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Good day ladies and gentlemen, my name is Luthfi Maulana and today I will be discussing what I
learn during my first rotation in LDC graduate program. This will be a short 15 minutes, the agenda is
as follows:

 I will start the presentation by giving you background information about mu first rotation
 I will go into explaning my objectives, daily activity, and responsibility
 This will be followed by discussing any additional assignment that I participated in and some
of my accomplishments
 The presentation will conclude with recommendation and keypoints that I’ve made.

2. Rotation 1 background
I did my first rotation program here at Lampung LDC plant where I was put in production
department under Mr Teuku as Production Manager. We met at least a month to discuss about my
learning. From September to December I was put in biodiesel plant where was accompanied by Pak
Bartho as biodiesel supervisor, and Mr kadiyu and mr eko as refinery and fractionation supervisor
where we met everyday to discuss daily production agenda in production. In Lampung plant we
process CPO as our raw material and produce RPO, olein stearin, biodiesel as main products and
crude glycerine, palm fatty acid distillate, and fatty matter as by-product.

3. Assignment 1 (Objectives and Method)

The objective for the first rotation was for us to gain detailed operational knowledge of how to
safely operate process and experiencing the role as operator in production department.

To know what I need to learn, I do line tracing of the pipe based on process diagram that from the
point of crude palm oil arrives at plant until it leaves the plant as a finished product. This gives me a
list of main equipments and processes for refining, fractionation, and biodiesel process. From then I
learn study from the operating manual of each equipment and work instruction and SOP to do
certain tasks as an operator.

From there I put my self dividing into operator role:

 Tank farm operator  responsible for loading/unloading chemical such as sodium

methylate, HCL, caustic soda, citric acid from trucks to storage, transfer raw glycerine and
products from bulking to refinery under monitoring of supervisor and fellow operator.
 Field operator  responsible for sample taking, adjust, and minor maintenance such as
cleaning strainer pump, operating pump, et cetera
 Control room operator  learn about setting recipe for biodiesel process, operational
consumptions, doing log sheet and updating daily production report.

One of my biggest takeaways was how much more important experience is rather than just pure
knowledge. Experienced operator and supervisor will know exactly what and where something is
going wrong in the plant just by listening and having discussion with them. I could spend hours
studying plant processes, but without spending quality time in the plant, it would be as if I didn’t
learn anything at all.

And All I’ve learnt I put in one point lesson and daily activity log, biodiesel performance report, log
sheet filling, team briefeinf and safety,

Additional assignments and accomplishments

During my assignment in production plan, there are a few additional assignments and
accomplishment that I had in which

include biodiesel housekeeping in which I design partition wall for biodiesel storage room, I was also
given a task to do line breaking for packing column replacement in biodiesiesl plant, I also do steam
load calculation in refinery, fractionation, and biodiesel plant get involve in Scheduled downtime
activity in which I arrange line breaking procedure, PTW, PJHA

Arrange request order for consumables during sdt and monitor SDT prograss

Assignment is to new coal boiler project to calculate the operational cost for gas and coal boiler in
lampung plant. Estimate the CAPEX and OPEX of new coal boiler.

Process recommendation:

I will now discuss about one of my recommendation to build new coal boiler. Here in lampung plant
we use coal boiler and gas boiler to supply operational refinery, fractionation and biodiesel. With the
increasing of biodiesel steam demand, gas boiler to increase its load.

The current status of gas boiler is 32% of steam goes to biodiesel plant and gas boiler load has to
increase its load capacity until it reached 80% of boiler capacity. forwards I calculate, the total steam
generated steam coal and steam gas from January to October 2018. I found there is a different cost
between steam cost by coal boiler and gas boiler due to the difference if fuel price.

 Cost perspective: fuel saving opportunity of 16.01 $/MT steam

 Space availability: We have space to install new coal boiler

 Reliability: 3 boiler increases our reliability to run the plant at full capacity through the year

Assignment 1 (SHE)

What worked well – I will now talk about SHE. One thing I learned while working in the SHE
department is the importance of process interlock system in refinery, fractionation,
biodiesel plant. It prevents you from making an inappropriate maneuver, or adjusts the system to a
safe state to avoid unsafe condition

Recommendations -If I had to make a recommendation for SHE process is to install

differential pressure as an indicative measure to monitor possible problems in bleaching
earth dust collector. A sudden drop in differential pressure drop alert us that a filter leak or
rupture has occurred. A sudden increase in differential pressure drop may be an indication
that our cleaning system has stopped functioning.
To install level monitoring system for tank sounding in tank farm raw material. Because tank
farm operator has to rely only on manual tank sounding. From SHE perspective it will
eliminate high risk activity especially if we do it at night.

1. Conclusion (also Key Takeaways)

During this rotation we’ve set an objectives which is to gain detailed knowledge and
experience the role of operator and to complete those objective we have to manage our
own plan/strategy. To achieve that objective what I do first to determine what i can learn.

 By asking experience colleague and my mentor I can find the material I can learn
 I set a schedule to when is the best time to do/practice what I’ve learnt by doing my
role as a tank farm operator, field operator, and control room operator which is
during operational schedule shift, team breafing, and during troubleshooting and
normal operation.
 And then I will evaluate my work by comparing with what I’ve learnt before and
have a discussion with my supervisor/mentor/ experienced colleague
 After they’re giving a feedback I will make it as a baseline it put to the next strategy
and do the cycle again
Conclusion - To conclude I’d like to say that these 6 months were truly a humbling
experience for me. I’d like to thank Lampung team for their guidance into the industry. I
thank you all for the experience that we all share. I hope we have a meaningful
Thank You