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The condition of osteoporosis can lead to weakening your body.

It affects your body

movements badly. Most people who are about to near their 50�s are believed to
impact the condition. They are more vulnerable to bone fractures.

However, irrespective of your age, whether you are young or old the simple measures
mentioned below will help you keep your bones healthy and strong:

#TIP1: Adopt Healthy Food habits

For fostering a healthy well being our bones need a variety of nutrients such as
calcium and vitamins. These nutrients can be obtained from numerous low fat-
dairy and non-dairy products such as white beans, milk, tuna, and sardines.
However, fruits and vegetables are regarded as the best choice for obtaining these
and vitamins.

#TIP 2: Give up Smoking

Studies predict that smokers are more exposed to the risk of fracturing bones. It
is one of the worst things that one can do to his/her healthy body and bones.
Smoking is attributed to lower the bone mass thus leading to high risk of bone
injury. Moreover, females who smoke are likely to have less production of estrogen
making them reach their menopause earlier than normal. Thus, making them
furthermore vulnerable to bone loss.

#TIP 3: Exercise and Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Being over or underweight could elevate your risk of osteoporosis. Besides adopting
healthy food habits exercising play a primary role in keeping your bones healthy.
Similar to muscles, even our bones tend to gain strength by performing weight-
bearing exercises. Furthermore, simple exercises such as walking, cycling,
aerobics, and
dancing can impact your bone health positively.

#TIP 4: Have proper exposure to the sun

Vitamin D either through food or sun can help your body absorb essential nutrients
and calcium. Thus, having proper exposure to sunlight is crucial to maintain
bones and body. However, the exposure to sunlight can vary according to your area
of habitat. If you reside in hotter areas than it is recommended to apply proper
sun-blocking creams and lotion. Contrary to this, you can also opt for vitamin D
intake through food items like egg yolks, cheese, fortified milk and juices, and

#TIP 5: Consider Treatment Options

Last but not least, always abide by the prescription as suggested by your
orthopedic doctor. In case of injury or any bone issue, it is necessary to seek
advice. Taking steps without any professional guidance may elevate the pain and
make the damage more intense.

Hence, remember to seek professional guidance. And for the best treatment, you can
visit the joint replacement surgeons in Indore.