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Experiential Exercise


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Experiential Exercise


In communications, digital media facilitates convenience in connecting with other people.

My experience of the convenience of digital media in communication is mainly the smartphone

and cloud services. The advantage of digital media is that aside from facilitating connection the

technology enhances data and information sharing so that large amounts of data and documented

information can be shared. Furthermore, the ability to incorporate different types of media with

digital technology enhances the alternatives for communication. The increased use of digital

technology for communications involving conversations, learning, research, entertainment and

other activities makes it difficult to stay away from digital technology through the day.

Daily Task

Digitization of machines and how they work is a technological development that began as

early as the emergence of the first computer. Today we have vendor machines, ATM machines

and other devices that use digital technology. In my daily task, I would not identify much use of

digital technology aside from, say, making measurements using an online calculator or formula

to using a safe or an instrument for cooking that has the digital features.


Entertainment is perhaps the main reason I interact with digital technology. Digital media

is the main form of entertainment today and any company that claims to produce music, a movie

or even games ensure that they are available in forms that can be used for digital media.


In work and school, digital technology is more of a resource that contributes to an

ultimate goal that the members of the fraternity share. In school, digital media is used as a

resource for storing educational information such as text books or news. The use of digital

technology in schools has facilitated an easier integrating of functions in an organization since it

increases efficiency by pooling resources such as communications or access to information in

one elaborate system.


A review of my personal life revealed surprising findings about how much my life is

centered on digital technology. I found that I spent relatively 6 hours of my day engaging with

digital technology in one way or another. From taking an elevator up a building, to making an

order in a restaurant or when trying to connect with friends and distant loved ones the role of

digital technology in our life remains more substantial than before. Through such an analysis of

daily activity i got to put all the utilities that involve digital technology in my daily routine.

I reckon that life would be rather difficult to live without digital technology especially for

people like myself who just love the convenience of new technologies that we have. The entire

world is thriving on the communication capabilities of the smartphone and the connectivity of

social media and internet services. Life without digital technology that supports much of what

we enjoy in the modern world would be first boring, then difficult to adapt to.

As such, life would be rather difficult without the help of digital technology and it would

be impossible to do some things that we can do today. In a world where we have robots and

drones helping us explore place that would be otherwise dangerous. Digital technology helps us

to check on our health through digitized machines that help to derive diagnostic results, helps in

detecting time and geographical location aside from many other conveniences. The exercise was

therefore useful in unraveling the vital position of digital technology in our daily life. What I

found difficult was identifying the role of digital technology in daily tasks since there are some

tasks where the role of digital technology is peripheral, others depend completely on digital

technology. Nonetheless, the exercise was an interesting review.