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The Ascent building is a 4-storey

building that is designed to eliminate
negative impacts on our natural
environment. The concept is about urban
farming. It is a glass office building
terraced and topped with accessible green
roofs. The sequence of terraces creates an
appearance of a giant staircase where
cultivation of plants will occur and is
designed to allow sunlight to pass inside
the building through its glass walls.
​ he
T ground floor consists of
administration room, maintenance room, cctv
room, and commercial units such as
convenience store, boutique, offices,
coffee shops, and restaurants that provides
and uses raw ingredients that are freshly
harvested from its own garden.
​ As you enter the lobby, you’ll have a
glimpse of an open space food garden where
tables and chairs are arranged around a
pond where varieties of fish can be seen,
and is filled with indigenous flora.
Health and social sustainability were key
driving features in the design of the
interiors that are filled with natural
light, plants and natural materials.
​The succeeding floor levels are
allotted for condominium units which are
intended for residency purposes. These
units are categorized into studio type and
one-bedroom units.
The amenities available in this building
are as follows:
Function room - Featuring flexible set-ups
and a sophisticated design, my meeting and
function rooms are the perfect spaces to
spice up business discussions. Each also
features fast, free wired Internet and WiFi
access, audio visual equipment with LCD
projector and screen and delicious catering
Shops at the Ground Floor – Shopping is one
of the best stress reliever for some women
ad for some men that’s why this building
offers various shops located the ground
Sports and Fitness Gym - A room intended
for those wanting to get fit and healthy
while having fun at the same time.
Infinity Pool - This 8x4 meters infinity
pool is located at the 4 th
floor level,
having a breathtaking view of the city
adjacent to it.
Bar - A bar counter that is located near
the infinity pool, a hangout place for
those wanting to chill and relax.
Viewing Deck - a space intended for
appreciating the panoramic view of the
place around the building.
Garden - This garden is located at the
Ground floor where varieties of flowers
bloom. Making the ambiance more refreshing.

Green Features:
Vegetation- it is a significant portion of
the building. It helps reduce the heat
urban island effect and serves as a source
of raw ingredients used in restaurants.
Rainwater Harvesting- apart from the
vegetation, this building features a rain-
water harvesting structure that catches
rainwater and then stores it in big
container to be use to water plants.
Occupancy-Sensing Lighting Controls-
lighting system that only turns on when it
sense people in the room.
Daylight-controlled lighting systems-
lighting system that senses daylight and
automatically turns off lights.
Maximized natural lighting – since this
building is purely made of glass, natural
lighting is optimized.
Maximized natural ventilation – this
building delivers fresh to alleviate odors,
to provide oxygen for respiration, and to
increase thermal comfort.