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Lesson 1:

The Right Way to

Learn to Speak English

Want to improve your English speaking


If yes, you must do two things…

Number one, spend more time on learning

methods that actually work.

Number two, stop wasting time on learning

methods that don’t work.

Make sense, right? But how do you know

what works and what doesn’t?

The video tutorial below will answer that




Here’s what you’ve learned from the video:

1. There are two ways to learn to speak

English: explicitly or implicitly.
2. Explicit learning results in explicit
knowledge. To use explicit knowledge,
you need to think about it.
3. Implicit learning results in implicit
knowledge. To use implicit knowledge,
you don’t need to think about it.
4. Implicit learning is the right way to
learn English because you don’t need
to “think” about English when

This will not improve your spoken English.

But Wait a Minute!

If explicit learning doesn’t improve your

spoken English, how come many English
students like to learn this way?

The answer is simple.

When people learn English explicitly (for

example, studying grammar), they feel like
they’re learning something. It gives them a
sense of accomplishment.

When people learn English implicitly (for

example, listening to English
conversations), they don’t feel like they’re
learning anything. So there’s no sense of
accomplishment. That’s why most people
don’t like to do it.

Learning Activities to Stop


Unless you want to improve your writing,

you should stop these activities (or at least
reduce the time spent on them):

1. Stop studying grammar.

Stop consuming articles and
Youtube videos about grammar.
Get rid of your grammar books.
Stop going to English classes that
teach grammar.
2. Stop consuming articles and Youtube
videos with titles like these:
Talk, Speak, Tell – What’s the
6 confusing words – small & little,
big & large, tall & high
Slang in English – Bodily Noises –

These titles have nothing to do with

grammar, but they teach English
vocabulary explicitly, which results in
explicit knowledge. Even if you understand
the video/article perfectly, you won’t be
able to use that knowledge when speaking.

Here’s What You Need To


Knowledge is useless without action.

Here’s what you can do to make what

you’ve learned today useful:

After watching the video, If you still

want to improve your spoken English
through explicit learning, please
unsubscribe from this website. This
website is not for you. (You can find
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If you agree with me that explicit
learning is a waste of time and that
implicit learning is the way to go,
that’s great! Just wait for the next
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