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Passion for Truth and Compassion for Humanity

Decision making is the mental process that leads to the selection of actions.

Decision making will result to final action and the output can be action or opinion.

According to some studies, decision making in sexual activities results into actions.

Often sexual attitudes are guided by a multitude of impulses rather than by reason and

careful decision making. When a man and a woman decide to engage in sexual

intercourse for the first time, this is-even in a casual encounter-a dramatic moment. As a

result, many adults are uninterested in examining their motives or approaching such a

decision rationally. Yet because they are not cautious, men and women can feel

disappointed and exploited in their sexual experiences (Burgoyne, 1982; Gordon, 1981;

Hoffman, 1981; Weis, 1983). If a person is single, how a man and woman acted and

reacted into sexual intercourse were affected by their moral decision making. It means

that how a man and a woman feel regarding sex will affect their rational thinking in

sexual intercourse—that may result into negative for both partners or friends and it may

also result with benefits for both partners or friends. When a person is engaged and

sexually active, they will not think rationally or they can’t decide very well especially if

the two person is in pleasurable moment. Everyone has the right to decide for

themselves but deciding for your own satisfaction even if it’s wrong is not acceptable.

According to other studies, young people have the right to grow up confident and

knowledgeable about their sexual health and can only make informed decisions about

their lives when they have the right information at the right time. We hope that this

report will help all those who wish to help young people to achieve this. Decision making

should be knowledgeable and it requires to process thinking and analyzing a particular

Siena College Quezon City
Passion for Truth and Compassion for Humanity

decision especially if it’s important decision. That’s why, sexual health education is


Sexual health education was initially implemented to counter misinformation that

was circulated throughout society, but has evolved into a field of necessity and a shared

responsibility of state and local government, parents, teachers, the community, and

school administrators (Corngold, 2010; SIECCAN, 2009).

Sex education provides young people with necessary information to make

informed choices regarding their sexual health (SIECUS, 2012; FoSE, 2012). Sexual

health education evokes emotional responses that are representative of what sexual

health education means to people with differing philosophical, cultural, political, and

religious views and beliefs (Bleakley, Hennessy, & Fishbein, 2010; SIECCAN, 2009).