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Guidelines of computer instructions

1. With the increase in the use of computer and more important networks, computer security
measures have assumed great significance. It is imperative that proper computer instructions are
prepared and adhered to at fmn/unit level
2. In spite of several instructions o the subject, it is noticed that due attention is not being paid by
all ranks in implementing these orders. It seems that parochial view of instructions is being
considered which may prove detrimental to our security. This issue has to be added in right
perspective and sincerity
3. Action during installing of computers:-
a. Making an inventory to include the Sr No. Of monitor, hard disk and cabinet (CPU) and
endorse the same on the VRS.
b. Use only auth/genuine software.
c. Get the software loaded from authorized sources.

. 4. Action during usage:-

a. Password be used for all computers and changed every month. If more persons are working
on one computer then each must use a separate password by partitioning the data if so
b. Access to computers to be regulated
c. Close information to be kept on CDS/DVD/Pen Drives and these must be kept under lock and
key in the custody of person entitled to handle them
d. Directories of all computers be reviewed every month and files/info which is no more
required be deleted.
4. Repair of computer:-
a. Repair of computer should be carried out through designated repair center.
b. Repairs of CPU be done in-situ as far as possible.
c. Hard disk should not be taken out of office without of all data therein. A certificate be
given that hard disk is empty/formatted whenever CPU is sent for repairs.
d. Un repairable/ unserviceable hard disk should be destroyed under supervision. Certify to
this effect of safe destruction, date and time should be signed by supervising person and
counter signed by the head of department.
e. Repair of computer to e carried out on work order and the computer should be
accompanied with by log book.
5. Hardware/Physical security:- Physical security of computers will encompass procedures given
a. An officer /computer secretary should be responsible for the custody/functioning of
each PC.
b. PCs should be placed close to offrs entrusted with their use.
c. Only trained persons be allowed to use works on PCS. Untrained person may work under
direct supervision of trained ones.
d. Password:-
i. Each PC should be password protected.
ii. Password should be changed once a month
iii. Password should not be displayed
iv. Password should be made known on need to know basis.
v. PC access password to be changed at random.
e. Surprise check:-
i. Secretary to ensure that software are purchased through reputed dealer only.
f. Security of computers:- Security closure of each document will govern the following
i. Storage
ii. Reproduction incl hard copy
iii. Typing on computer
iv. Media of txn
v. Procedures relating to updation/disposal
vi. Obsolete copies
vii. Action to be take on loss of document
g. Document/data upto security cl of Confidential:- Following points shall be ensured while
handling confidential documents.:-
i. Storage:- Data/document may be stored as secondary storage along with backup
but not on hard disk. Data/document below security cl confidential may be
stored on hard disk, provided:-
1. Record of data on hard disk is maintained separately
2. At the time of handing/taking over, such document are formally
handed/taken over on the computer.
ii. Txn over data channels:- This may be done provided the security of the media is
not below than the document to be transmitted.
h. Misc.
i. Secretary for each br to be nominate though pt 1 orders.
ii. Names of the person authorized to handle computers should be put in routine
iii. Regular maintenance of register log books, wk order file and other destruction
record should be ensured by the secretary. all department will maintain a log
book as per the following format;-
1. Name, make, yr of manufacture type of issue or purchase
2. Recorders of modifications carried out
3. Record of repairs carried out.
4. Record of all replacement and new accessories purchased.
5. Details of I/C handling computers
6. Handing/ taking over record.
iv. Secretary should carry out surprise checks to ensure adherence to security
v. Strict ban on staff bringing their own software to office and using them will be
ensured by secretary .