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7 Ways to Feel More Feminine

and Radiant if you are Suffering

From Burnout and Emptiness

Walking slower and focusing our breath in the pelvis area.

Many times we are walking around whilst doing a lot of

thinking and being stuck in mind chatter – being totally
unaware of how we are walking. Feeling the hips move
from side to side. This can seem odd at first but the affects
are immediate – from looking more relaxed and feminine, to
our faces relaxing and looking happier. We also become
instantly connected to our body, which changes our whole
energy and body language, allowing us to tune into our
environment on a deeper level. This makes us able to
respond in a much more feminine way to others, and to life
in general.

Letting go of caring what others think.

This is a huge factor towards living your own life and

uncovering your Unique Essence. Sometimes we don’t
realise that things we buy, say and do can all be as a
result of wanting to fit in or please others. At the end of
the day no one really deep down knows what’s best for
us - or even really cares as much as we do.

The reality is - people are too busy, so what they are

thinking about us, is probably a lot less than we give
attention to. And very often we can be living our lives
without even realising that we are doing and saying
things to fit in around people, or living from an idea we
took on from someone else a long time ago. It’s hard to
look at this stuff but very rewarding when we start to peel
back the layers.
There is certain energy to the kind of woman who thinks
for herself and lives for herself, and it is very attractive.
And it’s not so common. Most people spend their whole
lives in a career that they didn’t even choose for
themselves, no matter how much they think they did.

Usually many other factors are in place – and one could

be that their hidden talents have never had a chance to
be expressed. This is the reward for diving into our
subconscious mind and seeing what exactly is in there.
Watching what we say to ourselves when we look in the

Is it to criticize or give thanks? We know from Dr Masaru

Emoto that writing a word on a glass of water - if its love and
if its hate, the water particles turn into either beautiful or
distorted shapes. We are 70% water so if we are saying
negative things to ourselves on a daily basis, we will look so
different compared to sending love to ourselves, and
gratitude for what we have been given. It is a woman’s
energy that makes people feel her attraction, not how her
facial features are arranged or the size of any particular body
parts. And her energy is a result of her thinking and feeling.
It might be quite a jump to ‘just love yourself’ after a lifetime
of criticism. However a little each day of appreciation and
compassion towards ourselves helps to eventually tip the
scales to a much better self image
If you were to just stand in front of a mirror and say,
“I love you”, some may feel like they are lying to
themselves. It may be better to just say “Im sorry for
criticizing how you look, I will endeavour to say
better things to myself when I look in the mirror in
future”. Just saying this can feel much more
realistic - especially if you really look to see what
you have been saying. Often we are saying not very
nice things without actually being consciously aware
of it.

Awareness is the first stage of transformation, and

change does not happen without awareness.
Imagine how gorgeous you would feel if every day
for 30 days you said something a little more loving to
yourself every day.
Eliminating magazine/Instagram models viewing

Many are photo shopped, botoxed and pretty much

made perfect for the picture. Our level of what we
think looks acceptable becomes out of reach, and
even distorted to the point of wanting to change
ourselves, or illuminate some lines or wrinkles.
Comparing is a sure fire way to cut off our feminine
energy as this is a is a result of our thoughts.
There are many 50, 60 and 70 year olds out there at
the moment looking absolutely glorious. They have
learned to embrace many more aspects of
themselves than society would have taught them.
The time is ripe now for women of all shapes, sizes
and ages to shine, and be exactly who they are. No
need to wait till they become a certain way of
looking, to start living and looking gorgeous. No
need to try to disguise the ageing process. A
genuine smile and happiness for life flatters any
woman. Other people feel attracted to a happy,
relaxed person.

Focusing on the inside

Many women feel that spending thousands to do

something on the outside is a better fix than
spending it nourishing their inside, like a complete
rest or retreat with other women to build their
confidence. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The more resources spent to work on ourselves,
and have experiences to reset the mind and body,
lasts for the rest of our lives. When the body gets
an imprint of an experience that has a profound
effect, life is never the same again. Which is a good
thing, because the more a woman grows, and
becomes more confident in herself, the more she
looks and feel radiant making her glow.
Tuning into the subtle energies with all of our

Increasing time spent with people who have our

backs. If there are people with whom we are very
hesitant to share when we are feeling down, it’s
worth looking into this. Because we need to be with
people where we can just be ourselves. If
something is at the forefront of our life that is
blocking us from moving forward, the last thing we
should do is share with someone who is in the
comparison game, or the one up-man ship kind of
vibe. We know who the right people are - because
when we tune in - we know how we feel around
them. People who truly care, and can have really
truthful and connecting conversations.
Also it’s important that we are that person also for
others. Being intentional about the conversations we
have and the energy of the interactions we have. If
we find ourselves always feeling drained or
shrinking, or going quiet we can practice keeping
strong and centered around these interactions. Its
good to take a moment and feel into our own body,
and energy by focussing on the breath. This helps
to make better choices in the moment – for instance
to withdraw ourselves from the conversation, or just
not give any more attention to it. This cuts down on
people pleasing - which depletes us.

Putting ourselves first.

Starting to listen to ourselves more, increasing

decisions made purely for us. We have been taught
that this is selfish. But I’m talking about doing things
and buying things to impress others, or to not be
thought bad of. This includes attending birthdays,
weddings, and all other social engagements that are
‘expected’ of people. We use up our valuable
resources – time, money, and precious life force
energy. When we start listening to our own energy,
living life on our own terms, we can then feel into the
events we really want to go.