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19/8/2014 Ethernet Port | Computer Ports

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Ethernet Port
Ethernet port is a network hardware interface
Pages used for data transfer and control between at least
two devices that can support the ip protocol. It
Computer ports was introduced in 1980 and, at first, coaxial cable
DNS Port
was used. In 1985 the Ethernet port was
standardized and twisted pair cable replaced the
Do iPads have usb coaxial cable. In our days twisted pair cable is
ports used only on short distances, like the connection
DVI Port between a computer modem port or network port
and a Ethernet switch or router. On long distances
Ethernet Port
fiber optic links are used as Ethernet cable.
Firewire Port
HDMI Port The Ethernet port speed can vary 10Mbps up to
10Gbps. High speeds are usually used in large
NTP Port data transfer networks like a CCTV IP network or
Parallel Port cable company but in the last case high speed is
only obtained between switches or routers in most cases the client receives only 10 or 100 Mbps.
PS2 Port The maximum Ethernet cable length between switches computers and routers is 100 meters or 328ft. After
Serial Port this the signal starts losing in amplitude and you could experience connection loss. If you want to use internet
cables on longer distances it is better to use signal boosters for every 100 meters. A more efficient way is to
SFTP Port use fiber optic cable who with special equipment can go up to 20 km without any signal booster.
Ethernet rj45 pinout for 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX:
USB Port
VGA Port


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Pin no. Name Description

1 TX D1+ Transmit+

2 TX D1- Transmit-

3 RX D2+ Receive+

4 Not Used Not Used 1/3
19/8/2014 Ethernet Port | Computer Ports

5 Not Used Not Used

6 RX D2- Receive-
Network Tap 7 Not Used Not Used

Efficiently Monitor 8 Not Used Not Used

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Ethernet rj45 pinout for 1000 BASE-T (Gigabit LAN):

Pin no. Name Description

1 TX D1+ Transmit+

2 TX D1- Transmit-

3 RX D2+ Receive+

4 BI D3 + Bi-directional Data+

5 BI D3 - Bi-directional Data-

6 RX D2- Receive-

7 BI D4+ Bi-directional Data+

8 BI D4- Bi-directional Data-

The most asked question about Ethernet port:

Ethernet port not working, what to do?

First of all check in my computer – device manager for internet adapters and if they don’t have a question
mark next to them then is a problem with your internet connection signal or settings. If you find a question
mark first unplug your Ethernet card from your pc and then put it back and check to see it the problem
persists. If the problem is not solved try to reinstall the Ethernet card driver and if nothing works then you’ll
need a new one. If you have a laptop the service is more expensive then the Ethernet card and I will
recommend you to buy Ethernet port to usb port adapter or to firewire port for apple computers or a
wireless Ethernet hub and use your wifi laptop connection. 2/3
19/8/2014 Ethernet Port | Computer Ports

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