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Department of Education

Annual Performance Development Plan for teachers

Before completing, teachers and their supervisors should read and develop a clear understanding of the following

• Queensland State Schools Annual Performance Review process for teachers - A step-by-step guide for
'b ;
teachers <:- , •
"',, s Improve tea ching
• Queensland State Schools Annual Performance Review process for teachers - A step-by-step guide for tJ,. if
, .. 5 capability
school leaders (plan supervisors) .,jl
of • • Performance-focused
• Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
3 culture centred on identified
student needs

The Annual Performance Development Plan (APDP) needs to be developed in alignment with the Australian
Professional Standards for Teachers.

Role: Classroom Teacher

Name: Elise Connolly
Teacher Classification (Graduate / Proficient I HAT / Lead): Graduate
School: Doomadqee State School

Agreement date: *'V 20 lq

Final review date: _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __

Template not to be altered or modified in any way


Department of Education

Relevant school priorities (from the Pre-prop Annual Implementation Plan):

National Quality Standards

A self-assessment tool is reco l?!dll

\:!eas of strength and areas for development.
Domains of
Standards Areas of strength Areas for development

1.2 Understand how students learn

1. Know students and how they learn Structure teaching programs using research and
Professional collegial advice about how students learn.

2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching

~.3 Curriculum , assessment and reporting
Design and implement leaming1J.nd teachingJJrowms
2. Know the content and how to teach it Apply knowledge of the content and teaching
usin~nowlcdge of curriculum. assessment and
strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging
w oning requirements.
teaching activities.
3.6 Evaluate and improve teaching programs.
3. Plan for and implement effective teaching Evaluate personal teaching and learning programs
and learning using evidence, including feedback from students and
Professional student assessment data, to inform planning.
4.2 Manage classroom activities
4. Create and maintain supportive and safe Establish and maintain orderly and workable routines
learning environments to create an environment where student time is spent
on learning tasks.

6.1 Assess student learning 5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning
5. Assess, provide feedback and report on Develop, select and use informal and formal, Provide timel~ective and al2J)ropriate feedback to
student learning diagnostic, formative and summative assessment students about their achievement relative to their
strategies to assess student learning. )earning goals.
Professional 6.3 Engage with colleagues and improve practice 6.1 Identify and plan professional learning need.
engagement 6. Engage in professional learning Contribute to collegial discussions and apply Use the Australian Professional Standards for
constructive feedback from colleagues to improve Teachers and advice from colleagues to identify

Annual Performance Development Plan for teachers

Department of Education

professional knowledge and practice. and plan professional learning needs.

7 2 Comp_!y vith legislative, administrative <!!ll1

7.3 Engage with the parents/careers
7. Engage with professionally with \ll&i,Lni,rational requirements.
Demonstrate responsiveness in all communications
colleague's parents/carers and the
with parents/carers about their children ' s learning and
well being.

Comment (teacher)

Comment (supervisor)

Signature and date (teacher}

Phase 2-
Phase 1 - Goal setting
These should be framed through reflection on areas of strength and areas for development within the
practice and
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
Focus areas for Up to 3 agreed performance Actions to develop capability Indicators of success Reflections, comments and
improvement development goals Be specific about what a ctions you notes on professional
What will you/others see if your
intend to undertake and the s upport practice and learning
As per reflection Refer lo SMART goals goal is achieved?
framework - Specific, a nd professional learning you will Dunng this phase, the teacher's
Refer to Documenta!Jl Evidence APDP is put into action during day-
Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, require. Guides. to-day work and 1s supported by
Time-phased professional learning to achieve
Professional knowledge Over the Course of Tenn 2 and if - Engage in the FFS guidelines for - Reflect upon Written
needed tenn 3 I will research and extending and enriching learning observations occurred after
2. Curriculum, assessment and develop my knowledge and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait learning.
reporting understanding of the Early Years Islander Children in the - Use FFS to create concepts
Curriculum ,Foundation for Success, Kindergarten Year.. maps when panning for future
2.3 Design and implement learning to effectively and accurately assess - Make links between Prior learning opportunities.
and teaching programs using and measure the children's learning knowledge and experience with - Attain feedback upon written
knowledge of curriculum, assessment and development throughout the year. the EYLF and FFS. observation/ Fonnal panning.
and reporting requirements. - Access Supporting Documents

Annual Performance Development Plan for teachers

Department of Education

- Observe and work with

I Colleagues to further develop

knowledge and understanding.
\ Professional Practice By the end oftcnn two I aim to be - Observe nnd work with - Reflect upon conversations with
consistently developing nnd providing Colleagues to further devclor children.
6 Provide fredbark to students on mnre frequent feedback to the d1ildrcn knowledge and 11ndcrstm1ding - Record observations containing
their learning. about their learning and development current methods of fecdhack . conversation between children
nligncd with the FFS outcomes in - Research and explore supporting and educators.
6.2 Provide timely. effecti ve and child friendly language. Curriculum documents detailing - Record
appropriate feedback to students appropriate methods of feedback
about their achievement relative for the ki ndergarten context.
to thei r learning goals.
7 Professional Engagement By the end of term three I aim to have - Access the National Quality - Seek feedback/ in formation
a comprhcnsive and understanding of framework and revisit each from national quality assessor.
7.2 Comply with legislative, the rcating legislative, administrative standard review how each - Discuss and reflect upon
standard is being met. changes that have been made
administrative and organizational and organizational requirements.
Specificity I aim to have a more
- Reflect upon meeting each over the course of the terms
requirements. standard and observe if it is based upon the national quality
comprehensive understanding of the possible to improve current framework.
Cnderstand the implications of and national quality framework and the practice.
comply with relevant legislative, capacity to critical reflect on the - Confer with collages and
administrative. organizational and current kindergarten program being professional on how we are
run. meeting the national Quality
professional requirements. policies
standard currently.
and processes. - Source supporting material.

Career aspirations Career goals Actions to develop capability Indicators of success Reflections, comments,
(optional) and notes on career goal
- Move from a graduate teacher - Approval of portfolio from
registration to proficient teacher - Complete 200 days of teaching. principal and QCT
registration. - Compile evidence for each
standard relating to my teaching.
- Compile submit portfolio.

- Target areas for improvement. - Reflect upon teaching ability

- Refine and Improve teaching - Source professional development and practice.
capacity. / Support and or information.
- Put into practice.
.. .·
.· Comment {teaclier) ~- 'ic. ~

Annual Performance Development Plan for teachers

Department of Education

Signature and date (teacher)

Template not to be altered or modified in any way

Annual Performance Development Plan for teachers