-RidGr-------tI-x---(--=. . . . .Rider----------­

. .





Name: RlCHAfIl T._
_- - - _ - - . .


Book5057/Page1689 CFN#200B065290 Page 7 of 11

;" ........•.iI\.: ...... :... :.­

23. Release. Upon payment of all· sums secured by this Security Instrument, Lender shall release this Security Instrument
without charge to Borrower. Bonower shall pay any recordation costs.

14. Attorneys' Fees. As used in this Secmity Inslrument and the Note, "attorneys' fees'. shan include any attorneys· fees
awarded by an appellate ~.

15. RIders to tbls Security IDllrumellt. If one or more riders are executed by Borrower and recorded together with this
Security Ins1rument, -the covenants and agreements ofeach sll~h rider shall be incorporated into and shall amend and supplement
the covenants and agreements of this Security Instrument as if the rider(s) were a part of this Security hutrument. (Check all
riders that arc applicable].

ICondominium Rider
Shared Appreciation Rider
. I:Ridcr
BY SIGNING BELOW, Borrower accepts and agrees to the tams and covenants contained in this Security Instrument and in
'any rider(s) executed wer an~ lied with it.





STATEO~~~5 (fI.~l1l) ~ COUNTYo,+$IfftfB(/

Tho foregoing instnJment was acknowledged before me this s: day o.f J U IIe ::ttJ()tf'
P~DelOpe M. GUi~Ie'~~ ·Pe.dope M. GllIesple. Trust4rk-~:"'m-elP-I-e,-T-ru-~
Nell J. GDlaple,
Tnll! • by
who is personally known to me; who has produced ­
C[)p ~Vt CIS LJ 1(O.et2 s~ as iden4:if'ication 8Ild who did (did not) take an oath.

:::I1~~k --YVZ.Y~ ~

'tit -4~~t

P/Jb-7d5~ m/~r

Pop 7

Book5057/Page1690 CFN#2008065290 Page 8 of 11

•• ,'_1 •• to_o _ . : • • • • • ,._ :_, -; , ."'.:' ._ •• ,"' :

, ,

BxhibiC A to tho Mortaas0 given on Jane O!. 2008, by Penelope M. Gmuple, NeG 1. GDlesple aad Mark GJDesple, u Co­
Trulteea of Tho Gillespie JlamDy Uvlul 'rrGIt Acreemenl dated Pebraary 10, :19,., ("Borrowos-) to tho Seortrary of
Boutin, aud 0. . DevelopJant, and whole address fa 4~1 Seventh Street. S.W.. Wallington. D.C. 20410, (''Leu~ or
"Secretuy"). nc Property fa located In tho c:ounty otMulon. sllto ofn,. dacn'bed IS foJ1oWl:

Dcse.ripdoa ofProperty

Legal Doscripdon attached hereto as -&hibit A' IDd by thil refacnce made a put h~£
• • w_
--- -- -~._-.-------- - -----

.':'0 ....
I.·• •


Book5057/Page1691 CFN#2008065290 Page 9 of 11

...... J ._

FHA Case Numlier: 091-440.57411952-155 Loan Number: 3'100

TInS PLANNED UNIT DBVBLOPMFNr RIDER is made on June 05, 2008, and Is iucotporIlCd into ad shaJ1 be
deemed to amend and supplement !to Mortgage. Deed otTrust or Security Deed (tha -security Jastzumomu or "Second
Security Instrumcut") of the same date &fWD by the undersigned (ClBOD'Owcr-) to sccuro Bmrowefl SocoDd Note to the
Secretary ofHoUBing arxI Urhan Development ~Lendel") oftbo ,ame date 8Dd covering the Propen, desa1Dcd in tho
Security IDstnunent aud lacared at
8092 BW IJ5dl LGop, Ocala, FL ~481

The Property is a part ofa planned unit daveJopmc:nt (POD) .IaIown as:


PUD COVENANTS. III additfob to thee coveaanfl ~ad qrCtlJleaQ aaade In the Security IDItrum_t, BOITOw~r
and Leader furtber covenant and Bcne u roll...:
A. So long IS the ~' Asrodaticm (or cquivaleot cmtity boldlnl title to COIbJnQD .reu aad :&cilidcs., acting u
trustee for d!e hOtDCOWI1Cl'S,' wirb a .enemlly ace_ iDluraDco carrier. a ~r" or "bJankct~
policy iasuriDs tho'pmperty located in tho PUD. bludins an impmvementl now existina or hc:rea1ta' CIlJCted
on tho'mortgaged prem.iscs.1Ild suab policy Js satiafactory to Lcodcr and pro\ridcs in8uraJ1ce oowralO in Chc
amounts. for die periods. and against tile hazarda LcIIder ad the SecrctsIy tt.qUire, iocluding fire and other
bmnis tDcludt:d with1D ~'term lIezteaded coverap," and &au by flood. to tho extent required by the
SecrefllY, dleD: (I) Lender ,t'aJves thIS provtilon in Paraarapb 2 of this Seaurity JnsIrmnttd Cor die paymeut or
the premium for hazard ~ce OD the Property, and (Ii) BonoYiOl'. obliptiOD under P8I1l1J'1ph 3 01 this
· Seasrlty fDstJumem to maintain IuIzard fDsurance on the PmpCE1)i is deemed satisfted to die exfeDt thai die
requind cowngc ia provided by tile Owners' AssociadOD polley. Borrower ahaU give LencJer prompt nodce
ormy IapIO ill reqai.nKl hazad ia8urulec coverage Bad of any rOIl oa:urdu, from I hazard. In dlo event ot.
diSU1lJution ofhuant iDaura.ace praoeeda in Hen ofratDratiOlJ or repairfoUowing a loa to abe Property or to
common areas aDd 1id1itias olthe PUn, aay pxoceeds payabJlS to Boaower ~ hereby asaiped and shaD be
paid to Lander for application to the IUmI secured by this Security IDSlrGmCDt. with any CIXCe8S peJd to the
entity legally eDdtlod Cbereto.

B. Borrower pnxnises to pay 3!1' dues and llleumema Jmposed ~t to the 10111 iDab'umeD18 cradDg IUd
lO~ill8 tho PUD.

C. If Borrower does not pay POD dues and useasmeotB when due. thea Lender may PlY Ihem. Al1y amoun'!
disburaed by Lender UDder ~ paagraph CIhall become additioDa1 debt e:tfBOlTOwet Ie~ by dze Security.
Jnstrament. Unless Bo~ IIld Leada- agree to olber terms ofpayment, these amOUDIS Ihall ball' interest
fi'om tho date ot dilbw$emcnt It 1110 Noto ndo and'~U be payable. with mterat, upGD aodco from LoIldor to
BOII01NI' requosdnJ ~ ," ~"w

BY SIGNING BELOW, Borro\vet acCepts and agrees to tile tem1a ad provilfoDs coataJned fa tbiI PUD Rider.


Book5057/Page1692 CFN#2008065290 Page 10 of 11

1 _ ~'~._.. __. ,.: .'_.'_. ~,; __ , __ ~._. ..:__._ "



FHA Case Number: 091-4405141/952-255 Loan Number: 39100

TIllS PLANNED UNIT DBVELOPMBNT RlDBR is made on Iune OS. 2008, and is incorporated into and shaH be
deemed to amend BOd aupplemi;nt the Mortgage, Deed o(Trust or Security Deed (the "Security lnstrumen~ or ·Second
Security Instrumcut-) of the same date given by tho undersigned C'Borrower} to secure Borrower's S~ond Note to abe
Secretary of Housing and Urbau Development (trteDdertl) of the Same date and coveriDg the Property described in the
Security Instrument and located It:
8091 SW 115th Loop, Ocala, IlL 34481

The Property is a part of a planned unit development (PUD) known as;


POO COVENANTS. In addttloD to thee coyeo••tlaad lareementl 111 the Security IaltruDlCllt, Borrower
aDd Lader turtber covenaat Ind -poet u folio..:
A. So IODg u the Owners' Association (or equivalcut cotity holding tide to C()rnJDQn areu and facilities, acting IS
trustee for the bomeowncn. maintain&. with a generally accepted Uuimmce carrier, a "maatcr" or -'blanket"
policy insuring the property located fD tho POD. including BIJ improvements now existing or hereafter erected
on the mortgaged pn:miacs, and such policy is satisfactory to LeDder and provides insurance coverage in the
amounts. for tb~ periods, aDd apimt the ha2ards Lender IJId the SeCretary requite, including fire and other
hazards included within the term "extended eovaagc," and Iosa by flood, to the extent ~ired by the
Secretaryt then: (i) Lender waivea the proviiioD in Paragraph 2 ot this Security mstrument for tbe payment of
the premium for bazard i;JSUl1U1CC on the Propeny. and (ii) Bonowcr's obligation ullder Parqraph 3 of this
Security lDstrumeut to rnaintaiD hazard insurance on the Propmy iI deemed satilfied to the extmIt that the
required coven., ia provided by the Owners' Association policy. Borrower 'hall give Lender prompt notice
of any lapse in required hazard iDsumnce coverage and of any 10ss occurring from • hazard. In the event of a
distribution of hazard inSUl"lDCe proceeds in lieu ofreatoratioa or mpair following a 1011 to tho Property or to
common areas and ticilities of the '00. any proceeds payable to Bonower arc hereby UlilDcd arid slll.U be
paid to Lender for application to the 8UD18 secured by this Security InJtrwncnt. with any, excess paid to the
entity legally entitled thereto.

B. Borrower promises to pay all dues and assessments imposed pursuant to the lelal instruments creating 8I1d
governing the PUD.

c. If Borrower does dOt pay PUD dues and ~... when due, then Leader may pay them. Any amourJl!
disbursed by Lender under this paragraph ,C shall b~omc additional debt ofBorrower lJCeurad by the Security
Instrument. Unless Borrower and Lender 'igree to o#Jcr. tams or payment, these amountl shall bear interest
ftom the date ofdisburscmeot at the Note 13k: and shall be payable. witb iD~ upon nctice fi'om Lender Ie
BOJTOwer requestiDa payment.

BY SIGNING BELOW. Borrower accepts and agrees to the terms and proviaions contained in dds PUD Rider.

Penelope M. GWaple, Trustee

Mark GIUaple. l ' r w t e e ' . 7

Penelope M. Gnlelple. NEIL J. GIii'ESPJE, TRUSTEE


US Record I ng.

Book5057/Page1693 CFN#200B065290 Page 11 of 11


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