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Seat No.

B.Sc., Sem.-I[
Core Course-202 : physics

Time: 3 Hoursl
[Max. Marks : 70
$t'tt : (l) o${1"'tt cJEt tt?r,tt d.
(2) t{suul'tl u{ uql4a trE d.
(3) rrqfl 6rlg.t] dg u&r,ru gcr oJBr r{il{ d.

l. (a) gRtt dell e"il ui nunql. eiot Gqqlcr sfl ?,tqurki, ao, an u.1, bn-u
1e+1 rilui' 7

s{[c0.{I{r {rr qc[inl ulLt grtgl v.?, v2u, vx?.il qpi ,lqqi.
(b) { Rtl,t .u) gQq aistl {urqi : 7
(x)=0 -n<x<0
(r):x 0 <x< n
{al"u [trtlq u] gQ+t aiefl.iqql :

(x)=0 -n<x<0
(x)=l 0<x<2n
2. (a) I{t't qq 4ad { ? }dtq Eq{r Br*u{ sqr'fl edhg 6t%t.j pr rioud. 7
qglit ui r,o,r.u't I.q ,rrq, qeh.ti R+t-rft,re udle[t ursde
uqlorcrtttr ,tt"t
qa{.il i{oiq {qql
(b) u'I utiqlaurq& uslsh daei { z R*-r[lqet ufle[-r ursde l.rrl
mi, 7
).ett-ti dld Ft,rrr etbil ui +trlhrt stl.

3. (") *et ui *or qa{.[ ulatft,1 +1r1qnql ui .l$ h,rrr ,Iurqi. 7

p-Btet +r),+{rllat4 tt.u t4-1 gr,{q.afd +nqnql.
qtq+t tt){ qrt .iurqi.
B-t}rsr.t} +ru,Ia .rlct6[z{

NH2-u4 I P.T.O.
(b) NI,,R-[ 6erth qr).[ UUql[5r* +rtlcft u'I ,I'tr 6qq1tr1 utmql'
.[tl-tt ,{e .iltf etil t

(i) uqltt'tet lt6'at u'I

(ii) +at6s alrttt

4. (a) +{ut}rrt (Macroscopic) qtt{to-tt -EtBtt ttlqrprtrtFtcft

hqRuc[Itt dfl+t
q,.,t e,q,uti;tl; L6-6els{ts'n r'ta'tta'tr}'i
uctctl,{ l..rqoc*ttt.ft uut'I e{It} }ttrt q'Iert .ri+t-u l+tt tr){ qt {uu+I-

(b) d,l.*.,-.t6-6As{t* *rqt+1'tt.d['tu'tt'tt urrtlru ttlirt P ui ltrlrtda e +t

{olqqr tt)'[ r{Iu tttal'Iqql'
trft.t 4
hq't e"tl. ut l'ttt't'tI 6q'itu gfl €,r[ql ] Rr1.tu+rsl

.traFuE elq q? QLcto qq fl : -Fz t)'

5. -tl.Itt elE ura'tl {*tti "r+tt't utltl '
(l) shl.idltt quu'[I oqrqr utttt'
(z) {Stt lt{t uael { t.
ill urd+tet{ il'ftstst e"tl' ..Ui\ tI{ tt?ct m: n:0 e'[tt' ttl
(4) cos mx.cos rx.[Ltlttft EttA (over the period)

*J cos firrr' cos m-:


(a) 1
(b) ,I
(c) o (d) r'IS'tCt'tg'l
(s) I.eit-il q&el f{q,t e"tl.
(6) d r(-x) = x €,h, .il .i __-
l.lti{ afl} ulq"tr{ d.

(7) ,+Rcd,ter }.tqi *h'lqleflt u']tt gt%? el.t etti .I sct't1

(d).I.[ r', 0) i'c[ r.
(c) i..[ .- (d) {tu tl*t stl
(8) i{t,ft ur.1ti'tt .lttl'rtt utql'
irt 6ei+al.t.t1,l+asuu 6td etrlql'
ir6l qO.o gr6'a?rti r+I etg qrqtqttl utr{ t} r
(r r) +lcrtett'ft ott'{t e'i'
irzl q.{lstct ,t''tl {Et et"tl'
iiii {..iaE tttl.dldlett4'{I ott*rt a'tl'
ii;i ri-;Rq" ;i Ct 1*,s*nt h'tTI'I ut'nl d'ti tpil etul'

Seat No. :

B.Sc., Sem.-III
Core Course'202 : PhYslcs

Time: 3 Hoursl [Max. Marks : 70

Instructions : (1) All questions carry equal marks'

(2) Slmbols used have their usual meaning'
(3) Figures on the right side show the total marks of the question.

Write and explain Fourier series. Obtain the values of constants a0, an and bn
l. (a)
using its orthogonal properties. 7

Obtain the expression for \'ector operator V.? , V2u, V x ? in curvilinear
co-ordinates sYstem.
(b) Obtain Fourier series for the follou'ing functions
' 7

f(x):0 -r<r'<0
f(:r):-r- 0<r<7t
Obtain Fourier series for the following functions :

f(x):O -7t<x<0
't(x):l 0<x<21c
of a
Z. (a) What is meant by central force ? Obtain the expression for mechanical energy
particle in case ofcentral force'
Obtain the relation between differential scattering cross-section in
Laboratory and
C.M. co-ordinate sYstems'
(b) - ? Write a note on differential
What is elastic, and inelastic scattering
State and obtain Kepler's third law'

Explain interaction between particle and matter. Obtain Geiger's rule'

3. (a)
Explain the construction and working of a B-Ray spectrometer' Derive

expression to measure the relativistic kinetic energy of the F-Ruy'

3 P'T'O'
(b) Explain experimental set up to produce NMR and its application. 7
Write a note on :
(i) Proportional counter and
-(t'i) Clciutf'Lhamber
4. (a) An artificial dielectric consist of a large number of metal spheres of macroscopic
- size arrangod in a three dimensional lattice structure. Find the permittivity of the
dielectric. 6
Obtain an expression for the modified Gauss law which includes the effect of
polarization charges.
O) Obtain the boundary conditions which are to be satisfied by the displacement
--) -)
vector D and electric field E at the boundary between two different dielectric
State Bio-Savart's law. Using the law, show the force between two current
carrying loops of arbitrary shape it 4 : -4.

5. Answer each of the following in short : 14

(l) Define coriolis force.
(2) What is odd function ?
(3) State Parsevel's equation.
(4) The average value of cos nl.r . cos rur (over the period) and condition is m: o = 0,
:GrfI cos mn. cos nx:
(a) 1 (b) v,
(c) o (d) None of these
(5) Define Kepler's first law.
(6) If f(-x) : x, it is known as function.
(7) In a rotating frame coriolis acceleration is present only when the particle has a
(a) velocity r', (b) velocity r,
(c) velocity ". - (d) velocity zero
(8) Define Larmor frequency.
(9) What is the rest mass energy of an electron ?
(10) Which gas is used in Geiger counter ?
(l l) Define straggling.
(12) Write the dimension of polarizatron density.
(1 3) Define magnetic susceptibility.
(14) Write the equations governing the laws of electrostatics and magnetostatics.

NH2-114 4