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“The Day of Destiny from Le Morte ____ 9.How does King Arthur get to Avalon?
d’Arthur” a. Arthur, severely wounded, hobbles there himself.
b. A boat full of beautiful ladies wearing black hoods take him
Multiple Choice. Identify the letter of the choice that best there.
completes the statement or answers the question. c. Arthur’s few remaining knights carry him there on his
Comprehension. The questions below refer to the selection d. Arthur’s chief magical advisor, Merlin, arranges a magical
“from The Day of Destiny from Le Morte d’Arthur.” trip.

____ 1. In a dream that foretells his own death, King ____ 10.“HIC IACET ARTHURUS, REX QUONDAM REXQUE
Arthur — FUTURUS” means —
a) is stabbed by his own son, Modred a.“Jacketed by night and mist, here the great Arthur lies.”
b) is taken on a barge to Avalon b.“He pulled the sword out of the stone, and now he is stone
c) is flung into water where monstrous beasts await himself.”
him c.“Here lies Arthur, the once and future king.”
d) finds a magical sword stuck into a stone d.“Arthur was once king here, but every man must be a king.”

____ 2.What does Sir Gawain advise King Arthur to do? Literary Focus: Romance Hero
a) Surrender to Modred The questions below refer to the selection “from The Day of
b) Attack Modred by night Destiny from Le Morte d’Arthur.”
c) Talk peace with Modred, then wait for Launcelot ____ 11.Which of the following archetypes has the most in
d) Challenge Modred to single combat in front of both common with the romance hero?
armies a. Epic hero c. Fatal temptress
b. Wise old man d. Best friend
____ 3.The two leaders meet between their massed ____ 12.The romance hero’s childhood usually does not
armies in order to — include —
a. fight single-handedly a. mysterious origins c. wealthy
b. pray for a sign from heaven surroundings
c. call their armies to attack b. obscure upbringing d. magical initiation
d. sign a treaty ____ 13.The romance hero is usually aided by —
a. faithful wives and children
____ 4. How does the battle start? b. hard work and determination
a) King Arthur orders his men forward. c. magical weapons, loyal followers, and wise mentors
b) Modred cries out, “Kill my father and his evil d. a Round Table of more than a hundred knights
knights!” ____ 14.Which of King Arthur’s final actions most clearly
c) A bugle call sets things in motion automatically. shows him to be a romance hero?
d) A soldier unthinkingly flashes his sword, and the a. Suffering a disaster on the battlefield
armies react. b. Being troubled by a bad dream
c. Killing his illegitimate son
____ 5. As night falls, how many men are left standing on d. Hinting that he will return in the distant future
the battlefield? Matching. Vocabulary Development
a) Modred, Arthur, and two of Arthur’s followers Match the definition with the Vocabulary word from the list
b) Arthur alone, Modred, and one of Modred’s best below.
knights a. righteous d. dissuade
c) Only Arthur and Modred b. prevailed e. brandishing
d) Only Modred c. dauntless

____ 6.Who is the only survivor of the battle? ____ 15. gained the desired effect
a. Sir Bedivere c. Modred ____ 16. shaking in a threatening way
b. Sir Lucas d. Arthur ____ 17. morally right
____ 18. fearless
____ 19. advise against
____ 7. Sir Bedivere disappoints King Arthur by —
a) going over to Modred’s side
Short Answer. Constructed Response
b) failing to throw Arthur’s sword into the lake
The question below refers to the selection “from The Day of
c) running away with Arthur’s sword
Destiny from Le Morte d’Arthur.”
d) running away from the battle
20.Imagine that you are one of the first citizens of
England to read Le Morte d’Arthur when it is first published in
____ 8. What happens to King Arthur’s sword in the end?
1485. How accurate do you find the book as a portrait of life
a) A hand rising from the lake pulls the sword
in your time? To answer this question, use your knowledge of
the Middle Ages as well as your reading of this selection.
b) It remains lodged in the body of Modred.
Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper.
c) Sir Bedivere takes it for his own.
d) King Arthur falls upon it, with Sir Bedivere’s help.