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Soccer for Success Local Training Agenda

Name of Local Program Partner

Location: TBD Date: x/x/xxxx Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

Please connect to the Soccer for Success mobile curriculum

Mobile Curriculum:
Email: XXX
Password: XXX

9:00-9:50am Section 1: Overview (Type: Classroom/PowerPoint) 50 min

To give coach-mentors a general background of the U.S. Soccer Foundation and Soccer for Success, diving into the program’s
four components: physical activity, nutrition, mentorship, and family engagement.

9:50-10:45am Section 2: Curriculum Review (Type: Classroom/PowerPoint) 55 min

To actively engage coach-mentors in learning how to utilize the Soccer for Success Curriculum, the 8 steps of a Soccer for
Success practice, the IRR method, and Game Day.

10:45-11:15am Section 3: Soccer Fundamentals (Type: Field/Court) 30 min

To develop coach-mentor comfort with soccer basics, and an understanding of fundamental techniques. Techniques include:
dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, and defending.

11:15-12:30pm Section 4: Soccer for Success Practice Demonstration (Type: Field/Court) 75 min
Trainers will lead the participants through each step of a practice and demonstrate best practices of the program model.

12:30-1:00pm Section 5: Lunch + Assign Teach-Back (Type: Field/Court) 30 min

Trainers will assign and distribute teach-back assignments. Coach-mentors some time to eat, rest and recharge, while also
spending some time building out their teach-backs.

1:00-2:00pm Section 6: Coach-Mentor Blueprint (Type: Classroom/PowerPoint) 60 min

To provide coach-mentors with an interactive presentation of the Coach-Mentor Blueprint.

2:00-2:15pm Section 7: Data Collection (Type: Classroom/PowerPoint) 15 min

To provide coach-mentors a baseline understanding for data collection in the Soccer for Success program.

2:15-2:45pm Section 8: Game Day (Type: Field/Court) 30 min

To actively engage coach-mentors in learning best practices for Soccer for Success Game Days. Various methods such as Line
Soccer/Corner Soccer, Dutch Style, and Small-Sided games will be demonstrated.

2:45-4:45pm Section 9: Teach-Backs (Type: Field/PowerPoint) 120 min

Participants demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and best practices in coach-mentoring.

4:45-5:00pm Section 10: Transition and Closure (Type: Field or Classroom) 15 min
End on a positive note and appreciate the time and effort given throughout the training. Collect feedback on Local Training.