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Physician department research file
A person who is trained in the art of healing. In the
UK, a physician is a specialist in internal or general
medicine, whereas in the US a physician is any doctor
of medicine. The term generally refers to a person
who has earned a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of
Osteopathy (DO), or Doctor of Naturopathy (ND)
degree and who is accepted as a practitioner of
medicine under the laws of the state, province,
and/or nation in which he or she practices.
▪ Family Physician
▪ Internal Medicine Physician
▪ Pediatrician
▪ Surgeon
▪ Psychiatrist
▪ Cardiologist
▪ Endocrinologist
▪ Dermatologist
▪ Neurologist
Family medicine is one of the primary care
specialties. Family practice physician see
patients of all ages, provide basic care for a
variety of common ailments, are usually the
first to recognize major health problems, and
may order diagnostic tests or refer to a
General internists provide primary care to
adult patients and can take additional
training after internal medicine residency to
sub-specialize in a variety of other areas, such
as gastroenterology, endocrinology, or
Pediatricians provide primary health care to
children, including immunizations, well-baby
checks, school physicals, and treatment of
coughs, colds, and stomach flu, among many
other things. More seriously ill or complicated
patients may be referred to a pediatric sub-
specialist for specialized treatment.
Surgeons can be trained in general surgery or
in more specialized areas of surgery, such
as orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiac
surgery, or vascular surgery. Surgeons spend
time planning a surgical procedure, operating
in the operating room, and then following up
postoperatively to identify complications and
to confirm that the procedure was a success.
A psychiatrist treats emotional and behavioral problems
through a combination of personal counseling (psychotherapy),
psychoanalysis, hospitalization, and medication. Psychiatrists
may be office-based, hospital-based, or a combination of the
Neurologists are doctors who take care of
patients with medical conditions that affect the
brain, spine, or nerves. Neurologists see
patients who have complex medical disorders,
such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis,
and neuropathy. They also take care of patients
who have common problems such as migraine
headaches and dizziness.
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