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Doors Submittal (Code 2)

Page 11 → Comment on Galvanization (A60)

→ required to be G90
→ Doors are Already Galvanized G90
→ France Metal to Update the Data Sheet or
Send a Certificate Confirming G90 →Send them a

Page 13 → comment on Clouding the Choice

→Cloud the Combo Flat Head

Page 16 →comment for Missing data Sheet for

Fire Rated Door Type

→ France Metal to Update the Data

sheet with Fire-rated Doors→ Send them a Mail
Door Hardware (code 2)

1-Comment on Warranty → France Metal to

Send a Written Warrant Confirming the
Following :
2- Comment on Weather-stripping → France
metal to Update the Data Sheet with
Weather Stripping Data Sheet as it is
already delivered to site
3-Page 39 → Comment to Cloud the Approved
→ Cloud the Highlighted Items
4- Comment on Door Hardware Schedule
→ Door Hardware Schedule is
already Provided just refer to the page in the
5-Comment on shop Drawing for Doors of
each building Separately
→ Shop Drawing is already provided for
doors of each Building Separately just refer
to the page in the submittal
6-Manual Flush Bolt
7-Mortise Exit Device

PGESCO Replied Before that they want the

Lock to be Rim not Mortise (in the submittal of
doors) but in the submittal of architectural
drawing of gas Chlorine Building they ordered to
be Mortise not Rim

The already delivered locks for the doors set no

2 and 5 (Double Leaf) for Gas Chlorine
Specifically are Rim
Flush Bolt

PGESCO made the same conflict

Asked to be automatic then asked to be manual

The already delivered to site are Automatic

Flush Bolts


Is to send them Both Replies sent by their Side

which Conflict Each Other