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CRAFT. HE Nic Type 431 Basic index 4977 Aircraft Registration Operating Empty Wt Index S143 MSN EMPTY WEIGHT The | Kos. JEmpty Weight includes the following items of fixed equipment JUnusable Fuel, Oil (Engine, APU, IDG), Hydraulic Oil (Ful) , Pax Seats, Pilot, Co-Pilot and Cabin Attendant Seats, All fixed structures/equipment, Cabin Carpet, Radio Equipment, Emergency Equipment including First Aid and Physician's Kit, Life Vests, Escape Slides/ Slide Rafts and Oxygen Masks, [Catering Removable Equipment 41240 00) |S. WEIGHT OF REMOVABLE EQUIPMENTS: The Weight of Removable Equipments includes the following items: Potable Water - 200.00 Kgs, Toilet Fluid/Waste Tank - 10.00 Kgs, Aircraft Documents and Too! Kit - 22.00 kgs [C. WEIGHT OF CREW Weight allowed for crew and their baggage 2 Pilots 6 Cabin Attendants ID. SUMMARY OF WEIGHTS JOperational Empty weight of the aircraft (A+B+C) [Weight of fuel with tanks full (23860.00 Lt. x Sp. Gravity 0.785 Kg/Lt) Maximum Commercial load with oll and fuel tanks full Maximum Taxi Weight Maximum Take Off Weight Maximum Landing Weight Ermey weight Carter of Gravy rom data) 7 ht centre of Gravity in % RC. NOTE 1. Maximum Zero Fue! weight of this aircraft is $8500 kos 2. Maximum permissible seating capacity of this aircraft (184 Passenger Seats + 5 Cabin Attendant + 2 Picts + 2 Observer) = 154 3. The datum is 2 54m forward of aircraft nose 4 Forward Takeotf and landing C.G. Limits - 15 to 21% MAC; {Aft Takeoff Limits -30 5% to 39% MAC. 5 Weight Schedule computed on the basis of the weighment carried aut on, 08th Jan 2008 at Hamburg, Germany, by Airbus industries, 6 The catering allowance should be added as per the sector oad in actuals and the ‘Load and Trim sheet be prepared. Maximum catering load for G1: 315 kgs\ GS: S40 kgs OEW and OEW Index be calculated accordingly Prepared by Signature: Approval Number Checked by S.K.Ghorat Siganture AME Lic. No. Place Mumbai Date August 29, 2008 es Pheted Incl ot ¢ Unter Jee PRIORITY ADDRESS(ES} {3 AY a | ORIGINATOR ‘SECTOR AIRCRAFT TYPE BomMide ay WlelInVipiels FLIGHT ae VERSION DATE WITT] YEN TA) [ol271812) Te 1eTs) PASSENGER AIRCRAFT ci Ind a ‘ALL WEIGHTS IN KILOGRAMS iz OU WEIGHT FOR ROFL Ee hom] <2 fmm ioe FTOTAL PAKWEGHT As CH [TOTAL TRAFRCLOAD DRY OPERATWNG WEGHT [aenORUELWT © luax FARE OFF FUEL TARE OFF WT ma, rata NTRP FUEL icatoNG Wr © wax [NUTHORSED WEIGHTS OMLY USED FOR PAX CREW CAB BAGEAGE. uae | CERTIFY THAT THIS AIRCRAFT HAS BEEN LOADED AND TRIMMED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AFM TAKE OFF /RTOW. a a fr FUEL ale 12 1©) iste OAD LOWER CONPARTENT =| weer | NOE conn | el FUEL INDEX TABLE. “05 PER PAX 0.08 PER PAK WEIGHT Ke) DENSITY GA 0.765: 05 PER PAX OB PER 100 KGS 305 PER 100 KGS “40.8 PER 100 KGS CS “10PER CREW FWO=10 ET 0 Tia PER 100 KGS +T2PER 10OKGS ‘COMPT 1 (2268) _ + COMPT 4(3021) + BE ZONE OC (54) 27 ‘SUB TOTAL Shells feels '3500 4000 4500 000 500 _ | --€000 6500 “7000 7300 000 7 4 0 0 a + 2 SLEVESLASALAHEHSESLEKA He 4 Becca eeeececcee ea Wa TH] I