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1. In establishing the vision, mission, goals and objectives in an organization, a very important
requirement is necessary how to achieve them. These requirements are the statement of sets of
values. What is the importance of values statement in realizing the long term objective in any
organization? Describe how sets of values are defined for an organization of your choice?
In the concept of management, values are the principles or beliefs that will guide the
organization in fulfilling its purpose. Achieving its objectives, accomplishing its mission and
realizing its vision, values are the things that are important to the organization

An organization adopts certain values and act on it depending on its vision. Values are the key to
effective management they are the core of every decisions, every action and channel the
thought process in making decisions and taking actions. They condition the behaviour of the
people in the organization and they way internal and external relationships are handled. Values
characterize the culture of an organization. Values may be expressed as principles, beliefs, or
policies. For an organization to be successful kit therefore needs a common of shared values.

In the Department of Education, which I am currently working right now, values are being
defined through meetings and writing. DepEd orders and memoranda served as a means of
public of public knowledge to all the subordinates so that their effort is geared towards what is
being directed for them to do. By this means, it is being assured that everyone is working
towards the attainment of DepEd’s vision and mission.
2. Differentiate in your own understanding the following terms
a. Values from norms
Values are rules or morals that an individual may have for example, honesty, compassion,
integrity, and empathy, while norms are behaviours accepted and promoted in the society
or the standard that is being accepted by society.
b. Values from ethics
Values are subjective guidelines that people use to decide which things are good and which
are bad. On the other hand, ethics are guidelines for conduct. This may come from whatever
group a person belong to.
c. Values from laws, rules, and legal procedures
Values are set of principles which help a person dissent from good or bad. Laws by nature
consist of a number of norms which constitutes obligatory rule of behaviour for the
members of the society.
d. Values from professionalism
Values refer to our thinking or perception in handling problems while professionalism is the
skill, good judgment and polite behaviour that is expected from a person who is trained to
do a job.
e. Values from human behaviour
Values are principles or quality that an individual or group of people hold in high regard.
These values guide the way we live and the decsions we make, on the other hand, human
behaviour is the rapport of individuals or group of human to internal and external
behaviour. It refers to to the array of every physical action and observable condition
associated with individuals.
f. Values from character
Values are chosen life’s decisions they ca be used to guide our actions and decisions, can
help us to move forward in the face of difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions, while
character is an evaluation of an individual’s moral qualities. It can imply a variety of
attributes including the existence or lack of virtues such as empathy, fortitude, honesty and
g. Filipino values from American values
Filipino values rooted on the idea of being family centered while American values look into
the importance of one self or self-centered.
3. Choose one positive Filipino Values and give a thorough discussion on its effect to the ff:
a. Work
Pakikisama is seen among Filipino workers, is seen in practices common in offices where
officemates are united in certain ways which will fast track the tasks and responsibilities of
everybody. Also, the gap between subordinates and the superiors is lessened and they help
bridge common understanding and harmony between each other.
b. Environment
The most basic value and quality of pakikisama concerns the person’s enhancement and the
community he/she lives in. the magnitude of this trait will definitely be a useful tool not only
for the people but to the nation in general. The premise is that good people will make a
good society which can equally apply truly to the nation general. Eventually, good citizens
who are doing well with others in a positive sense will be a good source of productive and
patriotic minded workforce who therefore can build and develop a further progressive
c. Governance
Pakikisama has been a tool for anomalous transactions and irregularities in most others. In
effect, some employees become corrupt to the extent that they use pakikisama on this
certain network of friendship to bribe official employers which is illegal or improper in
d. Education
In the aspect of education, pakikisama also takes placei asking a favour to pass a test or to
get a scholarship. With their mind-set that the people whom they recognize won’t be
leaving them , thereby giving them favours on those aspects.
e. Human relations
In terms of human relations, pakikisama also plays a vital role among individuals. A person is
being forced to do something that is sometimes against his/her will. Afraid of being tagged
as “wala kang pakikisama” a person is being driven or lurked to something that is against
his/her wil.l
f. Leadership and management
There is a common way of building a good rapport in an office say for example private
organization or government offices. Pakikisama at some points is being used as a tool for
4. What do you think are the reasons why many Filipinos are still having an annoying attitudes
towards each other in spite of being religious, basically educated and some are even
professionals that occupies high government positions.
Aside from the positive values that Filipino posses, there are some negative values that hinders
our development and to the most extent makes us annoying even though we are religious by
nature. Among these are the following:
Crab Mentality – the behaviour of preventing someone from achieving something due to jealous
or envy.
Ningas-Cogon – illustrates how Filipinos initially exhibit great enthusiasm at the beginning of a
project. The eagerness however, fades away just as quickly as the fire is extinguished, leaving
our work either half-baked or unfinished.
General Disregard for rules – a look at everyday life in the country shows Filipinos from the
entire social strata nonchalantly breaking the rules, whether it is something as benign or
jaywalking or as dangerous as breaking the red light.
Bahala na Attitude – means “come what may”. This attitude promote a sense of helplessness
and resignation of one’s fate.
5. In business ethics and setting of corporate values, it is necessary to determine the religion and
norms of your prospected customers. Why? Cite an example situation
Business ethics is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines the ethical and
moral principles and problems that arise in business environment. This is by definition of
business ethics. It is indeed necessary to determine the religious and norms of the prospected
customers so that we can serve them to the full extent without compromising their beliefs
norms, and religion. For example in developing product,, the manufacturer should put into
consideration that his/her products does not only cater to the standards of the Catholics but of
the Muslims as well. It is very evident nowadays that majority of the products are “HALAL”
certified which means that it is not harmful to Islam.. by putting into consideration these things,
everyone will enjoy the benefit of the product.
6. A Filiipino has an American mind, Spanish heart, and Malay roots. Expound the phrase and give
your own opinion by citing situations and proof to it.
Filipinos have Malay roots which is evident on our physical appearance, the color of our skin,
eyes and majority of physical features are that of Malay origin. We are Spanish by heart for the
reason that we have been colonized by the Spaniards for 300 years and we have been
acculturated on their ways which is evident on our values and beliefs. We are American in mind,
because of the effect of modern times Filipinos prefer the Westernized kind of living. We have
adopted mostly the ways of the Westerners.
7. What are our ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, to which we are committed and which
influence our everyday behaviour and decisions? How ill you connect this definition with the
values of ISIS group? Does this justifies their beliefs, practices, culture and behaviour? Can we
blame people of not having the same values with its constituents? Is vote buying during election
tantamount to good practice? Support your answers.
The ISIS group believe in the notion that they work to create a caliphate system to control the
kind of government which they are trying to implement they that thru force and violence are
the ways to realize it. In general this are bad acts, wrongdoing, nevertheless, iit is their set of
values . Though this is unacceptable in anyway one should look at it, still this nation continues.
Generally we cannot blame people for not having the same values with its constituents because
the concept of values is relative – it differs from one people to another. Your values may be
acceptable to you but it is not acceptable to everyone and vice versa.
Vote buying is not tantamount to good practice, that is is a form of dishonesty and dishonesty is
not a good practice. Maybe our vote has been paid for a certain amount but think of the larger
populace who will bear the consequences because of our superficial decisions in selecting our
leaders who are being clothed in their personal interests and not on the idea of a true public
8. Give your own opinion how a positive values can cause negative results by citing an example.
I would like to take once again tne value on Pakikisama. Pakikisam is being applied on a work
environment causes workers to be united in certain ways which fast track the tasks and
responsibility of everybody. Also, the gap between subordinates and the superiors is lessened
and they help bridge common understanding and harmony between each other.
However, this value had become also a tool for anomalous transactions and irregularities in
most others. In effect, some employers become corrupt to the extent that they use pakikisama
on this certain network of friendship either to bribe official employees which is illegal and
improper in nature.
9. What are your observation why the recently concluded elections resulted to the failure of most
OTSO DERITSO senatorial candidate who claimed themselves as honest as compared to
candidate of the winning parties who were accused and branded as tainted?
Most of the winning candidates have been endorsed by no other that, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte,
that’s why most of the senatorial seats have been occupied by them.
If we are to relate this to Filipino values, this has something to do o our patriarchal system
where the father is being regarded as the high authority of the family. As President of our
country, we regard Duterte as full authority, as our hope towards curbing corruption, drug
problem and other social issues . Majority of the voters believe giving the trust to the candidates
endorsed by Duterte is a sure factor that they will be helping the President in addressing social

10. How does poverty affect the observance of values? Values greatly depends
Poverty affects the observance of values in the sense that if someone is poor his/her values
depends on fate or luck. The “bahala na attitude” is at the forefront of the things that he/she
does. Their view of life becomes fatalistic and even depend on divine intervention of the things
that will happen.