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Proficient End-of-course Test B Answer Key

Keynote Proficient End-of-course Test B

Answer Key and Mark Schemes

Paper 1: Questions 25–30 carry up to two marks.

Reading and Use of English
Part 4
Questions 1–24 carry one mark. 25 getting nowhere (fast) with

Part 1 26 thinking on your feet

1B 2D 3C 4A 5B 6D 7A 27 doing a degree was against

28 of the economy is a (cause for / of)

29 had it not been for your

Part 2
30 given that it’s / it is so
9 To
10 own
Questions 31–43 carry two marks.
11 more
Part 5
12 an
31 A 32 C 33 D 34 D 35 C
13 while 36 B
14 far
15 the Part 6
16 at 37 G 38 H 39 B 40 D 41 C
42 F 43 A E is not used

Part 3
Questions 44–53 carry one mark.
17 reliance

18 apparent
Part 7
44 D 45 A 46 C 47 B 48 E
19 acquisition
49 C 50 E 51 B 52 A 53 D
20 memorize / memorise

21 significantly

22 cognitive

23 recall
24 reassurance

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Keynote Proficient End-of-course Test B Answer Key

Paper 2: Writing Part 1

Key points text 1:
Parts 1 and 2 each carry twenty marks.
• When we receive good news, we
Take into account the following points:
want to celebrate it with our nearest
• Is the length of the piece of writing and dearest.
• Friends may be pleased about our
(Part 1 answers should be 240–280
news but may consider it to be
words, Part 2 answers should be
280–320 words.)
Key points text 2:
• Is all the content relevant to the
task? • You won’t get far in this world if you
don’t let people know about your
• Is the target reader fully informed
achievements and dreams.
and are complex ideas clearly
communicated in an effective way? • Creating an online presence is the
only way to stand out from the
• Has the writer shown a complete
command of the conventions of the
particular genre of writing? Plus students’ own ideas
• Does the text hold the reader’s
attention easily? Part 2
• Is the piece of writing impressively 2/3/4 Student’s own choice and answer

• Does the piece of writing flow well
and use a wide variety of linking
words effectively and flexibly?

• Does the text use a wide range of

vocabulary, including less common
items of vocabulary, accurately,
effectively and with style?

• Is the use of grammar sophisticated,

fully controlled and very natural?

• Are any mistakes that are made very

minor and extremely infrequent?

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Keynote Proficient End-of-course Test B Answer Key

Paper 3: Listening Paper 4: Speaking

Questions 1–30 carry one mark. This paper carries a total of 15 marks.
There are three parts to the paper. For
each part a mark is given out of five for
Part 1 each student.
Take into account the following points:
1A 2C 3B 4A 5B 6C
• Does the student use a wide range
of grammatical forms appropriately,
Part 2 flexibly and accurately?

7 track record • Does the student use a wide range

of vocabulary appropriately and
8 portable
9 painfully slow
• Does the student use a good range
10 review of linking words?

11 stylized/stylised • Are his or her contributions relevant?

12 takes • Is the student able to exchange

views on unfamiliar and abstract
13 angle
14 patience
• Is he or she capable of extended
15 humour and fairly complex utterances?

• Are longer contributions fluent, well

Part 3 structured and involve very little
16 D 17 A 18 C 19 A
20 B • Are contributions relevant, easily
understood, varied and detailed?

• Is the student’s pronunciation clear

Part 4
enough to understand him or her
21 B 22 C 23 E 24 F 25 A easily?
26 E 27 C 28 A 29 G 30 H • Is the student’s intonation
appropriate and sufficiently

• Is sentence and word stress

generally accurately placed?

• Does the student respond with ease

and in an appropriate way to
questions and statements from

• Does the student skilfully maintain

the conversation, for example by
asking questions or making

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