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ADVANCED CASA: 1st Quarter

Week 1 to 3: June 13-28, 2019


 God Made Me  Telling  Parts of the  Colors made  Pagpapakilala  The Earth  Beginning  Vertical
Special Something Body our World Sa Sarili Where We Live Sound Line,Horizontal
About  Eyes Beautiful  Pagiging  What is Earth  Medial Sound Line,Slanting
Oneself  Nose  Shapes All Magalang Made Of?  Final Sound Line and
TOPICS  Using Polite  Ears around US  Mga Pagbati Zigzag Line
Expressions  Curves and
 Writing the
letters A,B,C,D,E
Bring a regular size  Play a game  Let the puipls  Present to  Identify vowel  Let the pupils
mirror to school. Pass the ball. sing the song the sound in the practice
Let them look,  Bring family “Head and students initial position of drawing the
then ask each pictures. Shoulders, the color a word lines on their
child: “Whom do  Ask the Knees and magic  Identify short writing
you see when you pupils on Toes  Bring vowel sound in notebooks and
look into the How to greet  Show the objects –vowel words on the board.
mirror?” (MYSELF) people in the pupils the that has  Identify  Let the pupils
tell the students morning, flash cards of different consonant practice,
that God made afternoon the names of shapes. sound in the demonstrate to
each one of us. and evening the different final position them, first, the
body parts proper way of
holding a
pencil and the
proper posture
when writing.
 Draw curves
and circles on
the board
 Show them
how to draw
curves and
circles on the
 Name objects
that start with
the letters
and Ee.

Week 4 & 5: July 1-12, 2019


 God Gives Us  Naming  Tongue  Comparison  Mga Tunog Sa  The Land and  Building Words  Writing the
Families Persons with  Skin  Position Kapaligiran Water Globe  Phonetic Letters F,G,H,I,J
 God Gives Us the Use of  Growing Up  Mga Bagay na  The Continent Reading  Writing the
Friends Nouns  Needs for Magkatulad Globe  Matching Letters
 Naming Living and  Mga Bagay na Words with CV K,L,M,N,O
Places with Growing Magkaiba Blends  Writing the
the Use of Letters
Noun P,Q,R,S,T
 Show the  Flash  Recite a  Compare  Segment  Show the pupils
children a different tongue twister objects,per individual each strip of
picture of a pictures of then ask the sons, and sounds in paper on which
family. Then ask persons and pupils to animals single-syllable the letters
them to identify places repeat after according words by saying Ff,Gg,Hh,Ii and
REQUIREMENTS each member  Identify the you to size, each sound Jj.
AND of the family. person and  Identify the height and aloud  Name objects
STRATEGIES  Allow the places in foods that Length.  Write letters that start with
children to go each picture. taste sour,  .identify that go with the the letters
around and bitter, and the spoken sound Ff,Gg,Hh,Ii and
shake hands sweet position of Jj.
with one  Sing the song the objects  Name objects
another. of “My Skin” that start with
with the tune the letters Kk, Ll,
of Mm, Nn and Oo
“TwinkleTwinkl  Post on the
e Little Stars” board the strips
 Prepare two of paper on
similar puzzle which the letters
of the human Pp, Qq,Rr, Ss
body and Tt.

Week 6 & 7: July 15-26, 2019


TOPICS  Friends Help  Naming  Ways of  Location  Mga Bagay na  The Continent  Word Search  Writing the
Us Animals with Keeping  Patterns to Magkaugnay Map  Rhyming Letters
 God Gives Us the Use of Oneself follow  Nawawalang  The Seven U,V,W,X,Y,Z
Our Needs Nouns Safe Bahagi Contine nts  Writing words
 Parts of a  Kinalalagyan with the short
Plant ng mga Bagay a sound

REQUIREMENTS  Show children a  Tell if the  Post on the  Give the  Build the words  Name objects
AND pictures of word is a wall some location of easily that start with
STRATEGIES different name of pictures that objects  Recognize and the letters Uu,
helpers in the animal show safety  Complete the enjoy rhymes Vv,Ww,Xx,Yy
community. Ask  Give examples measures at given and phrases and Zz
them what kind of name of home, in pattern. and sentences  Review with
of work each animal school, and the pupils the
helper does.  Show pictures on the street letters in
Then, let them of animal  Enumerate Alphabet
listen to the the ways that  Name objects
story. should be that start with
 Bring the followed to the short letter
children outside be safe at a.
the classroom, home
preferably at  Label the
the playground. parts of the
Let the children plant
sit on the mats
and listen to
the story.

Week 8 & 9: __________________________


TOPICS  God Gives Us  Naming  Sizes of  Numbers 1-10    Reading  Writing words
Wisdom Things with Plants  Numbers 11-  Sentences with the short
 God Protect the Use of  Where 20 e sound
Us Nouns Plants  Numbers 21-

REQUIREMENTS  Let the  Tell if the  Bring  Trace the  Decode and  Name objects
AND children listen word is a pictures of numbers 1- read that start with
STRATEGIES to a riddle. name of thing small and 10 sentences. the short letter
 Bring a clay  Give examples big plants  Associate e.
pot, of name of  Compare numbers
newspaper, thing big and with the
pieces of cloth  Show pictures small plants pictures
and box of of thing  Classify  Let the
matches. Tell plants that children
the children to grow on count the
form a circle. land, in number
Explain to water or in words for
them how the air 21 to 30
fire can burn  Ask them to
the newspaper look for
and cloth. plants that
Warn them grow on
about it. Then land, in
tell them a water and in
story. air