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The Director,

Respected Sir,
We intend to conduct the under-mentioned Workshop details of
which have been mentioned as under for your kind perusal and
necessary action

Workshop Information Overview

Workshop Series on Employment Enhancement in Emerging Sectors
Workshop Title
Title: Understanding Industrial Scenario for ERP and Soft Skills Training
Length 3 hrs.
Proposed Date 13/9/2019 at 11:00am
What is your workshop’s main goal?
To develop the employability and industry exposure of students. It will also help
students understand their potentials and key strengths and areas of improvement
which would be useful for their future job applications.
Workshop Description
Who is your intended audience?
B.Tech – BT , EE & EC 4th year students

Handouts, Materials, Supplies YES / NO

Workshop Instructor Information

Name Ms. Vishaka
Organization/Affiliation AKTU
Phone 9158639969
Facilitator’s Background ---
1. Srijan Pal Singh (101)
2. Akhilesh Shukla (102)
3. Manoj Kumar (103)
4. Pranav Dwivedi(104)
Number of Person 5. Rahul Dahiya(105)
Accompanying the Workshop 6. Ajitesh
Instructor 7. Kuldeep

Hospitality Required Lunch & Tea Snack for Six Persons

Infrastructure Required Audio – Video Enabled Room with seating capacity of 60 + 8

Rahul Verma
Training & Placement Cell
Detailed Workshop Plan
Schedule Please break down the workshop into specific activities with an
estimation of time needed for each to fit within your workshop
timeframe. Typically, there should be an introduction with visual
examples in a presentation system (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) For
example, if you were to provide a workshop on grant writing, you
might list the following kinds of activities:
2 two-hour workshops:
Part I: Making Choices for Short Proposals
10 min Introductions
20 min Discussion of grant types (Short Proposals and Full
15 min Short Proposals
10 min Types of Grant Support
30 min Short Proposals: Basics
15 min Before and After You Write
05 min Resources
15 min questions
Part II: Drafting Workshop
20 min Each participant discusses goals for his/her proposal
1:20 min participants work in teams to help each other draft
their proposals
20 min Wrap-up with participant reports
All workshops must have participant interaction. Some
workshops will be informational for the first session and then
hands-on for the second part. Others will alternate these
List of Handouts Provide a list of all handouts here:
 List of short proposal opportunities
 Short proposal basics
 3 sample short grant proposals
 Resource list
 PowerPoint slides with notes
Full Workshop Provide a finished copy of the full presentation in the presentation
Presentation format you have chosen (PowerPoint, Prezi, Quicktime,
Moviemaker, YouTube, etc.)
List of Supplies You Overhead LCD projector
(or Your Participants) Copies made of specified handouts
Will Need Dry erase board with markers
Laptops for web searching
Evaluation Form Provide an evaluation form for your workshop based on the
following attached model.