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 MMSE- ez shit

 CN I - Test CN III
- Test CN I - Observe patient
- Ask patient if there is difficulty smelling - Report (No ptosis or nystagmus noted)
(do you have any problem in smelling?)
- Ask patient to close eyes and close one - Test CN III, IV, VI
nostril - Ask patient to look at cardinal gaze (H
- Ask patient to smell substance and or asterisk)
identify - Report (Patient’s EOM is normal, CN III,
- Report (patient’s CN I is intact) IV, VI is intact)

- Look at patient’s eye and note symmetry - Test CN V
- Report no protrusion of (EXOpthalmos) - Ask patient to follow command (close
or sunken (ENOpthalmos) eyes, no your eyes and tell me if what you feel is
ptsosis, lid retraction soft or sharp), (ask to clench teeth feel
temporalis and masseter), (drop jaw
- Test Visual Acuity against resistance)
- Ask patient to use glasses (let me - Report (patient’s CN V is intact)
examine your vision…cover n eye with n
hand and can you read the smallest line - Test CN VII
that you can read then ulit sa kabila) - Ask patient to follow command (raise
- Report (patient’s vision is x over x on left eyebrows, wrinkle forehead, close eyes
and kabila) against resistance, smile, puff cheeks)
- Corneal reflex
- Test Visual Field - Ask to taste substance at anterior 2/3 of
- Ask patient to follow command (can you tongue
cover your n eye with your n hand tell - Rinse with water in between
me if you can see my finger) - Report (patient’s CN VII is intact)
- Wiggle finger out of vision to central field
- Report (patient’s visual field
confrontation is normal, no visual field
cues noted)

- Test Optic Nerve (Fundoscopy)

- Ask patient to remove glasses, darken
room, ask to look straight
- Report (ROR positive, optic disc is
normal in color and shape, retinal
vessels seen with no lesions)

- Test Color Vision

- Ask patient to look at shit (can you look
at the figure and tell me if the colors are
as is or you can see a number)
- Report (patient’s color vision is normal)

- Pupil Evaluation
- GRD SHITS (can use 2 penlight)
- Report PERLA