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TABLERO ∠ MIS CURSOS ∠ 000938_(2019-2) ∠ WEEK 5 ∠ CPS - WEEK 5


Dear student,

This section of our Class Preparation Session has been designed to help
you get ready for our Grammar test that will take place in week 6.

In order to have a successful practice, read the following instructions


Go over your notes on Grammar tenses. (Video Tutorials:

Present/Past review)

If you did not take notes, you may want to watch the tutorial

videos available at HOME-CPS Resources.

You won't have a time limit to answer this quiz.

You will have unlimited attempts to practice.

If you need further explanations, do not hesitate to contact a

tutor. The tutoring schedule has been uploaded at the HOME

Pregunta 1

Read the definition and match it with the correct tense.


Prior to attempting matching the columns, it would be a good idea to check your
notes based on the Grammar tutorial videos you have seen in Virtual Sabana.

Describes the background or the

circumstances that surround an important Elegir...

Describes and action in progress before or

up to the main event in the past. Makes Elegir...
emphasis on the duration of the action.

Describes a situation in progress or

happening around now. Can be used to refer
to temporary actions and future

Refers to an action that happened earlier or

before another action took place. It is called: Elegir...
the past of the past.

Highlights a recent activity. Describes life

experiences. Makes emphasis on the times Elegir...
an action has been done.

Highlights the present result of a recent past

action. Makes emphasis on the duration of Elegir...
the activity.

Describes the main events in sequence.

Expresses an action that is completed.

Describes a permanent or usual situation.

Used to express facts and routines.
Pregunta 2



Complete the following statements, with the correct PRESENT or PAST

DO NOT use contractions.

1. I (learn) English for seven years now.

2. Last year I (not work) enough, and that is why my

grades (not/be) as high as expected this year.

3. When I arrived to Madrid it was sunny but the streets were wet so I
think it (rain) earlier for a few hours.

4. I (sleep) in my desk when my boss

(come) to my office.
5. You always (take) a long time to get ready for a party.

6. When I woke up, he (leave) already.

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