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Aran Quest Guide

By Verperia of ellinforest

UPDATE: You have to finish all previous quests in order to get the next one. Do
all of them in the right order or you'll run into problems.

The new Aran class is based around a huge set of quests based around the black magician. This is a
compilation of these quests and how to do them.

1. You'll start out as a very high leveled aran character that is fighting the black magician. Just go on and
follow the arrows and finish the simple quests.

2. When you wake up in the ice, talk to 리린 (the girl). And then talk to her again.

3. Here, you'll receive another tutorial on how to equip things and how to sit. When you finish this
tutorial course, you'll be at a map with three exits. (with one being the one you just came through.)

4. From there, go through the portal on the right and enter the main Lien map. Keep heading right to
meet up with 리린 (who had previously followed you). Talk to her and she'll tell you to kill 10 무루파.
They are located one map right of the main lien map and look like this:

5. After killing them, you want to go back to 리린 and turn in the quest. Then get the next quest to kill
15 무루피아. They are two maps to the right of the main lien map and look like this:

6. Go in, turn it in to 리린 and get the next one. This one is to kill 20 무루무루, which are located three
maps to the right of lien.

7. Finish it, go back to 리린 and turn it in. You'll now get your last one, which is to kill 5 무루쿤, which
are located three maps to the left of Lien.

8. Now you'll get your final beginner quest. Just talk to the giant axe to your left and you'll see a
cutscene of you holding a polearm. Now go back to 리린 and turn in the quest.
9. Congratulations, you're a first job aran now. Now to move onto your polearm days. Also note that for
now, you only start with two skills, you'll get more later. And, don't forget to put on your new polearm
and medal!

Yay, you're a real aran now!

1. After you advance you job, go to the left of Lien and talk to the penguin with the polearm, or 푸오는.

2. Talk to the penguin again to get a new quest. You'll be asked to go into the portal to the right of him
and to kill some mobs. (This is just like the cygnus quests)

3. First, you'll have to kill 30 slimes, and then turn in the quest.

4. Next, you'll have to kill 30 mushrooms.

5. And finally, you'll have to kill 50 pigs. After finishing this quest, you'll get the '[I]combo ability[/I]' skill.

6. After finishing the killing quests, you'll have to talk to 리린 to proceed. Talk to her and get her new
quest. This quest involves leaving Lien and heading towards victoria island.

7. Go all the way to the right from the main Lien map and continue to take the boat out of Lien.


1. When you arrive, you'll be in Lith harbor. Go to the top right of lith harbor (where the shops are) and
go into the new building. In there should be an npc named 트루.

2. Talk to him and get his quest. Then talk to Theo on the left of Lith Harbor (near jane). Get his quest
and get ready to do some easy killing.

3. You need to collect 10 green, red, and blue snail shells. You can find these to the maps right of Lith
Harbor. When you finish, go back to Theo and finish it. Now return to 트루 in the new building and finish
the quest.
4. Now you'll get a new quest which gives you a letter that is to be given to Bruce in henesys. (He's the
mushroom guy, next to cassandra)

5. Bruce will ask you to kill some mushrooms and collect some droppings. Go ahead to the cynical
mushrooms map (two maps to the right of henesys) and kill away until you're done.

6. Turn it in when you're finished and get the next one. This one is to kill pigs and ribbon pigs for 50 of
their tails. Go to the pig mini dungeon (two maps right of henesys), and collect them.

7. Once again, turn the quest in and get the next one. You'll need to kill 50 cynical mushrooms and have
to collect a mushroom doll from them. When you finish it, turn it in.

8. Now that that's done, your next quest is to go back to 트루 and to turn it in.

18 to 22
(You'll need to be level 18 to move on, so get training and come back.)

1. Talk to 트루 again and get his next quest. Just go to Ellinia and talk to Rowen. (near top right of map)
Then finish the quest and get your next one.

2. Now you'll need to kill mushrooms and collect one doll from them. Go three maps to the bottom left
of ellinia and enter the tree next to the new leaf npc (말하는 나무). Kill away and then turn in your

3. Now you'll need to get your next quest and you'll have to go back and talk to that leaf npc. (말하는
나무) Talk to it and then go back to Rowen to get your next quest.

4. Rowen's next quest will be to return to lith harbor and to talk to 트루 again. You'll then finish your

5. Next, get to level 19 to get your next quest. Then go talk to Rowen again and she'll ask you to kill 200
green mushrooms and to collect a green mushroom doll from one of those new mushrooms. When you
finish it, go back to Rowen.

6. You'll then get the same quest again from Rowen. So just finish it then turn it in. (thanks Kigas)
7. Now, get the level 22! From here, most of the quests are a few levels apart. So get to your leveling

8. Okay then. When you get the level 22, you'll get a quest bulb over your head. Click on it and it'll
transport you to the map you need to go to. It doesn't matter where you are in the maple world, it'll just
send you to a map in the ant tunnel (same place for cygnus quests). So you don't have to worry about
trekking back to it.

9. For now, all you'll see in there is a table, and npc, and a pot or something. Talk to the npc named
프란시스 (Francis), and finish his dialog. After doing so, you're done with the quest.

10. Go to lith harbor and talk to 트루. He'll ask you to go to Rien and to talk to Lilen again. So do so and
you'll get the skill [b]Polearm Booster[/b]! Enjoy it, it'll help out you training.

23 to 29
(Get to level 23 first then go on.)

1. Onto Perion! Go and talk to 트루 again and get his quest. It'll be to talk to an npc in perion. The npc is
located next to the portal in the right side of the middle of perion. (what a mouthful.) It'll be to kill
sprouts and these blushing sprouts in the excavation site. You'll need to kill 200 of them and you'll have
to collect a blushing ghost axe doll.

2. Turn it in when done and hurray. For now, get to level 24 and go back to that npc. Your new quest will
be to collect 5 dolls from these pots in the excavation site. When you're done, go and turn it in.

3. Now you need to get to level 28 to move on. When you get to that level, get the next quest from 트루
in lith harbor. Your quest will be to go to the main sleepywood town and to talk to a new npc there
name 일지. The new npc is at the far right corner near the portal. Then just turn it in.

4. Your next quest is to go and kill zombie mushrooms and to collect one doll. You'll need to kill 300
zombie mushrooms. I suggest the mini-dungeon two maps into the ant tunnel. Finish it and turn it in.

5. Get the next quest from the little guy and move on. You'll need to go deep into the ant tunnel for this
one. Use the vip taxi in ellinia to get to the 3rd evileye cave map. There, you'll see a strange tree trunk
thing in the middle. Press up on it and you'll get a message in your chatbox. You just finished the quest
so go back to 일지 in sleepywood to turn it in.

6. Next, you'll be asked to talk to the mysterious statue to the left of you in the middle of sleepywood
named 이상한 모양의 석상. It's the jump quest guy. It's quest is to collect 100 evil eye tails. So do so
and turn it in.

7. You'll then be asked to talk to 트루 in lith harbor (again.)

8. Now, get to level 29 and you're off to fight the black magicians disciple! Talk to 트루 to get the quest.
You'll get a new level 29 spear which you should equip for fun. (and since it's good.) Okay then, you'll
then have to go back to the ant tunnel to the tree trunk you went to before in the third evileye cave.

9. Press up there and type in [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]프란시스는 천재 인형사![/COLOR][/B] (with the

exclamation mark) Talk to the npc in there and then you'll have to fight him. When you kill it, go back to
트루 to turn the quest in.

10. Now just get the next quest from him. It's to just talk to Lilen in Rien. And now, congrats! You've just
finished all of your first job quests.

30 - Second Job Change


- Level 30




1. When you get to level 30, congratulate yourself on a new achievement and then go ahead and
proceed to Rien.
2. Once at Rien, talk to Lilen and you'll get your 2nd job change quest. For the quest, you'll have to talk
to the golden guy (마하) now next to the giant axe to the right of Lilen. Go through the dialog and you'll
see a quick cutscene showing 마하.

3. Then go back to Lilen and talk to her. She'll tell you to go the farthest map to the left of Rien. It'll be
an ice cave where you'll see a portal.

4. Go into the portal and you'll arrive in a mu lung looking area. Go left and you'll find an npc named
대장옹. Talk to him and get his quest. You'll have to collect 30 items from monsters to a map left of

5. Head left fight until you finish the quest. When you're done, go back and finish the quest. You'll see a
cut scene and you'll arrive back in the ice cave.

6. Now head back and talk to 마하 again (the golden guy). Talk to him and say yes and you'll advance
your job.

7. You're now a second job aran. Remember to try out your new medal and have fun!


- Level 31

1. When you get to level 31, you get your next aran quest. Okay then, go ahead and head to Rien and
meet up with 리린.

2. Her quest is to go to lith harbor and to talk to 트루. Well not really, 트루 is tied up. But just talk to
him and you'll then talk to 프란시스.

3. After talking to him, you'll have to fight and kill him.

4. When you kill him, 트루 will be free and you'll then be able to talk to him. After talking, you get the
폴암 마스터리 skill. (polearm mastery) Also, enjoy your 9850 exp.


- Level 37

1. At level 37, talk to 트루 in Lith Harbor to get your quest.

2. 트루 will ask you to go to sleepywood and to fight. Go to this map > http://global.hidden-

3. Go into the tree trunk at the start of the map. Yes, where that black space is in the giant tree trunk. By
doing so, you'll be in a new map with another portal the the end of it. Just go to the right of the tiny
house and press up.

4. When you're in the next map, go to the bottom right of it to reach a strange looking statue npc. It'll
look like the one in sleepywood. Talk to it and enter 프란시스는 천재 인형사! again.

5. You'll be in another room with the same guy you fought before. So just fight and kill it to finish the

6. Go back to 트루 to finish the quest. 트루 will then give you another quest to give a jewel to 리린.

7. Then go to Rien and talk to 리린 to finish the quest. You'll get 콤보 드레인 (combo drain).


- Level 45



1. When you get to level 45, go to lith harbor and talk to 트루. He'll ask you to head towards orbis to talk
to Risa. (the girl near the potion shop in orange)

2. After talking to Risa, she'll ask you to go to 산첵로 2. (http://global.hidden- At the top right of the map, there's a new portal.

3. Enter it to supposedly reach a new map. (Not sure) In there, you'll be able to fight a giant Nependeath.
After fighting it, it'll drop an item that you'll need called a 급성 성장 촉진제.

4. Return to Risa and turn in the quest. Your next one will be to talk to Spiruna in cloud park. (the old
lady in the house)

5. Go back to the map with the giant nependeath and climb the giant beanstalk to reach another area
with a stone guy named 다고쓰. After talking to him, you'll then fight the stone man. (Thanks

6. After you beat the monster in the map, head back to Spiruna. You'll then finish the quest and will be
able to get another quest from 트루 in lith harbor.

7. Talk to 트루 and head to Rien. There, talk to 리린 and get 콤보 스매쉬. (Combo smash)
50 - Mount


- Level 50

- 10,000,000 mesos

- 50x Seal Meats

- 50x Jr. Yeti Skins


1. First off, know that you'll need 10,000,000 mesos to get the wolf mount. So just be sure you have that.

2. Okay then, after you get to the glorious level 50, you'll get a lightbulb above your head. Click it and get
the quest from 푸니. (the penguin)

3. 푸니 will ask you to head to aquaroad to meet up with 나누크는. (Nanuke) Who is located on a
frozen whale.

4. You'll then need to get 50 seal meats from Freezers. (The seals on the maps to the left of the

5. After getting said seal meat, go to Kenta in the aquarium and talk to her. You'll then have to pay
10,000,000 mesos to buy an item. (아기 늑대용 영양제)

6. Turn the items (seal meat and kentas item) to 나누크는 to finish the quest. From there, you'll then
get another quest to meet the previous penguin, 푸니.

7. Head to Rien and go to the second training field. Go to the top where you then enter a portal. Talk to
푸니 and finish the quest. You now have the wolf mount, but not the saddle.
8. Head to El nath to talk to 스카두르 (the guy with the spear in the main town) He'll then ask for 50 jr.
yeti skins.

9. Turn in the quest and you'll get your saddle and the monster riding skill.



- Level 54

- 50x straw dolls (straw tartet dummies)

- 50x wooden dolls (wooden target dummies)

- 100x Broken Piece of Pot (jars)

- 100x Bellflowers (bellflower roots)

- 500,000 mesos


1. At level 54 you'll get a light bulb above your head. Go to Mu lung. Talk to 도의진.

2. He'll ask to talk to 진진은.

3. 진진은 will give you a scroll and will ask you to get some items. The items are 50 std etc drops, 50
wooden std etc drops, and 100 broken jar pieces. You'll also need to pay 500k mesos.

4. When you turn your quest in, 진진은 will give you eight bottles of ink. Open up the scroll you got
from him earlier (double click it) and then drag all the ink onto the scroll.

5. You'll end up with your scroll looking like this.

6. Just turn it in back to 도의진 (first panda npc). You next quest will be to go to the mu lung dojo and to
talk to the panda npc (소공) inside the main dojo map. He'll ask you to gather up 100 도라지 from the
yellow vegetable monster thing. They're located in the maps to the right of herb town.

7. Just get 100 of them and turn the quest in to 소공. He'll ask you to go outside the inner-dojo to go up
the tower. Just go to the second flag under the dojo (the green one) and press up on it.

8. Go up the tower by pressing up on the windows. You'll then find a panda on top where you can turn
in the quest.

9. His quest for you to is to fight him in the dojo. Just do so and move on. Get his next quest which is to
find a secret map.

10. Go to the final training map (with the straw dummies). And then find a pole with the korean letters
'ㅅㅁ'. (Theres an extra line on the top of the ㅅ, couldn't put the real character in.) Click on the letters.

11. When you press up, type in [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]도가도비상도[/COLOR][/B]. (No period) Talk to
the npc (무명) and you'll then fight him. Just go back to the old panda on top of the dojo and finish the
quest. (Thanks xchicobo)

12. Return to 트루 and you can then get a quest to talk to 리린. Talk to her and you'll get 파이널 차지.
(Final Charge) Congrats on getting here.



- Level 63


1. When you get to level 63, you'll get another lightbulb. Click it, then get the quest from 투루. You'll
then have to go to ellinforest.
2. Once you get to ellinforest, you'll then have to talk to 유리스. (the girl with the gun) After that, go
into the house she's standing in front of to talk to 헬레나. (the younger version of Athena)

3. She'll ask you to go to last map of ellinforest to meet up with 칸데룬. (the warrior) He'll ask you to kill
10 prehistoric boars. So just do so and you'll then get a key.

4. Go back to town to talk to 헬레나. She'll ask you to go into the portal above her. Press around on the
books until you get a message. A guy will then appear (the same person from before).

5. After doing that, go back to 헬레나 to get another quest. This one is to talk to 투루 in lith harbor. Talk
to him and he'll then tell you to go to Athena's house (in henesys park).

6. Once there, fight the enemy inside to get a piece of paper. Then talk to Athena (who is tied up) You'll
then have to talk to her again and you'll then have to talk to 투루.

7. Then he'll tell you to talk to 리린.



- Level 68

1. You'll start off with a lightbulb over your head. Click it and then get the quest from 투루. The quest is
to talk to 리린 again.

2. Talk to 리린 and you'll get a scroll item. Talk to 나인하트 in Ereb after that to finish the quest.
70 - Third Job Change


- Level 70

- The quests 도둑을 잡아라, 홍주옥 만들기, and 예티와의 우정 done

- The maker skill

- 1x dark crystal

- 3x diamond ore

- 3x garnet ore


1. First off, congrats on level 70. Second, go to Rien to talk to 리린. She'll then tell you to talk to 마하.
(the golden guy)

2. 마하 will ask you to go to the Rien docks. There you'll find a [B]freaking[/B] awesome giant ninja bird.
Fight the gold carrying bird and then return to 마하 to finish the quest. Then talk to 리린.

3. Head to the ice cave that you went to during your second job advancement.

4. Inside the portal, you'll meet up with a [U]talking [/U]yeti named 티티티.

5. Get 티티티's quest and go up the ladder to the right and go into the portal. You'll then meet up with
the previously seen bird. Kill him and get his jewel.

6. Return to 티티티 and the yeti will [B]devour[/B] the jewel. After that, you'll then need to forge the
same jewel with the maker skill.
7. Open up the maker skill, go to 기타, then find 홍주옥. Make it using the said crystals and ores and
then head to Rien.

8. Talk to 마하 and you'll then advance your job into a 3rd job aran character. Check out your new skills
and get ready to do your last skill quest.



- Level 70

- 3rd job aran


1. Talk to 나인하트 in Ereb and get the skill 풀 스윙. (Pole Swing)

100 - Mount


- Level 100

- Lvl. 50 mount quest done

- 40,000,000 mesos

- 200x Lime Powder Bottle (bone fish)

- 200x Ink Bottles (squid)

- 200x Butter-Toasted Squid (rissel squid)

1. As you get to level 100, you'll get a new quest to meet up with 푸니 in Rien. (The npc you met in the
level 50 quest. Talk to him to get the quest.

2. You'll be asked to once again talk to 스카두르 in el nath. (with the spear) Who will then ask you to go
to 차디찬벌판, which is located here:

3. Once there, go to the top of the map where you'll find a new portal with a wolf sign above it. Inside
will be a cool little jump quest you'll have to do with your mount on. Oh, and you have only three
minutes to do it.

4. Just go from the starting area to the finish. After that, go back to 스카두르 to turn in the quest.

5. Now you go down to aquaroad to talk to 나누크. Who will then tell you to get some items for her.
This includes getting a potion item from 켄타. (Kenta)

6. So go into the aquarium and talk to 켄타. Pay her your 40,000,000 mesos to get the potion item.

7. Now go out and hunt for 200x Lime Powder Bottle (bone fish), 200x Ink Bottles (squid), and 200x
Butter-Toasted Squid (rissel squid). Talk to 나누크 again to get your new wolf mount.

8. Go back to Rien and talk to 푸니 to finish the quest. Now just enjoy your 170% speed mount!

120 - Fourth Job Change


- Level 120

- 3rd job
1. When you get to level 120, go to Rien to talk to 리린. She'll then tell you to talk to 마하.

2. Talk to 마하 and you'll then have to fight him. Beat him, and then talk to him again. You'll then
advance your job. Simple, eh?

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