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Career Development Planning Discussion

Career development planning discussions provide an opportunity for you and your career counselor and/or supervisor to focus on the actions and support needed to
increase your knowledge, skills and experience for your current job/role and to meet your career goals.

Career development planning should be an ongoing activity, and is required once a year during the Annual Review discussion.

 Come to the discussion prepared with your completed Career Development Plan*. The Career Development Plan includes the Personal Engagement List, a
series of questions about your career goals, and an opportunity for you to document actions to achieve those goals.

 Take advantage of the Career Development Planning tool, and the opportunity to engage in a discussion with your career counselor about your career
aspirations and professional growth needs.

 After the discussion you should update your Career Development Plan as needed based on your career counselor’s feedback, act on the actions documented,
and monitor your plan throughout the year.

* Ideally you should create your career development plan in the myPerformance application; otherwise you can utilize this word document template.
Career Development Plan

Name: Discussion Date:

SECTION 1: Engagement – What is important to you and how satisfied are you?
o Complete the Personal Engagement List . It is a useful tool to help highlight what is important to you and why.

o Come prepared with ideas and discuss actions that can be taken to maintain or improve your engagement.

o For more information on the Personal Engagement List and how it can best be utilized, visit the Employee Engagement site.

SECTION 2: Career goals – What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
o Assess where you are now in your career; what your strengths are and what type of work you like to do.

o Think about and be prepared to discuss your career goals and the skills and experiences you need to achieve these goals. Accenture offers many
opportunities to help you grow your career. Some examples of these opportunities are different types of roles or assignments, deployment and/or industry
alignment, or opportunities in other locations or countries. You can learn more about these career options including other career models by using the Accenture
Career Experience and the Accenture Careers Marketplace websites.

Questions about your career goals Your response and comments

What do you believe are your top strengths? 

What type of work do you like to do? 

What are your short-term (0-2 years) career goals? 

What are your long-term (2+ years) career goals? 
What skills and experiences do you need to meet your 
career goals?
SECTION 3: Development Plan – What skills and experiences do you need to be more effective in your current role and to achieve
your career goals?

o Plan specific actions to achieve your career goals and to address your development needs. Ensure the actions are achievable for the specified timeframe.

o Consider development opportunities including not only formal training but also self-study, collaboration and job experiences. If you are interested in a cross-
border assignment, refer to the Global Mobility and Relocation Navigator for additional information.

o Fully utilize the information and capability within myLearning when planning development actions. myLearning has been enhanced to include a personalized
homepage, the Learning Advisor and Learning Roadmaps. The Learning Roadmaps recommend activities targeted to your area of specialization.

o Think about potential obstacles or barriers in achieving your actions and how to overcome them. Identify the type of help or support you need to implement
your action plan and discuss this with your career counselor.

o Keep in mind that the Career Development Plan is a living document. Use and update it throughout the coming year to help you manage your career.

Category** Action Item and Description Support Needed Target Target Status*** Outcome and/or Additional
Start Date Completion Date Comments
EXAMPLE: Join the ChangeTracking community of practice to learn 2 hours/month to attend 6/13/10 10/28/10 In
more about how to position this tool to our clients. conference calls Progress

** Choose from one of the following categories:

Categories Definition Learning Activity Types

Formal Learning Learning through formal programs or events Classroom; Virtual; Blended; Certification program
Self-Study Learning anytime eLearning; Book or eBook; Website; Article; Accenture knowledge asset; Video/audio
Collaboration Learning from other people or sharing your experience Individual Networking; Expert contact; Community of Practice; Mentoring
(social learning)
Job Experience Learning through real experience Cross-border assignment; Stretch assignment; Required tasks; Coaching;
Performance Support

*** Status: Not Started, In Progress, Complete