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3.1 Menganalisis fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan teks interaksi transaksional
lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait jati diri dan
hubungan keluarga, sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya. (Perhatikan unsur kebahasaan
pronoun: subjective, objective, possessive)
4.1 Menyusun teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis pendek dan sederhana yang melibatkan
tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait jati diri, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial,
struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuai konteks penggunaannya
1. Siswa dapat memahami dan menganalisis fungsi social, struktur teks, dari Introduction
2. Siswa dapat memahami dan menganalisis unsur kebahasaan dari Introduction terutama
mengenai Simple Present and Pronoun
3. Siswa dapat memahami dan menyusun teks tentang Introduction secara benar
4. Siswa dapat membuat teks tentang Introduction secara lisan dan tulisan dengan benar

Siswa diberi game mengenai perkenalan untuk membangun suasana dipertemuan pertama

Siswa diberi pertanyaan untuk memancing dan menarik perhatian mereka ke materi
Introduction jawaban siswa kemudian didiskusikan bersama-sama.

Answer the following questions1

1. When was the last time you met a new people?
2. What did you say to introduce yourself?
3. What did you ask to your name friend?
Key Answers:
The answers may vary

Siswa melihat video sekali lagi untuk mendapat pemahaman mengenai introducing terutama
masalah greetings, introduction expression, self identity, and leave taking/closing.

Siswa diminta untuk membaca dan memahami dialog dan monolog mengenai introducing.
Kemudian, siswa diminta membuat monolog yang berisi perkenalan diri mereka masing-masing.

Make a monologue introducing yourself and practice it!

Key Answers:
The answer may vary

Siswa diminta mengerjakan soal untuk menguji pemahaman mereka terhadap expression yang
biasa digunakan dalam introducing.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate expressions!

Andi : Hi, ayu! _____________ (1)
Ayu : I’m fine. What about you?
Andi : ___________________ (2). By the way, This is Denias, my classmate
Ayu : Hi, Denias. How do you do?
Denias : ___________________ (3)
Ayu : ___________________ (4)
Denias : I’m from West Papua.
Ayu : Wow! I heard a lot nice things about that place. I’m so sorry I should go now.
Nice to meet you, Denias.
Denias : ___________________ (5)

 How do you do?

 Nice to meet you too
 How are you?
 I’m fine too.
 Where are you from?

Key Answers:

 How do you do? (3)

 Nice to meet you too (5)
 How are you? (1)
 I’m fine too. (2)
 Where are you from? (4)

Siswa mendengar penjelasan dan berdiskusi tentang unsur kebahasaan yang ada dalam
meateri Interduction yaitu, pronoun.

Siswa diminta mengerjakan soal latihan mengenai pronoun.

Fill in the blank spaces!

Last week was my friend Shannon birthday party. She celebrated (1) __ 18th birthday. She held
the party in a famous café. (2) ___ is located in Rodeo street. I came there with my best friend
Kayla and Rob. Kayla was Shannon’s neighbor and (3) ____ was my classmate. Rob was
living out of town. Shannon didn’t know about (4) ___ yet. Kayla, Rob, and I came together.(5)
___ came there by Taxi. First, Kayla came to Rob’s apartment and then (6) ___ picked me up.
When we arrived, the room was crowded. (7) ___ was full of people. All of (8) ___ were
Shannon’s friends.

Key Answers:
(1) Her (2) It (3) She (4) him (5) We (6) They/she (7) It (8) us
Siswa diberi penjelasan mengenai simple present tense!

Siswa diberi latihan mengenai simple present tense!

Choose the best answer!

1. Children always …….. their
a. are loving
b. is loving
c. love
d. loves

2. The man always……… the truth.

a. tells
b. is telling
c. telling
d. are telling

3. The students usually……… fifteen minutes before the class starts.

a. to come
b. came
c. come
d. are coming

4. Everybody…….. work hard everyday.

a. doesn’t
b. isn’t
c. don’t
d. aren’t

5. ……… to Mosque every day?

a. Does you go
b. Do you go
c. Are you go
d. Have you go

6. He doesn’t ………. that Mr. Buhima is our maths teacher.

a. know
b. knows
c. knew
d. known

7. Rini and her sister always….. English conversation at home.

a. are practicing
b. practiced
c. practice
d. practices

8. How often …… coffee?

a. mother drinks
b. mother does drink
c. did mother drink
d. does mother drink?

9. It …… a lot of money to buy that car.

a. cost
b. costed
c. costs
d. costes

10. My brother and my sister ………….. to work early in the

a. drive
b. drives
c. driving
d. are driving

Key Answers:
(1) C (2) A (3) C (4) A (5) B (6) A (7) C (8) D (9) C (10) A