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Good News!

Catholic Parish of St Mary & St Thomas More

2 Hallcourt Crescent, Cannock , WS11 0AB
Parish Priest: Fr Peter Weatherby tel: 07766 335591
Deacons : Rev Michael Vickery, Rev Paul Hender
8th September 2019 • 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Parish Sister: Sr Jacinta Mariette 07488 369482
Welcome to everyone at Mass today, especially if St Mary’s Music Group:  
you are new to our church or haven't been to Mass Stafford Hospital Chaplaincy: 01782 676400
for some time. Practising Catholics, clear in New Cross & Cannock Hospital Chaplains: 01902 695098
conscience that they are properly prepared, may St Mary’s Centre (Meals and Functions) 01543 579364 &
receive holy communion. Others are invited to come
Cafod Representative : Jo Burrowes
forward for a blessing. If so, please place your hand Safeguarding: Jo Burrowes & Ann Hinsley
on your heart to indicate this to the priest, deacon or (Birmingham Diocesan Trust: Reg Charity No. 234216)

Masses, Intentions & other services
 Carrying the cross

Check mass intentions online at
The Charity noon at St Peter's
8th September • 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Commission has Church. All welcome.
Sat 7 5pm John & Helen Prendergast RIP published its report on Thank you Asda! St
Sun 8 8am John & Floss Probert RIP the Archdiocese of Mary’s Friendship Club
Birmingham. The report received a cheque on
10.30am Violet Peiris RIP
can be found on the 1st September from
Mon 9 No Mass Charity Commission Asda for £500 to
Tue 10 7pm Bridie Doherty RIP website: support their activities.
The Diocesan statement
Wed 11 9.15am Mary Kelly & Family Int (School Mass) Welcome Mass for Year
responding to the report
Thu 12 9.15am Priests’ Intention is available online here: 9 students at Cardinal
1.45pm Holy Souls (at St Thomas More School) Griffin will take place in
Fri 13 9.15am Elizabeth (Betty) Morris RIP St Mary’s Church on
Redecoration: the Friday 13th September
11am Welcome Mass (Cardinal Griffin Year 9) Diocese require us to
Sat 14 10am Parish & People publish two further
notices on the Church Deanery Visitation will
15th September • 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time take place from 25
door. Please see these
Sat 14 5pm Patrick Kilgallon RIP notices and respond as September to 17th
Sun 15 8am Andy Gill (B’day Remembrance) RIP you wish. March. The Archbishop
10.30am Muriel Wanglin RIP and Bishop David
Union of Catholic
between them will visit
Mothers Annual
Saints & Holy Days Thurs The Most Holy Name of Pilgrimage to Our Lady
all the parishes in
Mary, Fri St John Chrysostom, Sat Holy Cross Day Stafford Deanery -
of Lourdes, Hednesford,
Children’s Liturgy during Sunday 10.30 Mass (returns in this Sunday 8th including us on the
weekend of Nov 30th
this weekend). September Mass at
and Dec 1st. Please do
Exposition (Holy Hour) Saturdays 9am to 9.50am 3pm, celebrated by Fr
your best to come to the
Peter. Refreshmenrts
Rosary 8.50am before Mass on Thursday and Friday; opening of the visitation
after Mass. All welcome.
and first Saturday of each month. at 7pm on 25th
Deanery Mass October September at Uttoxeter.
Morning Prayer 9.40am Saturday (not first Saturday).
6th 2pm to prepare for More details later.
Confessions Sat 9-9.50am, 10.30-11am 4.30pm - the canonisation of
5pm (but not on Saturday afternoon on 31st. Could anyone represent
Blessed John Henry
the parish at this event?:
Parish Income 1st September £490.08 (Gift Aid Newman at St Dominic’s
if so please see Fr
£255.34). Thank you! Church in Stone.

Refreshments will be Health and Safety event
Second Collections: 8th Sept Parish Development
available before and on Thursday 12th
Fund, 15th Sept CASE (Home Mission Sunday), 22nd
after the Mass. September 2019 at Holy
Sept Fr Hudson’s Care. Gift Aid envelopes are
St Peter’s, Bloxwich Trinity, London Road,
available in Church for Fr Hudson’s and Cafod (6th
celebrate the 150th Newcastle, ST5 1LQ
October). A full list of second collections is here:
Anniversary of the from 7-9pm for parish
2LQNZKN Church on Saturday clergy, administration
Diocesan News 24th August 14th September. Rt. staff and health and
Double Your Pound More than £600 received so far. Rev. Marcus Stock, safety coordinators
Further donations very welcome. Bishop of Leeds will where the new health
celebrate Mass at 12.00 and safety policy will be
Start Date for Work on Church: We are working
around Monday 23 September to begin the work!
Please submit notices and items for publication to Fr Peter by hand, by text 07766 335591 or by email to

GN176 • 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time • 8 September 2019

8th September 2019 • 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St Mary’s Centre 01543 579364 Please Pray … Billie Wyles, Maria

Wacławski, Catherine
Sunday Carvery 12-4pm £6.95 … The Holy Father's Holloway, Bernard
Wednesday Carvery 5.30-8pm 2 for £10 Prayer Intention: That Deakin, Iris Robertson,
Thursday 5.30-8pm 2 for £10 (OAP £4 each) politicians, scientists and Mary Casey.
Friday 5.30pm-8.30pm from 2 for £10
economists work ... for those undergoing
together to protect the or recovering from
All functions catered for world’s seas and treatment or otherwise in
oceans. particular need of our
Coming soon … … for our schools, as we prayers: Peter Garnett,
begin a new term and a Anthony Lawless,
September 9th 7pm Fundraising Meeting - all new academic year. Cathryn, Emma
welcome … for Fr Sandy Brown, Chapman, Katie Bruce,
September 22nd New Life Sale 6pm till 8pm. formerly of Hednesford, John Morris, Vincent
Tickets available soon, only £5. who had an accident on Dockery, Hannah
September 24th Journey in Faith 7.30pm holiday and is Newborough, Peter
September 25th Deanery Visitation Opening recovering in Royal Clamp, Ray Bishop,
Liturgy 7pm at St Mary’s, Uttoxeter ST14 8JB Stoke Hospital. Audrey George, Mitek
October 11th 7.30pm Quiz Night in the Centre … for Betty Chapman, Karasinska, Geoff
Tickets £2.50 each Teams of up to four persons, recovering from an Tipping, Josie Riley,
Please ‘sign up’ on the list at the back of the operation. James B, Helen, Olive
Church. Bar will be open. … for the sick or Brookes.
November 30th Saturday 12pm -2pm housebound: Don The Holy Souls
Christmas Fair New stalls / new ideas welcome. McCulloch, Mary
…. for the recently
tables must be booked by September 29th. Rowley, Helen Pawłak,
departed: Frank Vezzoli,
Kath Turner, Stella
Steve Haywood
Skillen, Winifride
Recent events Haynes, Annette Mason, … for those with
Doris Crabb, Joanne anniversaries about this
See photos on our Facebook page time: 9th John
Jeavons, Nicola
( Prendegast, 10th John
McCulloch, Celia
Harvington Pilgrimage Hurdiss, Dee Fellows, Vickery, Noah Gray, 11th
trip to the the Heights of Abraham David Holt, Theresa Floss Probert, Bernard
Hadley, Fr Pat Farrelly, Landon, 12th Irene
Prayer to St Michael 
 June Weatherby, Owen, 14th Sandra
said at the end of Mass throughout September. Priuyani Jacinta Lakin, Eileen Peachey,
Fernando 15th Samuel Beasley
Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day
of battle; be our safeguard against the … for those in our parish Thanksgivings
wickedness and snares of the enemy, may God receiving communion at … for the new school
rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do Thou, home: Dan Lyonette, term
prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, Mary Kirby, Norah Perry,
… for good examination
cast down to hell Satan, and all evil spirits, who Peter Clamp, Don
wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Hinton, Gerry Marriott,
… for (another!) birthday
Full rota is at
Readers Ministers Readers Ministers
 Readers Ministers
ROTAS Sat 5pm Sat 5pm Sun 8am Sick Visiting Sun 10.30am Sun 10.30am Counters Stole Washing

September Sheila Bullivant Eileen Clancy, D Gleve, S Team 3

D Bruce & C
8th Colman Julie Kennedy Michael Weatherby M. Powell, 
 M. Jones, S
Hunt Schools Carol Garnett
23rd Whitelaw Sister, Teresa Burrowes Pat Johnston, S. Nelson Clancy
P & C Wilson
Sunday Smith Sister G Dockery
September A Gaughan
Stephen Clancy A & R Hinsley D&M Team 4
15th David Doug Bruce M Harris G Keeling
D&M Hibberts M & B Briggs Carol Garnett
24th Jo Burrowes Korzonek Cath Hunt Sister C Bridges
Hibberts A & R Hinsley M Simpson
Sunday C Whitelaw

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GN176 • 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time • 8 September 2019