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Perfect Drop Mod Frequently Asked Questions


Since the first release of this mod, I've continually had the same
questions asked to the point I've decided to create this small list. By reading
these, you could definitely save yourself some time by not going through a process
of contacting me via email and thus, saving MY time by not having to answer the
same questions repeatedly. So here we start:

Q: When I use the installer, it says "Access Denied". Why is your mod not working?
A: You need to right-click the Easy Setup.bat and click 'Run as Administrator'.
Everything should work fine after that.

Q: Where else do I get Fragments? Not enough of them drop!
A: Well, a lot of unique items drop, and all you need to do is transmute a unique
item of any sort into the cube with an Enchanted Obsidian (You can also purchase
these at NPCs). Depending on the unique will grant you between 1 to 3 Fragments.
You can then transmute 9 of them into the cube to make a Moonstone.

Q: Where are the Cube Recipes?
A: It's called PDM Cube Recipes.htm, and they're included in the downloaded .zip.

Q: Why's it take so long to get a reply through email or anywhere else?
A: Just like everybody else, I have a life. I don't have all the time in the world
to go online. I also do not have a readily available internet connection, so it's
quite difficult to access my email. The BEST way to contact me, however, is by
sending me (Sheer_Cold) a message on or by email
( This may still take awhile, but if I am to read
anything, it will be through those locations.

Q: I have an idea for your mod, where do I submit it? Will I also get credit?
A: I'm not really doing much as for additions for this mod anymore, but all advice
and ideas are taken into consideration. You will receive credit where credit is

Q: Why can't I get to Uber Tristram? Where are the keys?
A: As far as I am aware, you need to complete the difficulty you're willing to do
the challenge on. You also need to be in Act 5 and transmute 3 Antidote Potions
into the cube. It's a lot easier than using 3 Body Parts, right? However, for those
who still wish do get there the original way, keys still drop as well as body
parts. You may also get other items as a reward for killing the Ubers

Q: What are these Essence items that drop from bosses? How do I respec my skills?
A: They're official items from Blizzard since v1.13. Once you collect all 4 of
them, you can transmute them into the cube to get a Token of Absolution. You can
then use that to redo your Skill and Stat points.

Q: How do I duplicate items?
A: It's in the Cube Recipes text file. Transmute the item you wish to dupe with 2