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ie PRE CSO Ni FE EO} DI AEIEIG lat IAIN] (6; VELA-84 A ‘chitectural styling and precision engineering combine to set a new standard in outdoor floodlighting : The Vela-84, With nine different lamp options (including three reflector lamp options when using the R40 lamp adapter) providing 21 different round beam lable for outdoor floodlighting. ‘The spot beam is ideal where long setbacks are required, or for highlighting tall objects such as trees or statues, The wide distributions, the Vela-84 is one of the most versatile luminaires a flood beam is an excellent choice for larger surfaces like signage or building, facades where a general wash with more uniform illumination is deste, ‘Meeting strict design requirements for unconventional mounting of flood- lights is easy with the Vela-8¢'s yoke or swivel model styles and five different mounting options. The Vela-84 is designed to incorporate recessed sackets to allow the u of axial-mounted lamps, helping to reduce unwanted glare and spill light, without affecting the luminaire’ overall efficiency. Precision engincering has resulted in a compact luminaire (7.9 in. diameter, 7.7 in. deep) that maximizes the wattage limits allowed by UL (up to 175MEL and \QTZ) while minimizing the overall volume of the luminaire. Heat sink fins integral to the die-cast aluminum housing and ballast box dissipate heat and ensure cooler operation and longer component life. 84 meets or exceeds the UL requirements for wet location ws and is cULus listed to U.S. and Canadian sat Every Vel standards, All luminaites are fully tested prior to shipment, and are backed by the protection of a full Infranor/Sterner warranty. When your next outdoor lighting job demands high-performance and precise round beam patterns without sacrificing aesthetics, specify the Vela-8¢ Ereeconnn 1 Features and Benefits; Specifications 2-3. Photometric Distribution 45 Ordering Matrix IN FRAN O R™ oO STERNER“ Pictured above: Yoke se Vl d FEATU BYUr ns RAO Lamp Adapter allows use of three reflector lamp options (7,100 and 175 RAO ME rps) Die-cast Aluminum Housing th eat sink fins odie est ensures cooler operation and longer omponent ite Light-weight, Diecast Consteucion with high-precision f/seale part withstands eugged environments Hetronic Hallst salable for maximum operating efficiency and energy saving of upto 20% (core and coil balls also available) Die-ast Aluminum Ballast Box vith eat in fine odie est cersure cooler apeaton and longer component life Nee cet nen: iter) HOUSING ‘The luminaire housing shall be circular in cross-section with integral fins for heat dissipation DOOR FRAME Luminaire door frame shall be of die-cast aluminum and shall be secured with thre plated steel fasteners to form a watertight seal with the housing. The door frame shall include an integral concentric ring LENS ‘The luminaire lens shall be clear, tempered, thermal and impact- resistant flat glas, 0.188 in, thick, and shall be set into the door frame and sealed witha silicone gasket. BALLAST BOX he ballast box shall be circular in cross-section and shall be from die-cast aluminum with a finned side wal fr heat dissipation, Die-cast Aluminum Door Prime yal concentric lovee foe hare contol Four Different Round Beams (nartow spot, spot, ood and wide flood wattage dependent) ofr unique Alexi in wide ange of applications Accommodates Metal Halide Par Lamps vith Ceramic AreTabe technology for ‘excellent coor rendering an longer lamp life Recessed Sockets low use of axial-mounted lps ich help seduce spl ight and glare Die-cast Aluminum Swivel protects wires fom exposure and damage [poke made sl aso mila) (Swivel syle shown; yoke spe lea oveilable) ELECTRICAL MODULE Luminaire shall be cULus listed for wet locations and manufactured from UL-recognized electrical components. Core and coil ballasts shall be high power factor and rated for -20°F (28:9 ballast shall be available for the 39W, 70W and 100W MH lamps in 20°F (-289°C). Ballast shall be housed in round die-cast aluminum ballast box finned for heat dis: Electronic 120 and 277 volts and rated for sipation, The luminaire limp holder shall be a medium base 4K) pulse-rated socket. Plate Mount option shall be equipped with 3 ft of 1613 STO-W cord, FINISH Finished parts shall be washed in a multistage phosphate processing system and then finished with polyester urethane powder coat paint. Standard colors are dark bronze, black, white and natural aluminum. Contact factory for non-standard colors. aan 1OTOMETRIC DISTRIBUTIC N The Vela-84 offers four different round beams: narrow spot, spot, flood and wide flood (wattage dependent). As many as 21 beam patterns can be derived from the Vela-84 utilizing seven different metal halide or two different incandescent lamp options. Some of. these patterns are illustrated on these two pages. For additional photometric information or to locate your nearest Infranor - Sterner representative, call 1-800-328-7480, Values based on 2,300 initial lumens SPOT DISTRIBUTION ($?) Satake Z bretnncton 00m besten Ftd 5 panes Oe 1 Th CR bistmettiox cme Asha. ca te mm he, CMS EAL FLOOD DISTRIBUTION (Fl) Lew! Se canbe ie as . ee moe ssn of ice ae Se hee 0 bhi 46FC MOL; 23K, HORIZONTAL DEGREES, a= ee =: a woos Roan ae Values based on 6,800 initial lumens WIDE FLOOD DISTRIBUTION (WF) -| | rr Sack pin Epes stds] DisreaUTION tom Inbt Mase Ftd 5) "add an Woe | Titik Tote SC, [ HORIZONTAL DEGREES DisraBUTION jem Shay TCMAC, HCN (AT Repo 4755) mm hee aC For auditional photometric information call 800-328-7480 Values based om 4,500 initial lumens, SPOT DISTRIBUTION (s?) TSC: BRC e5hde net: FC The eM, CaN, FLOOD DISTRIBUTION (Fi) Sedna Jopucrt ton lee Meese fond Tih 1 haa ac wnt a fame Dh MATS lm whan nC MAL ASCH soem ism (HL Rep #47560) ee a SH" ] isanas 6 is (UL Bop #47558), Values based on 4,800 initial lumens. WIDE FLOOD DISTRIBUTION (WFU) 080m Tt tae a, TR come hd CAL, Mh, MN For additional photometric information call 800-328-7480 eee Had bat (UL Bago 147559), Ree a tee ented The ovdering sequence for the Vela-84 is displayed below, nnn Bacal oo ™— WEIALHAUDE 39 7 0 rot wo | root | izst 8 = {5p Food | Spot: ood | (pt: Flo pe Fed) Spa; eo) | Spt Food| Ser Hood) | infin 300 | Wide Feed | Wise Food E CATALOG NO: 39MH_T 7H | L7OMH | R7OMH | 100MH | RIOOMAT RI75MH E * Dene Par anger amp EB + Denotes on R40 eflador np intr upd wih Rad adopt uaa 20 a) five jc 0.41 fc oo (Nero Spt Flock Wide ese) | (Spt lod) CATALOG NO. CASD CAIALOG NO. 1200TZ 2500TL Preteen ts The beams depicted below are for general ilustation purposes only. Consult the photo 2and 3 for more detailed @ Pattern and distribution information, Note: the narow spot pattern (CATALOG NO.: NSP) availabe with the 20W quart lamp only is not depicted ic distribution chars on pa SPOT (SP) FLOOD (Ft) WIDE FLOOD [WAY (wrt wih 70W MH PAR, 100 (Mi PAR3® or 1207 Gk ob mh 4 a ! mm © Fite tm O Macon bad en 1 Sack wih 1OW MARE mp | titi bond cn 206 Such 00M MHPoat np | tattooed on 206 Sick it 10 MR ang (aroun 27 FM) AFCA 7A wc FCM CATALOG NO. SP T FL T WEL VOLTAGE L ood | mwwen | reroay CATALOG NO. 120 a NERC ee: BALASTIYPE: HO / Corsond Cal | HD / Eacroie ® Bret ockble or 2074 crwth 75H He wecet: 1 Ibs MAX, 55 bs CATALOG NO. ¢ SWIVEL STYLE ee Tit Angle event: $25 sas YOKE STYLE eae ] sor CATALOG NO. YK Sir Coons 38" bot Fe wot: 525 bs METAL HALIDE BALLAST BOX MOUNTING OPTIONS Sst bn cnt dys PLATE MOUNT vib iy ats wl FFF) Pte comes mocha sod btom of he alas bo. Seheielce bac 3Hl 16/35 cd inde wh eo St ein hin nba i oe ows ino: 3/8 cos (leh ots Biel rene ann clas its +7 Power for alot enters tcugh side (awe supaed by crac) = - CATALOG NO. PL CATALOG NO. WM. QUARTZ MOUNTING OPTIONS WALL BRACKET MOUNT ouss standart 4” jncten tx (pai by th) SURFACE MOUNT SPIKE MOUNT aaa sy > 48 F oy Li She comet ih coh Saf an xi it she) 8" el eae vel ee ron buco ht ons i cin bo no CAIALOG NO. SM * I we aon PREM oaar meres cOLOR CAIALOG NO, | METAL HALIDE BlACK 8K DARK BRONZE Bz Ps + + F Re wa | Mesmes: —Fora0 | Parta_| Perso | euot | roa | meat | ga ACAD «=k a OS Ree oie i WATTAGE 7 70 0 o | 15 * Dente 1 PARDO Longaeck ame + Dantas an B40 Rac lomp Fire spied wk RAO opr) user e CATALOG NO. LP OWiiae nate Scam nanny Ruane ere Te: AIRE: FOR QUARTZ LUMINAIRE eee ey Ne ear ae ree ieee er een The Vela-84 (shown here near the base of the tree using a LOW MH wide flood) impressively illuminates foliage, buildings and other structures with precise round beam pattern: NERANOR ANER LIGHTING SYSTEMS INCORFORA A Subsidi if Hubbell Lighting, In P2771 SS © BROCHURE NO. 100.002 |) Uhting, ne.