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PIR TE CGE S IO) IN BONO) ID) GG lah IL IN| CAPELLA-S4 he Capella-s4 luminaire combines architectural styling with high Neen With three precision-engineered optical systems to choose from (combined with the use of a quartz lamp or T-6 metal halide lamp with UV-block ) the Capella-5 can generate three extremely precise, controled rectangular beams: narrow, medium or wide. ‘The optical systems of the Capella-54 are so precisely engineered that the 150W quartz rectangular narrow beam is only 6” wide in the vertical distribution, and 106" wide in the horizontal distribution. By focusing the _majority of the lamp's luminous flux, these patterns can be used to dramati- cally and efficiently illuminate any structure while minimizing spill ight. find the Capella-S4 ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. tMlumination of signs or building facades ‘where setback distances are restricted are perfect for the Capella-54’s wide horizontal distributions. Designers and engineers ‘When lighting banners, sculptures or foliage, spill light escaping into the night sky or onto adjacent surfaces is minimized by the Capella-54's precision-engineered optical systems and shielding options. Its small size (8.19 in, wide, 5.5 inchigh) and precise rectangular beam patterns make it an excellent solution for illuminating ceilings, canopies, atriums, and other interior applications, Every Capella-54 meets or exceeds the UL requirements for wet location use, and is cULus listed to US. and Canadian safety standards, All luminaires are fully tested prior to shipment and are backed by the protection of a fll Infranor/Sterner warranty. a 1 Features and Benefits; Specifications 2-3. Photometric Distribution 45° Ordering Matrix IN FRAN O R™ —>-— STERNER” Pier abone: Suhel Sye Capt with al Bo (imensions depicted 13° 10° wide) Pictured above: Yoke Style Capelia-54 Ras Plate Mount (Gimensions as depicted: 45° tl 8.2" wide) Urea Serta Diecast Aluminum Housing and Door Frame sith hex snk fins to ds ate het ensures ooer operation and Tooger component life "To Metal Halide Lamp with ami ar-tube technology provides excl olor rendering longer lamp ie and precise Beam cone] (quart lps sls available) igh-weight, Die-cast Construction i high-precision fecal prs wit stands rugged enviroaments Die-cast Aluminum Ballast Box wit eat sink nso dsipate eat sures cooler operation ad longer component ie foie eet iacetat HOUSING The integral fins for heat dissipation minaire housing shall be one piece die-cast alusninum with DOOR FRAME Luminaire door frame shall be hingod and of one-piece die-cast al ‘minum witha captive serew to provide a watertight seal to the hosing. lens shall be ofa clear, tempered, thermal and impact resistant glass 0.25 in. thick and shall be set into the door frame and sealed with a silicone gasket. Luminaire lens shall be curved to provide a wide horizontal beam distribution, BALLAST BOX The ballast box shall be citcular in cross-section and shall be from e die-cast aluminum with a finned side wall for heat dissipation. REFLECTOR The luminaire reflector shall be of high-specularity prefinished aluminum sheet ‘Thre Precis Recangular Beams: ‘aro, medium and wide Scaled Heattempered Curved Gas ens allows wider horizontal beam distrib tions and minimizes sting of objects on mia fae Die-cast Aluminum Swivel protects wites from exposure and damage (yoke syle also available) lectronic Ballast salable for maximum operating fon and energy savings of upto 20% (coreand col alas abo availabe) (Swivel syle shown; yoke syle also available) ELECTRICAL MODULE Luminaire shall be cULas listed for wet locations and manufactured rom UL-recognized electrical components. Care and coil ballasts shall be for -20°F (-28:9°C). Electronic ballasts shall be available forthe 39W and 7OW metal halide lamps in| 120 and 277 volts and rated for -20°F (-28.9°C), Ballast shall be housed ina round die-cast aluminum ballast bos finned for heat dissipation high-power factor and ri ‘Luminaire lamp holder shall be of a mini-candelabra type for quarts lamps and a G-12 bi-pin for UY Block T6 metal halide lamps. Yoke Plate and Base Plate Mounting Options and Swivel Plate Mount Option shal be equipped with 3 ft. of 16/3 STO-W cord, FINISH Finished parts shall be w Shed in a multi-stage phosphate Processing system and then finished with polyester urethane powder coat paint. Standard colors are dark bronze, black, white, and natural aluminum. Contact factory for non-standard colors Nise Nan tm eena Ent ‘The Capella-s offers three rectangular beams: narrow medium, and wide. As many as 21 beam patterns can be derived from the ® Capella-54 utilizing three different metal halide or four different incandescent lamp options. Some of these patterns are illustrated on these two pages. For additional photometric information or to locate your nearest nffanot- Sterner representative, call 1-800-228-7480 Values based om 14,000 inal lumens NARROW DISTRIBUTION (RN) sg =| eae 6 0400 vericat tht gy Sein Menam HORIZONTAL DEGREES cy infeed fot ods (Starr Report #4515000) : TAKS TCM WN jem 10 PRIOA, este ZI Wms SKI CM osc MEDIUM DISTRIBUTION (RM) 2) a CANDELAS 3) 0 se max 0 8 eshe oo alt 20, ie son ae fi 30 Shea | “ ios cna oo ae EA vertcat ihn gy nk heme HORIZONTAL DAGREES We ___ inter) __ (Sua apn #assonay 5 TSRKSSR WC mi asm Asse anc mci me mm SSK ATARI MM em WIDE DISTRIBUTION (RW) ELLA-5! RECTANGULAR WIDE (RW) 50% Beam 42°x 9 rm CANDELAS ah rice m =|" iiiode oe 40 50 ‘VERTICAL, fam we ita rnin @) Tet RL a sth MFCM TC perk Fem; SC For additional photometric injormation eal 800-328-7480 i Values based on 4,850 initial lumens. NARROW DISTRIBUTION (RN) a Seba ie fet (wt che) Ftd 5 SISSK CMM TE wo TRYTOR SC Mt FC mms SATIER TSC MAOH a, MEDIUM DISTRIBUTION (RM) Fede 5 SKKGR — 86 wh: a cme 12S CRC CA MS ARIS COC A WIDE DISTRIBUTION (RW) 5 TRNASR er mnt: SCR jem 1 GRNTISR Te ma Cam, mmm NS ATTA SC MQ 2 mM, For additional photometric information call 800-328-7480 VERTICAL Bren sade 0 30H FO HORIZONTAL OrcntES | a «ar mn ye Rapart (AS25000) alee | | elt oe | a0 “eine el nade B30 a0 0 HORIZONTAL DIGREES we $f’ (a 45250041 | 9 2 sof an ma 8) ao eanoeia EB 40% max 30 ante ioao-i0 t 34090 HORIZONTAL DEGREES To au (Steer fopr c4s2s0gN) The ordering sequence for the Capella-54 is displayed below. 1. HOUSING Pee n ee: otis tet (METAL HAUDE WATTAGE: 9 70 150 f foin sun vi core rd eo blest ony n EI CATALOG N 39M 70MH 150MH lective Projected Area: 0.38 fixture ont) QUARTZ WATTAGE: 7 100 150 250 CATALOG NO. CAS5D CATALOG NO. 75Q1Z 100QTZ 150Q1Z (250Q1Z charts on pages? and 3 for more detiled pattern and distribution information. RECTANGULAR NARROW (RN} RECTANGULAR MEDIUM (RM) RECTANGULAR WIDE (RW) ae | fb 55h ! ee = Sh or * 0h Tite Ish. pene wien reg Sromaste ng CATALOG NO. RN RM RW Cr UR NTT verse: i) 27 ww , AAIASTINE: “HD (Coed Cs} ) HO / toe Woendor |to-voonn| tern | UTTETTI oe Woh oer vevodeiieret) | WLCUIT Sect tn co @ | a a CHG NO. m0) wT 7 cos CAMOGNO. a CANT Taeereces * Laer Shida 1/2" po Faw wen 25s. CATALOG NO. SW Fa wei 25 bs CATALOG NO. ee © soe [@ ie tore YK aa tome ano) METAL HALIDE BALLAST BOX MOUNTING OPTIONS oe aa Mion iaee (ae * een eae ae, eee nn 1 ae +f Pewee fr balast ents trough sde (power supe by contact canering ofthe bcs! bo. CATALOG NO, PL CATALOG NO. WM. ‘QUARTZ MOUNTING OPTIONS WALL BRACKET MOUNT ‘SURFACE MOUNT ‘SPIKE MOUNT {For Yoke Style Oniyy rie forswney oro { nee Sol masts vo Yee io | Spe cometh SM ps xh msn soda pctn bo foc 2 onckrs upped the CATALOGNO. SM SP WB BP 3500 sD or sie i 638 ira: 825° “48D SHED oi CATALOG NO. TS 38 4s So rk kine nc 10. LAMP OPTION (SELECT ‘LP’ ONLY TO INCLUDE LAMP) METAL HALIDE QUARTZ LAMP SIZE: T6 with UV Block) LAMP SIZE: Fa LAMP BASE: G-12 WATIAGE: 99 @ ance. 70 Pirin ar a ana ak nt BCaeael a nT Ts ae) LAMP BASE: MINCAN, WATTAGE casD oe 7OMH R QUARTZ LUMINAIRE COLOR CATALOG No. BLACK BK DARK BRONZE Bz WHITE WH NATURALALUMINUM AL NON-STANDARD NS 100 150250 ere ee eee an eee ee ECE eat ‘The precision engi capela-5¢'s optical systems and focused rectangular beam patterns are vividly demonstrated fi. wide, 4 ft. high building sign. The sign had been illuminated with three other fixtures was placed, ring of the! in this photo, illuminating a 3 before this single Capel INFRANOR STERNER LIGHTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED 7575 CORPORATE WAY EDEN FRAIRIE, WIN 55344-7022 | HUBEELL STERNER™ TEL 952.906.7300 FAX 952.906.7338 TOLL-FREE 800.926.7480, (© BROCHURE NO. 100-001 Lighting, nc.