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Speaking Test for FCE

Part 1. General Questions 5 mins.

Education and Work

 Do you find it easy to study where you live? …… (Why? / Why not?)
 Is there something new you’d really like to learn about? …… (Why?)
 Are you happier doing mental or physical work? …… (Why?)
 Do you prefer working on your own or with other people? …… (Why?)
 What kind of work would you really like to do in the future? …… (Why?)

Free Time

 Who do you spend your free time with? …… (What sort of things do you do together?)
 How much time do you spend at home? …… (What do you enjoy doing?)
 What sort of music do you listen to? …… (Why do you enjoy it?)
 Do you ever go to concerts? …… (What kind of concerts do you enjoy?)..... (What do you like
about them?)
 Where do you like listening to music? …… (Why?)
 Does anyone you know have an interesting hobby? …… (What does he/she do?)
 Have you got any plans for this weekend? …… (What are you going to do?)

Holidays and Travel

 Which area of your country would you like to get to know better? …… (Why?)
 What’s the most interesting place you’ve visited near here? …… (Tell us about it.)
 Have you ever used your English on holiday? …… (Where were you?) …… (What did you
use it for?)
 Do you like to plan your holidays carefully or do you prefer to just go? …… (Why?)
 Where would you really like to go on holiday in the future? …… (Why?)


 How much TV do you watch in a week? ….. (Would you prefer to watch more TV than that or
less?) ….. (Why?)
 Tell us about a TV programme you’ve seen recently.
 Do you have a favourite newspaper or magazine? ..... (Why do you like it?)
 Do you use the Internet to learn new things? ..... (What sort of things do you look for?)
Part 2. Each student will be given 2 pictures to look at. The students need to speak
individually for 1 minute about the photos and answer the question.

Candidate A

Compare and contrast the photographs saying why you think the people are reading
Candidate B

Compare and contrast the photographs saying how you think the people are feeling
about each other.
Candidate C

Compare and contrast the photographs saying why you think the people are painting.
Group discussion. 5 mins. You and your partner(s) are stuck on a remote desert island. Discuss how
useful the items below would be and pick the two which you consider to be the most important items
for survival.
Part 4. 5 mins. Random questions for each student.

1) How important is tourism to your country?

2) Would you like to work in tourism?
3) What are the good and bad things about tourism?
4) What do you think tourism will be like in the future?
5) What are the major tourist attractions in your country?
6) What do you think of the idea of space tourism?
7) How does tourism change lives?

1) Do you think tourism helps people in the world understand each

2) Is tourism something that only rich people take part in?
3) Do you think tourism is bad for the planet?
4) Are tourists in your country funny?
5) How has tourism changed over the past few decades?

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