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INERENORE == A STERNER COMPANY For a world of square and rectangular shapes, Infranor 561/565 offers a beam pattern that fits. @ — Its dificult and expensive to try and make a round light pattern fit square shapes — buiiding facades, park- ing lots, playing fields, eto. It uses too many overlapping beams with ight going over the edges or intruding ‘on a neighbor's privacy. And it wastes energy. Infranor Series 561/565 has a beam pattern with corners—t0 fit shapes with corners. The Infranor Visual Beam method of fixture spe- cfication, which defines only the relevant light in the beam pattern, delivers illumination of unsurpassed uniformity. Because this ilumination is so even and precisely controled, you can achieve your lighting Sbiective using less wataga, thus saving energy ‘To the eye, this reduction in wattage isnt noticeable because the ight is devoid of hot spots and dark areas. Components: Housing—Rectangularly shaped, one piece cest aluminum with heat cissipating fins, Housing is cast ‘of an alloy containing less than 2/10 of 1% copper for extraordinary resistance to corrosion. Reflector— High purity anodized specular, peened. or diffuse aluminum lighting sheet for precise beam. control Door Frame—The rectangular shaped door frame shall be cast aluminum and contain a clear tempered Qlass lens, which is sealed with an EPDM gasket. The cast door frame is secured by stainless stee! screws Ballast Housing—One piece cast aluminum is finned to allow for heat dissipation. Housing is Helare welded to fixture housing for positive mounting. Balast housing is sealed with a gasket and (6) stainless steel screws. Finish—Electrostatically applied black baked enamel Other colors available, consult factory, UL.—Fixture is ULL. listed for use in wet locations. Poe Ul L J 20% | f ® | | + OF | Series ik 4 Series 561 565 ‘561 Shipping Weight 27 Ibs, 565 Shioping Weight for Halide or Mercury Fixture 66 los. Shipping Weight for Sodium Fiture 72 ls. 581 shipping Wes ping Weigh | oping Wea! jum Foture Area for Single Fixture 2.5 Optional Shields ae eas