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JRSM Gas @ © ~~~ ASTERNER COMPANY s Dn lanl Zz lanl Nn NX ay 1) For a world of square and rectangular shapes, Infranor 715 offers a beam pattern that fits. I's difficult and expensive to make round light distribution patterns fit square spaces - building facades, parking lots, playing fields, etc. The results are too many overlapping beams with light often spilling over the edges or intruding on a neighbor's privacy. This excess light wastes energy. The Infranor Series 715 offers the perfect solution: rectangular beam patterns with comers to fit shapes with corners, The IES beam angle (50% max CD) method of fixture selection defines only the relevant light, in the beam pattern and thereby the fixture delivers illumination of unsurpassed uniformity, Because this illumination is so even and precisely controlled, you can achieve your lighting objective using less wattage, thus saving energy. To the eye, this reduction in wattage is not noticeable because the light is devoid of hot spots and dark areas. Components: Housing - Spherically shaped, with a cast aluminum rear housing and spun aluminum front cover. Reflector - High purity anodized specular aluminum providing precise beam control. Door Frame/Lens Assembly - Cast aluminum containing a domed, clear or coated tempered glass lens available in spot, narrow, medium 16 ae Slope Fitter Mount Note: 715 is shown with optional EC shield. or wide beam patterns. The lens assembly rotates to facilitate precision beam adjustment. Finish - Electrostatically-applied black, baked enamel is standard. Optional duranodic finishes and other painted colors are available, consult factory. ULL. - Fixture is U.L. listed for use in wet locations. SHIPPING WEIGHT = 28 Ibs. fF — 135" — EPA. Yoke Mount Mounting Accesso! Yoke Mounts SF TF J K WB HS. Slope Fitter Mounts Optional Shields Limited aiming adjustment possible in field. Multiple 715 Slope Fitter units are also available, consult factory. IF DB H EC v Note: All tenons are 1.5" LPS. (1,90" 0.D,) Beam Classification sooo | tavxaiH | asvx704 [ave 16000] o7vxooH | aivx20H | avx2H 6000 | TeV X30H | aavx72H | 3VX5H ‘Beam Spread Designation: Vercal degrees by horizontal degrees Ordering Information Obtain the catalog number for the luminaire which fits your requirements. Select in sequence a code for each feature from those listed in the format shown below. Series | Mounting | Shield] Options] ticam —] Wallage [Lamp —] Primary] Luminaire] Pole and Code | Brackets’ | Accessories View Type_| Voltage | Finish | Mounting 718 [NoeA | NoieB | NoteC | NoteD [Speciiy | Now® [azo ar | NoteF | RelertoPoleSecion on a0 for Catalog Numer 20 vb and Wind Load Ratig ‘olage Not Deter EXAMPLE: 715 - SF - N-N-07x07 - 175- H - 120 - E Note A: Note B: Note C: Note D: SF 271PS slipfiter DB Top Shield K Base Pad Assembly See Beam Classification, TE 2" IPS Adjustable V Vertical Shield J Base Plate Assembly Chart above - 50% Max Tit Fitter H_— Horizontal Shield B Fused Terminal Block CD Beam HS Horizontal Sector EC Multitouver G Polycarbonate YK Yoke Mount Shield Stone Guard Note E: JF Slope Fitter N Not Required c H Metal Halide WB Wall Bracket Safety Cable S High Pressure Sodium N- Not Required Note F: E Black Metal Halide HP. Sodium. INS. Not Standard (Furnish 175w_ | 100w 150W es eee Ge 17x28 | 17x28 18x30 NK Not Known 22x56 | 22x56 25x60 36x70 | 36x70 40x75 Note: Due to variations inthe construction of metal halide lamps from -manufacturer to manufacturer, the beam patens shown for the above lamps are nominal and may vary according to the lamps actually used in the fel BYP n chon SERIES 715 SAMPLE SPECIFICATION HOUSING Floodlight shall be Infranor Series 715 with a beam spread of vertical by horizontal. Floodlight shall be a cast aluminum rear housing and a spun aluminum front cover to provide a uniform spherical shape regardless of fixture aiming. Door frame attached with stainless steel screws. REFLECTOR SYSTEM The reflector system shall be high purity anodized specular aluminum to provide precision optics. DOOR FRAME / LENS ASSEMBLY Cast aluminum with a domed clear or frosted lens to provide a narrow, medium or wide beam pattern, Lens is rotatable to facilitate precision beam control and adjustment. BALLAST ULL. recognized and factory mounted integral to fixture. Ballast is pre-wired, constant wattage autotransformer type with a high power factor and rated for -20°F starting NOTICE: In the interest of continuous improvement in its product line, Sterner reserves the right to change specifications without notice. INE715-0507 Rew. ©1057 Steer Lighing Systems Inorporate Painted inthe USA, LAMPS Luminaire accepts medium based 100 watt and 175 watt B-17 or ED17 MH lamps, and 150 watt HPS B-17 or ED17 lamps (by others). LAMPHOLDER Luminaire socket is a medium base porcelain socket rated 4KV, FINISH Electrostatically applied baked enamel finish is standard in black. Optional duranodic finishes and other painted colors are available, consult factory. ULL/ C-ULL. Luminaire is U.L. listed for use with up to 175 watt MH and 150 watt HPS lamps for use in wet locations. ® | ® BL) fel PHOTOMETRY LES. formatted reports based on independent lab tests. Up to 38 different beam patierns available to maximize lighting design flexibility. INFRENGRE STERNER LIGHTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED 351 Lewis Avenue West Winsted, MN55295, PHONE: (320) 485-2141 FAX: (320) 485-2099