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Northern Zambales College

Masinloc Zambales

Course: BEED-III
Subject: Field Study 1
Instructor: Mrs Josephine T. Edora Ed,D
Name/s: Hedellewise M. Gaoya

A.1 Know Their Needs and Characteristics


Physical - The learners already knew how to enroll your little one to a preschool, you need to
balance their self. The coordination of the make sure that it has everything that will help in
muscles is still developing, but mostly able to developing your child socially, intellectually and
control it. emotionally. Here are some of the things that
preschoolers need to adjust in their new
Social interaction - The learners were very environment:
attached with their teacher. They enjoying the  Encouragement from parents and teachers to
company of their others, yet always playing explore and learn.
without thinking either it will harm their
 A clean and bright preschool environment
classmates or not.
that makes them feel comfortable the
moment they step in.
Emotional Feelings - They are an expressive
learner. If they want to cry they will. If they  A neat and tidy classroom that has every
want to show attachment to their teacher, they item in an appropriate place that will make it
won’t hesitate. They are not dependent; they are easy for the kids to find what they want.
still on the first level of learning this factor.  Social interaction with large and small
groups of other little kids.
Cognitive –
 Hands-on experience with toys and other
 Their thinking skills are still on side of items that teach them something new.
molding them since they are  Toys and games that develop problem
questionable about their environment. solving and manipulative play skills.
 In terms of this area, they are not
capable of solving this around them  Equal balance of indoor activities and
outdoor playtime.
Their needs  Learning to develop their intellectual,
cognitive and motor skills which will be
It is important for parents to know what their required as they enter kindergarten.
preschooler needs to prepare for kindergarten Parents and other adults in preschool
and the world outside their homes. When you children’s lives need to encourage the little ones
to be curious, think on their own and be creative.
Physical - In the elementary level, they already have already aware the significant of the others from
a refine control on their body parts. Their head to foot were functioning well. Most of the
coordination was very fine due to some reason that students were healthy on the time of
most of them are in good health. They have the idea observation. They already can help themselves
how to do things on their own.
physical and act independently.
Social Interaction - Some of the learner’s can already
voice out their ideas to their teacher. They interact Social Interaction - They are very expressive
enough to their peers, and know their limits. They are with their teacher, and easily conveyed their
still interested in playing. Start as a mode of
motivation is already not applicable to them.
wants. They already in the level of the so called
“infatuation” , and most likely loved to tease
Emotional feelings - They already know how to their friends.
control their feelings, and they are already
comprehended the meaning of shyness and where to Emotional feelings - Unlike the elementary, they
put their self. They are in the stage of learning this already knew how to put their emotions in, but
emotional independence to some other child, they are boosting with
Cognitive – moods that sometimes cause them to be
talkative. They are closely to be more emotional
 They are being talkative, that even in class independent, but it is restricted and should
they sometimes over do it, and not listen to teaches them this part in a far more detail since
their teacher.
they are in the height of wider curiosity about
 Their thinking skill is way improved than
that of a preschooler, which they can give their environment.
out their idea on a certain subject matter.
Cognitive - The learners were well controlled on
 Problem-solving become easier with them in
giving out an answer that they understood.
their communications skills, and way better than
those in the lower level. They can express their
self even with the adults. Their thinking skills
Their Needs were better, that they could already hand down
the critical analysis in a certain subject. In this
 They need to be guided carefully when it aspect, they have the higher abilities to decide
comes to emotional temperament and the and think of a certain solution and even give an
way they express their feelings. alternative.
 They needs self-knowledge.
 They needs a champion–someone to believe Their needs
in them when their own conviction falters.
 Need to understand the purpose and
relevance of instructional activities.
Secondary  They will need to learn how to learn and
overcome these barriers to learning.
Physical Characteristics - Adolescent children  Need opportunities for self-expression.
has a refine control on their body parts, and