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DAY 35

God’s Power In Your Weakness

God loves to manage fragile individuals. Everyone has vulnerabilities. You
contain a packet of blemishes and deficiencies: physical, emotional, intellectual,
and spiritual. You may also retain irrepressible settings that destabilise you, such
as monetary or interpersonal confines. The more essential matter is what you do
with these. Typically we negate our drawbacks, secure them, tolerate them, bury
them, and begrudge them. This averts God from exhausting them the approach
he wishes. Confess your frailties. Own up to your deficiencies. Hinder pretending
to consume it all together, and be direct about yourself. If God only cast-off
faultless folks, nothing would ever get completed. Instead of existing in refutation
or constructing explanations, take the while to classify your particular difficulties.
You might formulate a register of them.

DAY 36
Made For A Mission
You were put together for a task. God is at labour in the realm, and he
requests you to reach him. This task is named your duty. God needs you to have
mutually a ministry in the Body of Christ and a work in the creation. Gratifying
your task in the world is God's fifth resolution for your life. Your life job is together
communal and precise. Accomplishing your life mission on earth is a crucial part
of existing for God's magnificence. Your assignment is a persistence of Jesus'
task on earth. Your duty is a great honour. Granting it is an immense obligation, it
is also an incredible nobility to be cast-off by God. Revealing others in what way
they can consume perpetual life is the utmost entity you can organize for them.
Your assignment has everlasting importance. It will control the undying purpose
of other individuals, so it's more imperative than any profession, attainment, or
aim you will grasp for the duration of your life on earth. Your calling provides your
life sense. To satisfy your vocation will entail that you vacate your itinerary and
assent God's plan for your life.
DAY 37
Sharing Your Life Message

God has prearranged you a Life Message to impart. God needs to speak
to the creation all the way through you. Your Life Message comprises your
witness. Your testament is the account of how Christ has completed a change in
your life. Your Life Message contains your life educations. The second part of
your life message is the realities that God has imparted you from understandings
with him. While it is prudent to absorb from involvement, it is cleverer to acquire
from the encounters of others. There isn't sufficient period to discover the whole
lot in existence by experimenting. We must acquire from the lifespan educations
of one another. Your task arena is all everywhere you. Don't oversight the
chances God is bequeathing you.
DAY 38
Becoming A World Class Christian
The Great Commission is your commission. You have a selection to
create. Your aim is to work out where others are in their divine voyage and then
ensure of any kind will carry them a phase nearer to knowing Christ. Move from
native rational to worldwide discerning. God is a universal God. He has always
be concerned about the whole realm. Prayer is the most essential instrument for
your task in the world. People may decline our affection or cast-off our note, but
they are vulnerable in contradiction of our observances. Change from discerning
of justifications to considering of artistic behaviours to achieve your command. If
you are eager, there is always a way to do it. The Great Commission is your
commission, and doing your part is the secret to living a life of significance.
DAY 39
Balancing Your Life
Blessed are the balanced; they shall outlast everyone. You can keep your
life balanced and on track by joining a small group for accountability, by regularly
evaluating your spiritual health, by recording your progress in a personal journal,
and by passing on what you learn to others. These are four important activities
for purpose-driven living. If you are serious about staying on track, you will need
to develop these habits. Talk it through with a spiritual partner or small group.
The reason we pass on what we learn is for the glory of God and the growth of
his kingdom. Jesus modelled a purpose-driven life, and he taught others how to
live it, too. That was the "work" that brought glory to God. Today God calls each
of us to the same work. Not only does he want us to live out his purposes, he
also wants us to help others do the same. God wants us to introduce people to
Christ, bring them into his fellowship, and help them grow to maturity and
discover their place of service, and then send them out to reach others, too. This
is what purpose-driven living is all about. Regardless of your age, the rest of your
life can be the best of your life, and you can start living on purpose today.

DAY 40
Living With Purpose
Purpose is the sole reason why we exist .Everything else is just prevailing.
Most people struggle with three basic issues in life. The first is identity, the
second is importance, and the third is impact. You need an unshakable centre.
When God's at the centre, you worship. When he's not, you worry. Worry is the
warning light that God has been shoved to the side-line. The moment you put
him back at the centre, you will have peace again. Don't get discouraged and
give up when you stumble. It takes a lifetime to build Christ-like character. While
you are shaped to serve others, even Jesus didn't meet the needs of everyone
while on earth. You have to choose whom you can best help, based on your
shape. Our lives must support and validate the message we communicate. One
day history will come to a close, but eternity will go on forever. Living with
purpose is the only way to really live.