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The Assistant Director-General

for Communication and Information

United Nations •
---- -Ed1:1catlonal;-6cientific and�
Cultural Organization •
des Nations Unies
pour !'education, Mr Sanjeev Kumar Yadav
la science et la culture
de las Naciones Unidas f Lecturer
para la Educaci6n,
la Ciencia y la Cultura
Acme Engineering College
Triby Nepal
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W* »»: 1-t £1H.R Ref: CI/KSD/BN/19/305 8 July 2019

Dear Mr Yadav,

I am happy to inform you that you have been selected to participate in the
Monsoon School, which will be organized within the framework of a joint
UNESCO-IISC project "Dealing with Urban Disasters: Technology Driven
Solutions" from Aug 5 to 10, 2019 in Bangalore.

In view of the importance of your participation and in order to facilitate your

travel, UNESCO will provide you with financial support for:

• A round trip economy class from Kathmandu to Bangalore;

• Full board Subsistence (will be arranged by IISc)
• A payment of 150$ to cover costs of meals and board for 3rd August;
• Any other expenses will not be granted.

For reimbursement of the travel expenses in most economic rate and for the
insurance coverage, please refer to the attached Travel Statement (AM15-12).
Kindly return the attached form duly signed as soon as possible. Should you
decide to purchase your own ticket, please inform us of the cost of your ticket
for UNESCO's approval before purchasing it. Reimbursement will be made by
bank transfer upon submission of the original travel ticket invoice and booking

The detailed agenda of the Training will be communicated to you shortly and
look forward to your active participation in the School.

7, place de Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07 SP, France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 45 6810 00
Fax: +33 (0)1 45 67 16 90
We would be grateful if you could kindly confirm your participation by returning
the attached form, together with the travel statement by 11 July 2019 to Mr.
Bhanu Neupane, Knowledge Societies Division, Communication and
Information Seetor-{tel.�-+3B-1-45 68--'I-B83; e-mail: b.neupane@unesee�rq)� ------ -

We look forward to welcoming you in Bangalore.

Yours sincerely,

CC: UNESCO Office in Kathmandu

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