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Tracks - Luke Turner & Eva Vermandel

Rough Trade Books 2019 ISBN 9781912722273 Acqn 29765
Pb 14x21cm 24pp 15ills 5col £7.99

Tracks is a new short fiction from author Luke Turner and photographer Eva Vermandel, using
each other's work to tell a story that explores identity, memory, loss and the struggle to engage
and contend with nature and its meanings in the contemporary world. Built upon Turner's intimate
knowledge of Epping Forest, and using the influence of William Morris' News From Nowhere, this
is a bold new work grown from collaborative roots.

Germ Songs - Will Burns & Jess White

Rough Trade Books 2019 ISBN 9781912722266 Acqn 29766
Pb 14x21cm 32pp 16ills £7.99

Germ Songs is a collaborative work by illustrator Jess White and poet Will Burns. These poems
and drawings take their shape from the land, utilising both artists' interest in the natural world and
the questions that close observation ask of us as human beings living through the landscape and
flora that surround us. In this work there are also raised questions about access to these spaces,
about property, ownership, boundaries and how these ideas have played out through history as
well as exerting pressure upon it. These themes echo ideas that have resonated with both White
and Burns in the work of William Morris-the nature of beauty, hard-won love, the importance of
the natural world and the influence of a northern European literary tradition, but asking,
importantly, what all this might mean today.

Rafal's Saga - Will Ason & Michal Novosad

Rough Trade Books 2019 ISBN 9781912722297 Acqn 29767
Pb 14x21cm 32pp £7.99

"What kind of story you want? Rough story or nice story?"

A collaboration between author Will Ashon and Michal Novosad, Rafal's Saga presents a tale of
homeless life in London: the difficulties, the despair, the endless problems, but also the humanity
and humour and, most of all, the heartbreaking beauty of being alive.

As William Morris pointed out, the most grinding poverty is a trifling evil compared with the
inequality of classes and this inequality of class is crystallised in the decisions we make when we
see someone begging. Michal tells the story of the death of his friend, Rafal, and in doing so
forces us to confront what it means if and when we calculate whether someone is worthy of
receiving our small change.

Things to Use, Things to Love - Lola Lely & Nina Chakrabarti

Rough Trade Books 2019 ISBN 9781912722280 Acqn 29768
Pb 14x21cm 32pp 27ills 14col £7.99

Things to Use, Things to Love is an imagery-filled conversation inspired by William Morris' golden
rule to "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."
Artist Lola Lely and illustrator Nina Chakrabarti exchange thoughts on the ordinary and
extraordinary, the aesthetic and functional.