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[align=center][font=Georgia][color=218868][SIZE=20]All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all who wander are lost[/SIZE][/color][/font]

[color=218868] Are You Lost?[/SIZE][/color]

[SIZE=20][color=218868]What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.

[/font][font=Georgia]FULL NAME: Alecto Pandora Carrow

NICKNAMES: Ally, but you better be pretty close to me to live after using it

AGE: 31

D.O.B.: August 28th 1948


PROFESSION: Unemployed, she has too much money to even bother herself with
something so low as a job

WAND TYPE: Cherry tree, 11" 1/2, Dragon heartstring core

[font=Georgia][SIZE=20][color=218868]Don't Go For The Looks,
It can be quite deceiving.[/SIZE][/color][/font]

HAIR: Alecto has straight dark hair, almost black, that goes down her back almost to her
hips. She is practically in love with her hair and takes great care of it washing it almost
every day with many special shampoos and hair masks as to make it shine more then
normal and to be very very silky. She usually lets it down on her back and on very rare
occasions, like when she's playing quidditch or something of that sort, she will tie it up
into a high pony tail
EYES: Alecto has quite big metallic eyes. They seem like this mainly because their color
isn’t clear, being a mix of gray with blue. She emphasizes them with lots of mascara and
black eyeliner.

PERSONAL STYLE: Alecto is a very elegant lady and looking good anytime anywhere
is a must for her and probably will always be. She prefers dark colored cloths, mainly
dark purple or green and on occasion midnight blue. She usually prefers either robes or
knee above skirts, usually silk or denim, and tank tops or sometimes silk or satin blouses.
She has long nails and will always wear some very high heels, preferable pointy stilettos.

The girl has a nice figure that she keeps with healthy food, long walks and a nice little
swim from time to time. She isn't very tall, only 5' 6", but that is due to family genes
since the Carrows aren't known as too high people when it comes to their stature, but she
doesn't care, partially due to her ego, but also because its a medium high that doesn’t give
her problems, she isn’t too tall to bump into door frames, nor too small to not reach
things on top shelves, so...

Alecto is and will always be one of the most stuck up people you could ever seen and that
clearly reflects in the way she walks and carries herself. She has this contemptuous look
whenever she enters places that are open to public as in where the chances of actually
meeting somebody less then pure are very high. When she is her circle she can still ahs an
arrogant smirk, but can be nicer to the point of enjoyable and talkative, but of course that
depends with her current mood too so its recommended people to not count on it, after all
she puts herself higher then everybody no matter what the reality is so she would not
have second thought to belittle and tease someone who's social status is indeed higher
then hers.

[font=Georgia][SIZE=20][color=218868]Personality is the glitter that sends your little
gleam across the footlights[/SIZE][/color][/font]

CHARACTER LIKES:[LIST]Flying/quidditch
Tormenting/taunting people
Dark Arts
Taking long walks
Making people angry
Shopping, especially for jewels
Playing with people's mind
Getting dirty
Being patronized
Injustice (although she does it to others all the time)
To be argued with
To be disturbed/interrupted
Anybody whose blood is less then pure
Anybody who she deems unworthy of her presence
[/LIST]GOALS: To rule the world

BOGGART: Being controlled

PATRONUS: A large spider. Her best memory is her seventeen birthday party because it
marks the moment she finally came out of age. She is free to be her loving evil self. No
more stupid trace bugging and pestering her not to do certain lets say... spells.

DEMENTOR: Her worst memory is when her mother announced her she will have her
engagement party in a week. The woman refused tot ell her who it was but the simple
idea of getting married was killing her and even worst not knowing to who. Luckily for
her the woman had passed out during that week and not as many though that she did it,
but because of her won stupidity and inability to control a Dark Spell properly. After that
Alecto practically begged her father to call it off and because the man cared so much for
his baby girl obliged, but the memory remains and still torments her every now and then.


Alecto is a stereotypical Slytherin that considers anybody less then pure bellow her,
unworthy and she will not hesitate to say that in their faces. She can be very sarcastic up
to a dark cruel humor, but she is more then decent up to a point of interesting and fun to
people she thinks that are at her level. Of course few can take her idea of fun since it
usually involves making somebody angry mainly because she just loves to see people in
that state. She wants to see their reactions and if those aren’t directed against her she will
go all the way and Merlin she does know how to push this buttons almost to the point one
might thing it’s her only true ability. She had always thought that a conflict is a very nice
way for her to relax much to everybody' surprise because it make her leash out all the
anger she had been storing due to her short temper, after all even if she doesn’t show it
too often she can be very controlled, the instinct lasting ten minutes the most after that it
being replaced by some cold reasoning directed by very cruel intentions to hurt the other,
to find their weakest spots and exploit them until the person is down on his knees begging
for mercy.
Alecto is a planning freak at times, always plotting and making plans for everything, the
only time this doesn’t stand is when she is probably sleeping or something likewise,
although she alternates this moments with some laisser-faire ones when she just goes
with the float, with whatever she feels like doing and this happens very much lately much
to her displeasure. She loves being in control, but times are changing so fast that she
hardly knows what to think. Even if she doesn't realize it she should change herself or at
least mask it to maybe get some allies for the war that is about to come, she just can’t
deny herself, she will hurt anyone who crosses her one way or the other, her favorite way
being through a nice little well-aimed hex, after all her magical abilities have improved
quite much during the school years and her thirst for knowledge in the Dark Arts made
her more advanced then her current year. Of course this goes only for few classes like
Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms and the poison section in Potions, but when it
comes to stupid classes like transfiguration she is almost retarded, hardly being able to
transform a cup of tea into a mouse or something just as easy. The truth isn’t she can’t,
because if she will probably put her mind into it and practiced a bit more she would
probably succeed, but the problem is she considers it useless, she has enough money to
always afford to buy what she needs so she will probably never need to reuse anything by
transfigurating it, so...

If there is one thing Alecto hates the most that is getting dirty. She is almost a
germophobic or something since she will never touch anything or anyone that she thinks
it’s messy. But unfortunately some classes were created by some bloody morons whoa
actually think that her precious hands need dirt on them thus making her dread the
moment she ahs to go in Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and even Potions. Why
were such thing invented anyway? She has no clue, but she does know how to convince
others to do little things like those for her, especially if they are family because
manipulation is and will always be one of her favorite and almost best traits ever.

The brunette is a very easily annoyed person, she hardly finds anything that doesn’t
involve her own person interesting for more then a maximum of 15 minutes and that is
why she is always looking for something challenging and thrilling no matter if it's or not
allowed since the matter of rules was never important to her, after all she was one of the
few who was rejoicing the favoritism of Professor Slughorn. So practically cutting
classes, sneaking out to Hogsmeade, starting fights with anybody almost anytime was her
common pass times when she was bored or annoyed.

Even though Alecto is the epitome of her house, the girl strangely enough had a few other
more peaceful characteristics that had almost landed her in the blue and bronzes. Thus
she has periods when she simply enters into self-isolation, when she doesn’t want to see
or hear anybody except her own self. This wouldn’t be that bad if she wouldn’t react
rather violently to anybody who disturbed her in such moments. Usually when they arrive
she simply retreats in some lost corner of the castle or the grounds with a nice thick book
to read since her thirst for knowledge, her analyzing every single piece of information she
received and of course her intelligence made her quite suitable for the Ravenclaw house
to the point the hat debated a good ten minutes or so where to place her; but for
everybody relief it finally made the right choice.
[font=Georgia][SIZE=20][color=218868]If you want to understand today,
you have to search yesterday[/SIZE][/color][/font]

FATHER: Michael Carrow, 56, high Ministry worker. She is daddy's little girl even now.
He will do almost anything for her.

MOTHER: Pandora (nee Lestrange) Carrow, house wife, deceased at the age of 40 just
when Alecto was graduating. The cause of her death was a Dark Magic accident, a spell
going wrong and killing her.

SIBLINGS: Amycus Carrow, 31, Slytherin alumni, Death Eater. He is probably the only
person Alecto loves more then her own self, even though she acts as if she was his
biggest enemy, but she had always went by the idea 'no one can hurt you but me'

SPOUSE: NONE and she wants to keep it this way.

OTHER: Lestranges and many other since she doesn't bother with them, maybe except
some in Italy because she just loves that country so she visits now and then to... shop.


HOMETOWN: Dartmoor, Devon region

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Carrow Manor, it's nice and cozy. It's located on the south
coast of England, in Dartmoor, Devon. The residence is on the coast and has direct view
of the sea, a nice 17 bedrooms plus a grand lounge and a ball room for the times we threw
up some parties to kill out time. It also has a large domain around that includes a garden,
a lake and some forest areas

Alecto was the first child of Pandora and Thomas Carrow and she was fallowed after 30
seconds or so by her twin brother who was to be named Amycus. Her parents wanted
only one child and preferable a male but since they got two at the price of one they were
very glad especially since the tiny witch that was born in that rainy august day proven
herself to be more then worthy of her name, after all very few were given nowadays the
privilege to be part of such an old and exquisite pureblood family.

Even as a child Alecto had a quick temper, her brother knowing this more then anyone in
her family, since even if she couldn't do proper magic, she still paid him back for every
single misplaced action or word, after all teasing and tormenting people was a Carrow's
second nature. But of course Amycus wasn't an exception from that either, even if his
subject for the time being was his older sister, so all their childhood they mostly spent it
trying to get back on one another for tiny little things and when they didn’t have a reason
for revenge they simply picked on each other for the fun of it. They never went too far
though since in their strange way they do care for each other but that sort of care that
went like nobody is allowed to torment you except me. Thing that of course continued in
their school days and probably will go on as long as none of them crossed the line
between friendly teasing and hateful revenge.

The years have passed and they both turned 11 just 3 days before the school year was
starting at Hogwarts so they had to kind of do some rushed late shopping since even if
Mr. and Mrs. Carrow were positive their children would go to the famous school, they
still had to wait to receive the acceptance letter from the Headmaster.

At Hogwarts it wasn't a surprise when advancing on the wide path under the candle lit
ceiling, the girl looked like she owned the place, as if this was what she has been waiting
for so long but yet what she always had known to be happening. It was more then half a
facade, a mask she seems to have picked up during this eleven years and that she will
probably make even better from now on. Maybe she seemed young, but she had
somehow grown up very much, her analytic nature allowing her to go beyond the
appearance seeing how things worked in the pureblood way. To others this world seemed
fake and full of lies and in a matter they were true 100%, but she had somehow grown
used to it and she wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world because Alecto just loved the
power her status gave her, what money gave her.

Due to her status, Alecto entered easily in what was called the Slug Club thus being one
of the Potions Master favorite. This position suited her very well since she could almost
get away with murder. Of course she didn’t go that far since her father had always told
her never to do it until she was out of age and the trace would be removed from her, so
she was good, if anyone could say that since taunting and tormenting people was her
hobby, not to mention hexing them and using them as guinea pigs, after all practice did
make perfect, so how better to learn then to see the effects live.

Years have passed and before she knew it Alecto graduated Hogwarts with more then
satisfying results, at least in some subjects like Potions, Charms and of course Defense
Against the Dark Arts, while at Transfiguration she barely passed, but she didn’t care,
after all she knew these results were only pure formalities since she will never use them.
No, she was far to rich to even think about working or getting a job even for facade. But
now another problem was coming into hand that didn’t please her much: her marriage. If
there was one thing Alecto dreaded in the world, except the normal stereotyped ones, was
the idea of an arranged marriage with who knows what loser since no matter how pure
they were in blood and high in status she still thought her own self far above any of them.
Then there was the tiny problem of being tied up to only one man and doing normal
house wife work... ewww, this surely gave her the chill... but then something great
happened or at least she thought so up to some point... her mother died along with all the
idea of marring her off, since daddy Carrow wasn’t that thrilled of seeing his baby girl
gone, so... there she is, 31 years old and still single with no intention even of an
engagement or anything.
Like most pureblood elite, Alecto didn’t remain indifferent to this new uprising wizard
that promised to get rig of all the filth in their world and wipe out the muggle world as
well, after all wizards have been for far too long in the shadows of those pathetic
weakling. She was a bit resentful at first mainly because the idea of taking orders from a
stranger surely wasn’t appealing to her, but after a quick chat with most of the people
involved, especially with her brother, she agreed to and thus getting her mark two years

[font=Georgia][SIZE=20][color=218868]Let us see the man,
Behind the Iron Mask[/SIZE][/color][/font]



HOW YOU FOUND US: Ask yourself that question *evil grin*


[QUOTE]Black or almost black was all Rita could see at the moment while lying down
on her bed and gazing at the ceiling. The clock stroke eleven o'clock in the common room
and she still couldn't fall asleep. Why? She had no clue or did she? There as this still
stinging shoulder she purposely didn’t take care of by paying the nurse a visit since she
just hated going there, then there was the part that she still was annoyed she couldn't find
out what Megan and Nox were up to and then there was a very distant thought she didn’t
even start on her homework that was due in two days, and Merlin that was plenty... but
even so, she wanted to sleep not gaze at the bloody ceiling or at the fake windows in her
dorm. Gosh this was annoying!... So without a second though she threw the covers off
irritated, almost like a small child who doesn’t get her way and got up. She walked
slowly and as silently a she could towards her dresser, but before she reached it she
stumbled upon the leg of the chair that was placed so stupidly near its doors. Ok, stupidly
wasn't a good word since it usually was very convenient to put the cloths she wore that
day to refresh, but at the moment her toe hurt slightly and she wasn't a happy camper.
Groping for what she had put on it she found a pair of pants and a nice sweater made of
some fine wool. She grabbed them and before you know it she was all dressed up.
Reaching for the cloak that was on the hanger she immediate then exited the dorm and
soon the common room. It was lucky her dorm mates were such deep sleepers otherwise
she would have probably woken them all up and then some yelling session would have

Rita took her wand out and muttered a soft lumos and then ran it on her fats coped up
attire. It looked good, the black pants actually matching the midnight blue sweater and
the dark green cloak with the slytherin blazon on it. Smiling she began walking down the

[i]Click clack[/i] the heels echoed on the marble floor much to her displeasure. She
usually loved the sound, but not now when it could attract troubles so when she reached
the first empty dungeon she silently slipped inside closing the door as quiet as she could.
She turned and circled the room with her lit wand as a smile grew on her face. Just as
expected empty, so with another flick she turned off her wand and carefully placed it in
her robes. She closed her eyes briefly and then she felt her body twisting and twitching
until she could feel and then see the room was huge now in comparison to her. If she was
human you could easily have read the smirk that appeared on her face but since she was a
mere golden beetle she just turned and walked quite fast with all her new six feet. Going
through under the door she was now once again in the corridor. She spread her little
wings and took off at top speed. Why? Just because she felt like it since it was no way in
hell somebody could spot her in that form.

So arriving in the main hall she attempted to go out the door and towards the night sky
when a cold breeze made her entire body shiver as soon as she stepped outside No good
she thought amused as she hurried back. Looking from one side to the other her mind was
working on where exactly to go to relax a bit without anybody catching her since by no
means did she need a detention at the moment. An idea came and she spread her wings
again and flew straight up through the center of the staircase, after all why go the hard
way when you can always enjoy the direct short line. At the forth floor a staircase began
too move but her composed eyes immediately spotted it and thus allowing her to avoid it
easily, after all her speed could hardly be compared with those old pieces of furniture or
what the hell were they since the Slytherin never bothered with such tiny details.

A minute or so and the little golden bug was walking under the door and into the
Astronomy Tower. She zoomed up and circled the room with her enormous eyes until she
was positive it was completely empty. So, landing she concentrated again and form the
tiny insect grew up the blonde girl everybody knows and most of the time avoid afraid of
the consequences her little chats could have on their lives, their social lives that is since
by no means could Rita actually keep a secret, so... you know...

Walking elegantly towards the slightly covered with snow window she felt her lips turn
into a smile at the sight of the nice sky. It was almost a full moon so the room was
enough lit for her to see. When she reached it she slightly rubbed it with her hand as to
make the image clearer.