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Special Vehicle Series : 01

Wheel Loader Assembly


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View of completed model

* This model was designed for Papercraft and
may differ from the original in some respects.

Tools Assembly tip

Scissors Write the number of each part on the reverse side of the part in pencil
Ruler, set square upon cutting it out, to be sure you can tell which part is which later.
Glue (Wood glue or craft glue recommend) Before gluing, crease the paper along
Exhausted ballpoint pen (out of ink) mountain and valley fold lines. Trace along
Toothpicks (for use in applying glue) the folds with a ruler and an exhausted
Tweezers (useful for handling small parts) ballpoint pen (out of ink) to get a sharper fold.
Pencil Make sure rounded sections are nice and stiff.

Key to symbols
Pattern Assembly instructions
Mountain fold The dots show where to glue Red arrow
Dotted line
Fold so that the printed the pieces together. Glue the Glue
pattern faces outside. pieces together as shown in the
following examples.
Blue arrow Insert
Dashed and
dotted line Some parts must be glued (without gluing)
Valley fold
Fold so that the printed together along the cut surfaces.
pattern faces inside. Light blue Glue tab
Red dot
Solid line Cut parts out Glue parts with the same
along this line. number together. (Numbers are Reverse side of
Light grey
not printed on very small parts.) paper
Solid red line Cut a notch Green dot
Movable part
along this line. Glue areas within the same
This denotes a part
part together.
that must be able to
Cut these areas move after the model
Diagonal Blue dot is completed. Be sure
grey lines out. Glue to the reverse side of the to crease these parts
specified part. sufficiently.

Glue, scissors and other tools may be dangerous to young children

so be sure to keep them out of the reach of young children.

Assembly Instructions: Seven US letter sheets (No. 1 to No. 7)

Build this model with careful reference to the Assembly Instructions.
Wheel Loader Assembly Instructions

Assemble the cab. Use care to get the shape right

Glue flaps a and b in order. when assembling this part, Cross section
referring to the cross section
at right.

Close this surface last and glue it in place.

Glue flaps a, b, and c in order.

Wheel Loader Assembly Instructions

Shape this part before gluing it.

Glue flaps a, b, c, d, and e Leave an opening here.
in order.

This is a moving part.

Do not glue it.

Fold the left and right flaps

Glue flaps a, b, and c in order. back and glue each in place.

Cross section

Glue to part G.
Moving part Moving part
Use care to attach this part
in the right direction, Use care with the angles at which you glue parts
referring to the illustration. 12 and 13 in place, to ensure the two parts are parallel.

Fold down the sides, then bend Glue the back sides of the paper
the center down along the curved parts together, in numbered order.
edges and glue it in place. Fold in the ends of parts 22 and
28 and then glue them in place.

Reverse side

Cross section Apply a small amount of

glue to the cut surface of
the paper as well, and glue
this part in place along
with the shape of the
bucket. (The bucket does
not have any glue tabs.)

Moving part Glue parts 17 and 18 to

the reverse side of the bucket.
Wheel Loader Assembly Instructions

Glue flaps a and b in order.

Insert into the opening

in part F.

Cross section

Referring to the cross section,

insert this part through the holes and
fix it in position at top and bottom.

Overhead view

Assemble in the same way as part 31. This is the joint between
the front and rear sections.
Wheel Loader Assembly Instructions
Wheel Loader Assembly Instructions

Assemble the left wheels.

(The left and right tires have Assemble the right wheels in the same way.
different tread directions.)

Cross section Cross section

Insert the axles into the body of the wheel loader

and glue the wheels in place, checking the direction
of the tread on the tires and taking care to attach
the left and right tires on their proper sides. Right rear wheel
The wheels should spin freely.

Right front wheel

Left rear wheel

Left front wheel

Wheel Loader Assembly Instructions

Apply glue to the cut surface of

the paper and glue this part to
the body of the wheel loader,
On parts with no glue tabs,
concealing the glue tabs.
apply glue to the cut
surface of the paper.

Fold the shaft part in and glue these parts together.

After attaching them to the body of the wheel loader,
adjust the angle of the shaft so the headlight
points straight forward.

Last, assemble the nameplate and
display it together with your model.