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Monday, Septem ber 2, 2OLg

Mindoro solon under frre

from beaten rival
BIWENDELL VIGILIA will have Mr. Leachon ioin the
proceedings. So he should,-out of
A CONGRESSIONAL candidate ielf-respect, inhibit himself."
who lostto OrientdMindoro ReP. Morillo ran as rePresentative
Salvador Leachon in the 201'9 of the first district of
. midterm elections has accused Mindoro under the banner of the
the lawmaker of rushingto secufe Partido Federal ng PiliPinas.
the chairmanshiP of the House of Leachon said Morillo is not in
Representatives Electoral Tribunal any position tb make such demand
(HRET) after she filed an election because "aftet all, what was filcd,
protest against him lastJune. if any, is nothing but a scraP of
"Why rush it? \ilhat is his in- paper."
- ;'If at aX, the protest was
tention for securing that HRET iust
post? Even his PartY mates are an effort to make the loss a litde
disappointed with him," Leachon's relevant. It's my fifth etection and
oppbnent, Marilou Morillo, said in it's my first time to encounter an
a Pfess statement. election protest. The maryin is not
Lehchon, a returning lawmaker, enen slight but'we're dealing with
belied Morillo's allegation, saFng 27,000 votei margpn," he said.
"the truth of the matte{ is, HRET When the HRET convened for
isn't my choice. the first time, Leachon said'he
"To retain the iustice (chairman- abeady made'it cleat as head of
ship) post is my choice but I'm the house contingent, "that I'll be
grateful to the SP_eaker inhibiting from the dealing *ith
^nyway the case involving me' not due to
ind House members nonetheless
for electing me. That as senior demand of anyone, but as a matter
member, they considered me of procedure and good taste."
for chairmarrship. For that one,I'm Morillo filed her election Pro-
grateful," he said in a text message. test with the HRET against Mr.
Leachon was elected HRET Leachon in June, citing the un-
chair being a member of the ruling explained technical errors ex-
Partido Demokratikong PiliPino- peiienced by the vote counting
Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban). machine and ihe defective SD
The petitioner eadiet asked the cards that resulted to the delaY in
congressman to inhibit from his submission of results from the
posias HRET chair once the Panel precinct level to the Provincial
hears her election Protest. Board of Canvassers.
"He should have the delicadeza "Because of technical errors,
to inhibit from his HRET func- the result of the May2079 election
tions in ordet to keep the integrity has remained questionable at the
of the HRET Proceedings and very least and it also remains to
the election tdbunal's decision," be proven that it was not done to
Morillo said. "How can we trust favorcandidates like Mr. Leachon,"
the integrity of the HRET if it she said.

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