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*$fu*$$ VACC slams grant of bail
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to'brains'in Batocabe slay

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which allows Baldo to post bail. reality that the rich and politi-
ffim**#ffifu# s$my Baldo is facing two counts of cally powerful often get to enjoy,
" Aix 1,.qLig'i:yi$:Ii* #{-t*F #t.t .fux,a{qr m-
murder for the slaying of Batocabe while the poorest of our country-
* and his police escort Senior Police men farmers, laborers and the
*r-ttt*,,r$ lil.+: r*,*xixj,*ui i'ry$*" t1*}. ts*jrj
Officer 1 Orlando Diaz in Decem-
rest of the working class are
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ber last year. condemned to the harshest con-
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"The VACC assails the decision ditions for the smallest offenses
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iri gir.+:: ki.i.{lrrg *fl;\}s* Sie*r} perqt'-}ixr of the court and ask for review by their circumstances force them to
ft*p, $t*E*** $lxrx**Lwr, the same court otherwise it will commiL" he added.
tt'r*,: X.'r l,Il* :l*t,*:*:.t',rl,4g:*, ig *,t {lri lvt *:,
be elevated to higher courts," the Baldo was allowed to post
;.tftd il:,*r:r#p***r* group said in a statement. P3-million bail for each murder
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*-*lpr'n:ri tlitr' $,t*'g***.*,l $;* t {"*:uss News of the court's decision count and be released on Monday,
i$::;r r:*h i.,* kll$,g,+:'V} *,'$' $r*;rre-*s, i.:f t:- shocked the family of Batocabe almost four months after he was
i:;*i *le ru,: {t: **vi*.w and Ako Bicolgarty"list Rep. Al- arrested and charged.
fredo Gabin lr. Rodel's widow Gertie had not
Iustin Batocabe" Rodelt son, said explicitly commented on the is-
murder is a non-bailable offense. sug but her recent Facebook post
Gabin condemned the court hinted on her reaction against
order, saying a witness had Baldo's freedom.
positively identified Baldo as the "Our family had been through
mastermind. so much pain and injustice. We try
Mag;sasaka party-list Rep. fugel [tol endure it with quiet dignity
Cabatbat also condemned "in the and when our faith alters, we pray
strongest sense" the court's deci- more," she said.
sion to release Baldo. "l once asked a priest why it is
"Despite the overwhelming easier for evil men to triumph and
amount of evidence presented the ones who d6 good things are
against him, which includes a usuallytaken bythe Lord. He sim-
confession from the gunman ply ansWered'so they havc enough
himself, Baldo was still allowed time to repenti" she added.
to post bail. As a lawyer who Iustin earlier said in a statement
followed this case closely, I can- that their family feels "a mix of
not imagine the amount of legal anget shock and dejection" over
maneuvering that happened the court's decision.
to make this travesty even re- He added that he would file
motely possible," Cabatbat said a motion for reconsideration to
iq a statement. blockthe release of Baldo.
'This is a mockery of our crimi- JAIME PITAPIL
nal justice system, a disgusting AND GLEE JALEA

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