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PROJECT CODE (Refer to PT ANTAM Physical Item (TAG) Numbering Procedure
East Halmahera 11XX Ore Receiving Equipment CBT - Commercial Bid Tabulations Document Title : Specification for Feed Pump
Ferronickel Plant 12XX Ore Drying Equipment CO - Change Orders NCR - Non Conformance Reports Client Document No. : P3FH-EL-4401-SPE-1009
Development Project 13XX Ore Sizing Equipment CP - Detailed Construction / Installation Procedures NM - Lists and Registers (other than DL & EL) Client Drawing No. : P3FH-PP-3700-ISO-1001
14XX Ore Mixing Eqquipment CS - Construction Subcontract Form of Agreement PD - Price Description and Measuring Convention Contractor Document No. : XXXX-371-SP-1681-0009
15XX Dust Treatment Equipment DD - Fabrication Detailed Drawings PLG - Plannings & Schedules
16XX Rotary Klin Equipment DI - Design Instructions PO - Purchase Orders FILE NAMING FOR DOCUMENT
17XX Klin Exhaust Gas Treatment DL - Deviations List PS - Price Schedules Single File P3FH-EL-9000-SPE-1009-R1.pdf (if Rev.1)
18XX Coal Firing Equipment DQP - Discipline Quality & HSE Plans PTC - Particular Terms & Conditions for PO / Subcontract Large File (more than 1 file) P3FH-EL-9000-SPE-1009-R1-F1.pdf (if Rev.1)
21XX Surge Hopper Equipment FBT - Final Bid Tabulations QCP - Quality Control Plans P3FH-EL-9000-SPE-1009-R1-F2.pdf (if Rev.1)
44XX Fuel Oil Pumping and distribution System GTC - General Terms & Conditions for PO / Subcontract QCR - Quality Control Reports
Subsystem 2 IRC - Inspection Release Certificates RDS - Room Data Sheets (White Rooms) FILE NAMING FOR DRAWING
21XX Furnace Charging System ITP - Inspection & Test Plans RN - Release Note (for delivery) 1 sheet P3FH-PP-3700-ISO-1001-R1.pdf (if Rev.1)
22XX Electric Smelting Furnace Equipment, Tapping Equipment, JSC - Job Specifications for Construction RT - Reports More than 1 sheet P3FH-PP-3700-ISO-1001-S1-R1.pdf (if Rev.1)
Cooling System JSD - Job Specifications for Design SL - Bidders / Suppliers / Subcontractors Lists P3FH-PP-3700-ISO-1001-S2-R1.pdf (if Rev.1)
24XX Off Gas Furnace Treatment System JSM - Job Specifications for Management SR - Scope of Supply
27XX Other Auxiliary JSS - Job Specifications for Supply STC - Construction Standards
25XX Slag Handing Equipment ML - Dossiers, Manuals STD - Design Standards
28XX Cooling Water Equipment MR - Material Requisitions TBT - Technical Bid Tabulations Rev. No. Status
Subsystem 3 MS - Method Statements TDS - Heat Transfer (TEMA) Data Sheets 0 Issued for Internal Review (IFIR)
31XX Desulphurizing Equipment MSD - Material Selection Diagrams
35XX Granulation, Drying, Product Handling, Water Circulation 1 Issued for Approval (IFA)
36XX Crane, Ladle, Ladle Preheating & Ladle Heating Equipment 2 Issued for Construction (IFC)
Subsystem 4 3 As-built
41XX Raw Water Intake System
42XX Circulation Water NSW
43XX Fuel Oil System (Refer to Document Numbering Procedure)
44XX Feed Pump
The sequence identifier number of document number
49XX Sea Water Intake
should be 4 digits numeric designation such as 1001 to 9999
48XX Fire Water System
46XX Oxygen Plant
Spare Unit Number Allocation SHEET AND VOLUME NUMBER (S/V) - If Required
8000 Spare Unit Number Allocation (Refer to Document Numbering Procedure)
Applicable to All Facilities In some exceptional cases, a single document may need to be comprised
9000 Applicable to All Facilities of two or more “Sheets”. In this case the Sheet Number is appended to the
document number in the format “S1”, S2”, etc. and for Volume number will
be preceded by the letter V as appropriate.

NOTE: “Sheet” does NOT mean the number of pages.


if required


ACP Accounts Payable DTL Detail Drawing, Drawing of Individual Item LPD Instrument Loop Diagram REQ Requisition
ACR Accounts Receiveble DWG Drawing or Scketch (do not use unless no other type applies) LST List (not otherwise defined) RFI Request for Information
DISCIPLINE CODE ADD Address and/or Phone Number Book ECN Engineering Change Notice MAP Map RFP Requested For Proposal, Purchase Enquiry
ADO Sound / Audio File EDS Equipment Data/Specification Sheet MAT Material Selection Diagrams ROU Route Plan
AFC Approved for Commitment (BP Internal Document) EIA Environmental Impact Assessment MDR Manufacturer's Data Report SCH Schedule (Gantt Charts, Activity Network etc.)
AR Architectural IN Instrumentation AFE Approved for Expenditure (BP Internal Document) EQL Equipment List MIL Master Item List SCM Schematic / Cable & Conduit Schedule
BU Business LG Legal ARC Architectural Drawings EST Cost/Resource Estimate MOM Minutes of Meeting SDY Study/Design Report
CC Civil Building & Steel Structure Construction MG Non Project Management / Management General ARE Area Classification EVC Commercial Bid Evaluation MSD Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) SFT Safety Report, Accident or Incident Report, Hazard Identification Report
CS Control Systems, Instruments, MM Material Management ART Artists Impression EVT Technical Bid Evaluation MTO Material Take Off SOW Scope of Work
Advanced Process Controls MN Marine (primarily floating vessels & AUD Audit Report FDN Foundation Drawings NCR Non-Conformance Report SPE Specification/Standard (not incl standard or code )
CU Construction naval architecture systems) BFD Block Flow Diagram FIN Financial Report ONE One Line Diagram SPO Spool Drawing/Data
CV Civil (including onshore, near shore, & MR Mechanical Rigging Construction (incl Inst. Block Flow Diagram, IT Block Diagram, etc.) GRN Electrical & Instrument Grounding Drawings ORG Organization Chart SPR Equipment Spare parts List
offshore civil works) MS Mechanical Static (Incl. Package Equipment) BGT Budget Report and Back Up Data HRD Human Resource (Personnel) Data & Report OTH Other (not defined) STA Staffing Report
DC Document Control OP Operations BIB Bibliography IDS Instrument Data / Specification Sheet PCN Project Change Notice STD Standard Drawing
DT Distribution to All / Internal Manner PC Procurement BID Received Bid / Prequalification Submission IMG Remote Sensing / Aerial Photo / Radar / Satelite Image PDS Process DataSheet STF Standard Form
DR Drilling PJ Project Control BOM Bill of Material INF Information Drawings PED Process Engineering Diagram STL Structural Steel Drawings
EL Electrical PL Pipeline CAL Engineering Calculation INV Invoice PER Permit (including applications) SYM Symbology and Legend
EM General Engineering, Project Engineering, PM Project Management (inc. Project engineering) CAR Corrective Action Report INX Instrument Index PFD Process Flow Diagram, Heat & material Balance TCS Technical Confirmation Sheet
Engineering Management PP Piping CAT Catalogue IOM Installation and Operating Manual, Operating Information, PHI Philosophy TEQ Technical Query
EN Environmental PR Process Systems (and Design) CCO Contract Change Order Users Manual PID Piping & Instrument Diagram TEM Well Drilling Template
ES Engineering Specialties (includes paint, insulation, PS Plant Services CER Certificate IMM Inter-Office Memorandum PLA Plan ( Work Operation, Methodology, etc ) TQS Technical Query for Site
value engineering, consultants, material corrosions) QA Quality Assurance CKL Check List, Punch List ISO Piping Isometric PLL Piping Line List, Piping Nomenclature TRM Transmittals/Packing Slip and Receipt Notice
FU Furnaces, boilers, fired stationary equipment QC Quality Control CON Contract of Subcontract ISP Inspection (Field Visit/Examination) Report PLS Process Load Sheet, Analytical Sketch, Connection Summary TRN Training/Educational Material
HO Home Office (Div. Mgr, Discipline D/H, RV Reservoir (not Purchase Order or Contract Change Orders) IST Industry Standard, Specification, Code POS Purchase Order TST Test/Performance Result
Property, etc) SC Subcontractor COR Correspondence (Letter, Memos, Fax, or email) JOU Journal, Technical Paper, Magazine, Periodical PRC Procedure/Pratice/Policy/Instruction UFD Utility Flow Diagram
HR Human resources (only if Subcontractor not clearly of one Discipline) COS Cost Data / Report LAY General Plot Plan/Elevation/Layout PRD Production Report VDO Video / Multimedia File
HS Health & Safety VN Vendor (only if Vendor not clearly of one Disciplines) DAT Raw Data LEG Law, Regulation (at any level) PRE Presentation VDR Vendor/Sub Contractor Drawing and Data Requirements
IM Information Management & Telecommunication XP Exploration DBS Design Basis, Basis of Design LES Lessons Learned / Close Out Report PRG Progress Report VPI Vendor Product Information, Product Detail
(inc., IS, IT, etc) ZZ Reserved (for database testing) DNX Document index LET Letters REF Reference or Background Document WEL Well Completion Detail (topside or subsea)
DRP Major Design Report LIC License Agreement (only if other document type - e.g. JOU, DWG, etc - do not apply) WIR Wiring Details, Schematic Diagram, Junction Box Schedule
(generally a compilation of several studies or other documents) LOG Logic Diagram, Cause & Effect Diagram