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Senate committee receives copy 0f proposed

F4.1-trillion national budget for 2020

The Senate is ready to buckle down the upper chamber by the Department
to work for the timely passage of the of Budget and Management (DBM) on
proposed F4.l-trillion national expendi- tu'esday.
iut" ptogtam (NEP) for2020 nowthatit , DBM Actirig Secretary Wendel
has entered the legislative mill. Avisado formally submitted the copy
The Office of SenatorJuanEdgardo of the 2020 natiortal budget to Senate
"Sonn;/*Angara confirmed that a copy President Vicente Sotto III, \
of the budget measur,qf;as submitted to S;;; Majority Leader Juan >7

Senate committee receives... <1

Miguel "Migz" Zubiri, Senate minor- Marathon hearings
ity ledder Franklin Drilon, Senators At the Lower House, Majority Lead-
Angara, and Panfilo "Ping" Lacson er and Leyte Rep. Mdrtin Romualdez
Ttresday afternoon. said members have agreed to "work
Angara, chairof the Senate Finance day and night" to ensure the immedi-
Committee, has set the Develop- ate and timelypassage of the proposed
ment Budget Coordination Committee national budget.
(DBCC) meeting nextweek, August 28 He bared that four marathon budget
and 29, respectively. hearings will be held every day, which
Both the Senate and House of Rep- prompted'the House leadership to
resentatives have committed to avoid move'the plenary session from 3 p.m.
a repeat of a delayed enactment of the to 5 p.m.
budget law. -"The trIouse members are in full
"We owe it to the people to pass agreement that we all have to work day
the budget on time. Any delay in the a4d night, from Monday to Fridry, to
implementation of public programs and make surethatwe approve the2020 Gen-
in the deliveryof services is adisservice eral Appropriation$. Agt by October this
to them," Angara said. year," Romualdez said a day after the
The proposed national budget DBM submitted the F4.l-trillion NEP
for 2020 is 12 percent higher than He said they will hold four budget
last year's budget. It will include hearings daily at the committee level
appropriations for the Universal almost simultaneously.
Health Care, conditional cabh trans- The hearings are set at 9 a.fiI., 9:30
fers for the poor, and funds for the a.m., 1p.ffi., and 1:30 p.m.
newly created Bangsamoro Autono- "House members may have to
mous Region in Muslim Mindanao shuttle between hearings in order to
(BARMM). maximize their participation in the
Angara said thrit just like in the budget deliberations. I am thanldul that
previous congresses, vice chairper- all the House members agreed to this
sons of the finance committee would schedule, which is really a tall order,"
be tasked to handle the budgets of he said.
different agencies to expedite the Romualdez disclosed that starting
process. September 12, they will extend their
The P3.7-trillion national budget session days from the regular Monday
for 2019 was only approved and signed to Wednesday schedule to ensure the
by the President on April of this year exhaustive plenary budget delibera-
due to delays in the Lower House. tions.
Angara said Congress will strive "We will hold plenary sessions even
to ensure that the 2020 national bud- on Thursdays and Fridays to make,i
get would be on President Rodrigo sure that the national budget will get
Duterte's desk before the end of the the House members'nod on time;'? hg;
year. said. , '.1

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