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Reading groups: Term 3 Week 2

Introduction: Read “Hetty Hackett’s Farm” focusing on different reading strategies each day
(sounding out, chunking, initial sound)

Extension A Extension B Core A Core B Support

(Student A L (Student D L (Student H L (Student K L (Student N L
23, Student B 16, Student E 6, Student I 6, Student L 1, Student O
L 23, Student L 14, Student L 8, Student L 6, Student L2 , Student
C L 23) F L 13, J L 6) M L6 ) P L 3,
Student G L Student Q L
11) 5)
Monday Guided Independent Listening to Sight words- Dandelion:
(Rob) reading: reading reading Reading Dandelion
(Parent?) All at Sea game Unit 10
(Level 23) (Parent?) (Teacher)
Tuesday Readers Yellow Read to Dandelion: Dandelion:
(Rachel) theatre reading box buddies Dandelion Dandelion
(Marion) (Parent?) (Marion) Unit 11 Unit 10
(Parent?) (Teacher) (Rachel)
Wednesday Yellow Readers Dandelion: Dandelion: English
(Rob) reading box theatre Dandelion Dandelion support
(Sue- English (Parent) (Parent?) Unit 12 Unit 11 (Sue)
support) (Teacher) (Rob)
Thursday Honours Dandelion: Sight words- Read to English
(Rob- English Extended Spelling buddies support
Honours (Rob) phonic code game (Sue)
English) book 3
(Sue English (Teacher)
Friday Independent Guided Dandelion: Reading Sight words-
(Rob) reading reading: Extended Eggs Reading
(Parent?) Colourful phonic code game
creatures book 2 (Parent?)
(Level 16) (Teacher)