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“It’s Fruit but not as we know it”
An inquiry using skills and processes you will apply throughout the course.

Acting and applying

Sharing new learning with others making a difference with my learning
applying to new contexts creating/constructing/doing
Synthesizing and reflecting
Reviewing earlier thinking, identifying changes in understanding,
making connections between ideas identifying what has been learned
Going further
Personal and small group pathways of investigation taking learning
further, personalizing
Sorting out
analyzing information, looking for patterns, reviewing thinking, making
meaning expressing new understandings
Tuning in
To students; thinking.
Establishing the known, connecting to students; lives, sense of purpose
for inquiry, first thinking, first invitation for questions
Finding out:
Gathering information from a range of sources - working as researchers
-continuing to raise questions learning skills of investigation

© Kath Murdoch 2010


1) Acting and applying – On an A3 page, Use a 2B pencil to draw

the fruit in front of you, apply drawing techniques from prior learning.
Indicate what the techniques are called, label these. Observe carefully to
describe what you see. Compose the page making use of the entire page.
40 minutes. Tuning in – What questions do you have? What are your
first thoughts, emotions, fears?
2) Sorting out – Review your drawing by analyzing what you have
done, make both technical and compositional improvements. Crop and
define the drawing. 20 minutes.
3) Going further – Finding Out. What else can you find out about
the fruit you have drawn?
Write down what you know – 10 minutes, ask others what they know –
5mins. Google (Full citations in MLA format including access time and
date) about the fruit and record what you find – 10 minutes.
Questions – Where do these fruit come from?
- Is it sustainable to consume these fruit?
- What do they cost?
- Who are the artists you like that have used fruit as inspiration in their
work? What media do they use?
- How could you use fruit to inspire your work?
4) Acting (building) and applying – Cut the fruit up into new
shapes. Draw and observe the difference in colour, texture, and contrast.
Use coloured drawing wet or dry media to describe what you see – 40
5) Synthesizing and reflecting - Using all the cut fruit, milk and
ice water, add all the ingredients to a blender. Wiz up the mixture. Share
a glass with each person in your group.
Write down on your original drawing paper, the taste, texture etc. Is it
watery, sweet, sour, lumpy, yummy or horrible? 10 minutes.
If you were to do the process all over again, what would you do to make
it better or different?

How can you apply this entire process to your own work?