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Meet Share Ask

27 Ways to
online Call Photo
Involvement Through the use of I will maintain an
I will make I will add classroom

I will meet the Through an online
in the email or my class online presence and photos to my online
Classroom parents in a social blog, I will share with post homework format, such as an personal calls to blog, E-Newsletter,
setting, such as the parents highlights assignments, E-Newsletter, the parents
and class website.
Back to School of the student's day. projects, daily email, or blog regarding This will allow
Night or Parent- Emails to parents will agenda, due dates, student
post, I will ask parents to get a
Teacher be more specific and grades. Parents
parents to progress, glimpse of their
conferences, to about their child while will also see a child's classroom
volunteer in the grades,
learn more about blog posts will be comment section and provide the
the family, home more broad about where they can ask classroom during behavior, etc.
opportunity to see
situation, interests, what the class as a questions about certain projects or what their child's
etc. whole is doing. Blog specific posts. topics. classroom looks
posts may also like.
CALEB RICKS include pictures.

I will create a
plan Time
I will plan parent I will be sensitive
If I am teaching
Study Checklist
I will emphasize
I will create a
I will make parent
involvment a game
siblings, I will checklist that lists
welcome letter that meetings and for both students
to parents' time consolidate the importance
includes a photo of some ways and parents by
assignments well by making phone emails and face- of family
myself and personal parents can get providing points for
information about in advance so calls and emails to-face meetings involvement by involved. This will involvement.
myself so that that my students short and to discuss both However, I will
parents can see and their parents
sending home include signing up
succinct. I will students so that I ensure that the
their child's teacher studies that for the newsletter,
are well aware of also make face- may make the game and prizes do
as a person and not reveal its emails, and not alienate students
dates. I will post to-face meetings best use of the
just as someone permission to call whose parents do
who assigns
these dates on an brief as I parents' time.
benefits for
the house. not participate.
homework. online Google understand student
calendar. families are busy. learning.

Buddy Partner Incorporate Take-out inventory Thank Fun

Through I will use my parents
I will create I will make sure
I will create a communication as resources to
I will create a assignments, enhance student to thank the I will make
two-way with the family
buddy system such as learning in the families for parents' visits to
conversation and through
with the parents collaborative classroom. For the classroom
between parents meeting the example, certain
supporting their
and share the creative writing fun and
through the use parents, I will topics and children both
commitments I assignments, that enjoyable by
of email, phone incorporate what assignments may inside and
have for their are meant to be incorporating
calls, and blog the family does benefit from the
children in my done with the skills and
outside the games and
posts. (work and
classroom. students' family experience of classroom. stimulating
hobbies) into the parents, and I will
members. conversation.
classroom to ask them to assist in
increase interest. the classroom.

Text Safety Brainstorm Host Raise-up Breathe Teambuild

Though I will
I will use modern maintain close I will hold I will ask parents I will attempt to Remember that I will create a
methods of communication meetings with to host events build trust with a encouraging collaborative and
communication to with parents, I with other parents few families and parents to fun environment
involved parents
update parents, will ensure that to get families ask them to participate and in the classroom
and brainstorm
including family conflicts more involved in engage other engage is a that will entice
with them ways to
FaceTime, will not enter the the school and families. process and that families to
involve even
Skype, etc. classroom. classroom. it is important to participate in the
more parents.
rest at the end of classroom.
a long day

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