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Zomato 2015 - Present

Managing Data Across Product Business & Supply (+91) 987 186 3341
Currently managing end-to-end product and
business analytics of Zomato Gold & Infinity Dining pragyamitrapandey@gmail
Launched Zomato Gold in 7 countries and 22 cities. .com
Implemented Fraud Detection in Zomato Gold that
brought rogue usage from 14% to 1.2 % per day  Room 7 ,1910A, Sushant
Built Geo-Fencing feature to target users for both Lok, Gurgaon, 122003
Engagement & Acquisitions in India through Push
Introduced Visit Packs to increase user LTV. EDUCATION
Built incentive based referral program getting 25%
bump in user acquisition. 2011 - 2015
Automated communication deployment of target Sharda University
audience for acquisitions  for Zomato Gold with a Electrical & Electronics
conversion rate of 3.5% B. Tech
Developed Foot-on-Street Tracker to prioritize which
zones to cover for effective content sourcing Machine Learning Certification
Predicted traffic division on Mini-Apps on Home from Udemy
Screen R Certification from Udemy
Introduced Review Prompt Post Ordering feature
Set up IVR Message on ACD numbers which gave an
uplift of 5.17% in order volume from new users in SKILLSET
Built KPI Dashboard to track growth levers from a
bird-view perspective across different business SQL
verticals. Presto
Teams worked in chronological order  :                          Periscope
Content Tech Analytics, Product,  Digital Marketing Hadoop
Analytics, Online-Ordering Analytics, Zomato Gold MS Excel
References Google Analytics
Riddhi Jain , Business Head Infinity Dining Zomato MS Power Point & Keynote
Udit Gupta, Product Head Zomato
Naresh Mehta, Data Science Leader, Zomato
Sai Ganesh, Marketing AVP, Zomato