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Branch Banking Group

Meeting Minute
December 14, 2017

Michelle M. Nava MBO Imus
Miralyn May Reyes Las Pinas
Marilou Barreto Dasma
Laarnie C. Sabadu GMA
Christie V. De Guzman Corporate
Elmer Dollete Alabang
Gilbert G. Ortega Binan
Marlo Demandante MBO Trece
Julie M. Lopena Los Banos
Ellen Alinsunurin Binan
Annalyn Mutuc Sta Rosa


Proceedings of the meeting

I. Opening prayer
The opening prayer was led by Ms. Chiarra Cagalac
II. Call to order

The regular meeting of the Cluster Six (6) and Cluster Seven (7) was called to order at (time) On
December14 2017 in CBB ALABANG branch by Ms. Christie De Guzman and Ms. Chiarra Gagalac

III. Reading and approval of previous Minutes of Meeting held on December 14, 2017
IV. The following are the excerpts of the meeting
i. Account officer will conduct client visitation upon reaching its second moth of
default in order to assess the situation of the client and to validate the client’s
reason for default.
ii. all contacts and appropriate letter for the borrowers should be logged on the
collection monitoring form and must be filed in the borrower’s loan folder
iii. according to (previous na gumawa ng report,2017),past due clients must be
required to sign a commitment letter to document the client detailed promise on
how to settle his/her unpaid balances
iv. according to (previous na gumawa ng report,2017),BM’s/OIC’s who did not
regularly sent demand letters especially for those who have already reached 6
months in arrears will prepare a written explanation on what is the reason.
v. According to (previous na gumawa ng report,2017),Loan process will help in
follow up of collection, also to conduct text blasting with clients.
vi. according to (previous na gumawa ng report,2017),Submission of schedule of past
due loans in arrears is every 15th and 30th of the following month
vii. According to (previous na gumawa ng report,2017),Sending of notice letter for
merging of CB and FMB at least for the top 20 borrowers and depositors of the
viii. Training of Alvin Torre – Loan Processor of Alabang and Las Pinas Branch

i. Security guards are not allowed to be given PIN Codes from alarmnet
ii. FMB cheques that are not accepted with banks should have proof that FMB and
CBB are merged groups, new format of cheques, deposit and loan forms should be
requested to Ms Abby
iii. How to resolve issues on FMB accounts which are already 6 months and above in
arrears and where to transfer those account of FMB who reach 6 months in
arrears whether in CBB or FMB’s remedial management.
iv. New contract for GMA and MBO Binan since the previous contract is named after
the 1st Macro Bank,Inc
v. Check loan applications of clients if they are clear for acceptance of other
processes. Signature should be placed for validation.
vi. Solicitations/donations should have approval forms sent to MS. Abby to be
approved by Mrs Miller
vii. Client will accomplish a commitment letter if they do promises to pay their
balance stating when or how much to pay.
viii. Check and monitor the maturity date of Cplus and CPrime then remind them if
before the date of their maturity
ix. Late deposit are not posted by FMB during the weekend, sir Jojo should be asked
if cheques are to be accepted before the weekend
x. Memorandum 2017 1127, loan processes – SSS, FMB should post loans to MBWIN
until files are migrated to the system. Managerial Branch can do the processing of
xi. Disclosure should be forwarded to …..
xii. CBB forms and letters of acknowledgement and have been stamped by CBB
should be shown as proof to clients.
xiii. Debt capacity will decrease from 1.5 to 1.3
xiv. Thank you letters will be emailed to Ms. Cristie every friday
xv. Alarmnet false alarms should be visited by the police, if it were only to be tested,
the management/Alarmnet should inform authorities to reduce

i. Repair of leaking ceiling at Dasmarinas Branch
ii. To replace the existing alternative of Dasmarinas Branch of water supply with
water tank
iii. Filling cabinets for GMA tellers and for signature cards inside the vault
iv. Repair of GMA ceiling due to leakage and repair of tellers drawer
v. Replacement of time delay lock for Las Pinas Branch, need quotation to Ms Abby
vi. Request for repair of leaking ceiling, floor tiles including checking wirings of
branch lights including vault door and filing cabinet inside vault for accountable
D. Branch issues and concerns
i. Dasmarinas
i. CCTV outside the bank should be installed/repaired
ii. Same salary as of 2017?
iii. Foul smell outside the bank premises
ii. Binan
i. Police forces responded to the bank premises due to alarm testing
ii. The bank/alarmnet should inform the police force to reduce the
incident of false alarms
iii. Imus
i. Faulty fire alarm
ii. Additional CCCTV cameras outside the bank should be installed
iii. Depository banks and signature cards should be placed in the
iv. Alabang
i. Security guard’s DTR are not faxed but are billed. Overtime should
be forwarded
ii. Stamp of CMB, cheques of FMB until it is accepted by the
depository bank
v. Las pinas
i. Project officer
ii. Salary of new officer was higher than (someone)
vi. GMA
i. Cashier is resigning
vii. Los Banos
i. CCTV camera 3 defective
viii. Sta rosa
i. no bookkeeper
ii. no cabinet for merchant