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From: “Michael Buble”

Put Your Head on My Shoulder



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Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Words & Music by Paul Anka
Gentle Ballad = 60
Dmaj7/ A A7sus4( 9) Dmaj7/ A A11 Dmaj7/ A A7sus4( 9)
oo xo oo x ox oo xo
5 5

A13( 9) Bm 9
x x o x

molto rall. a tempo

Put your head on my shoul - der,

a tempo
molto rall.

pedal on each chor d change

Em7 A7 9 D69 Bm 9 Bm 7 Em11 A7 9 A7 9/ G

o o o xo x x o x x x x xo x x
6 5 6

hold me in your arms ba - by, squeeze me, oh so tight

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