Anda di halaman 1dari 2

Day 1

1. Nuclear chem 2 items. Ex, If thorium undergoes alpha decay what are the products?
Half life, Carbon dating,
2. Balancing reactions addu ti kastoy ngem awan jiay choices answers tay dadduma.
3. What is the temperature of the moon consider all emmisivities.
4. pH calculation. How much Mg(OH)2 will be needed to neutralize acid stomach given
5. How much energy is produced given amount of glucose.
6. Atp in creb cycle.
7. Biochemical Engineering 3-4 questions. Objective
8. Aspirin molecular formula.
9. Chemical and Empirical Formula 3 items.
10. Redox titration 2-3 items
11. Reaction kinetics. 2-3 problems
12. Comparison of Ka and Kb concept
13. Ideal Gas
14. Which has higher concentration of O2 in tagaytay or mt. pulag.
15. Carnot cycle determine efficiency given ang 2 temperature.
16. Thermo. If hot water at XoC is put in an insulated thermos and closed. What is the change in
temperature. Assuming outside temperature to be 25 oC.
17. What is the name of this element Tb.
18. Determine the molecular weight of XXX compound.
19. Environmental Engineering 5-6 items: Design suna compute for the volume of a landfill. Awan
BOD. But design calculation in Envi. Eng.
20. Kunti lng Phy CHem. Awan sa pay. Kase under Gen chem suna.
21. Che Calc. Kayang kaya.

Day 2

1. Objective 37 items. Mostly nasa perry.

2. Flowmeters 3 items
3. Ideal gas.
4. Van der Waals
5. Reduced Enthalpy, Entropy
6. Che calc. sulphur absorption how much naoh needed to absorbed 95% of So2 to form bisulfite.
7. Che Calc. Find Theoretical O2, O2 sup, % excess
8. Humidification. From chart lang suna. Determine saturation wet bulb temp, drybulb %RH.
9. Humidification. Heat requied in drying. Amount of dry air needed.
10. Leaching. If 0.25% of A anf 75% of B is to be extracted assuming B is completely imisible with
solvent C. and 95% extraction. What is the composition of underflow, overflow, and how much
solvent c is needed.
11. Crystalltization. Kulang ang given but gamitin ang choices. Determine the molar ratio.
What is the yield of crystals. What is the heat requied?
12. Thermo. Find the work produced, Final temp.
13. Fluid mechanics. If two tanks with 7 and 5 meters in height and X with X diameter respectively
connected by a pipe with XXX diameter. What will be the time for the bigger diameter to reach
at 6 m. Flow rate of the bigger tank. Velocity in the pipe.
14. Centrifugation or Mebrane kasla kajiay using integral methd kunana. Addu first time ko nakita
nga terms
15. Bucket Elevator 2 Problems. Determine the power required.
16. Che Calc. CaO and MgO problem.
17. Thermo Entropy 4 problems. given equations to solve cp solve for enthalpy entropy.
18. Value of R gas constant in atm-m3/ lbmole-R
19. Gas Lussac
20. Boyles Law

Day 3.

1. Torsion
2. Tangential Stress
3. Linear Programming
4. Thermal Expansion
5. Probability 3 items
6. Maxima minima 3 problems
7. Cosine Law
8. Physics 10 items. Vibrations, Spring constant
9. IE Rate of return
10. Environmental management systems
11. Role of ChE 3 items. In RA 9297
12. Kinematics
13. Reaction Engineering
14. Diff. Equation problem 4 items. Newtons Law of Cooling.